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For the kind attention of udaya - pyometra post surgery
Started by: Newark at June 11 2017

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Re:For the kind attention of udaya - pyometra post surgery By: Newark
October 6 2017
Glad to hear your cats still with you and all sounds very intriguing - if youíre not comfortable posting. Donít feel pressure to do it. Sheís done well with it before so she should settle back down once itís all figured out. Peaceful night after yesterday so still moving in the right direction!

Take care Tara and Iíll speak to you soon

Re:For the kind attention of udaya - pyometra post surgery By: TaraJoy
October 6 2017
Thanks Newark - I knew you'd understand.
For now, suffice it to say that so-called miracles do occur.
Glad about Nuala - she'll be ok!
Btw...I did see your other posts but didn't want to make a further hash out of that thread(s) as well as this one. :0)
If I can be of any help to you, don't hesitate to ask.
Be well!

Re:For the kind attention of udaya - pyometra post surgery By: Newark
October 6 2017
Molly my cat before Maisie was diagnosed and dying from a heart murmur at age 20. With the help of homeopathy she recovered and lived another 2 years. Miracles can and do occur! Glad itís been a happy outcome! Nuala is much better today. Havenít left her on her own but Iím not expecting miracles with this. ;0) just seeing her looking better, more so after yesterday is enough and will try her again tomorrow and see how she does. Iím a bit like yourself, lots going on and some things Iíd rather not discuss on an open forum which can make things a bit difficult. Had 2 further antidotes to merc and further improvements so once things become more simple or else me getting totally stumped. Iíll post more details and any time your able to help, please do. Weíre all learning :0) if you have any plans for the weekend. I hope you have a nice time. I will speak to you again very soon!

Thanks Tara,


Re:For the kind attention of udaya - pyometra post surgery By: TaraJoy
December 4 2017
Hi Newark,
Sorry it as been so long. How are you getting on? I think I saw recently that you weren't feeling well.
I so wish I could be of some help. If I were close I'd love to be making some tea and holding your burdens for you a wee while - just until you get back on your feet. I'll do it virtually and maybe somehow you'll be able to pick up some energy from it. :0)
Sure I remember your sweet Molly! And yes, you are a bit like myself - in more ways than one. I think one way we might be alike is that we're survivors. I think that prolonged survivor energy at times can really upset the endocrine system, amongst other things. Just my thoughts.
Hoping you're alright....

Re:For the kind attention of udaya - pyometra post surgery By: Newark
December 7 2017
Hi Tara,

Itís lovely to hear from you! You and Tuckoo have been in my thoughts and Iíve also been wondering how you both are and hoping youíre well! Your kindness always brings a smile to my face Surprised) uch, lifeís just catching up with me. Iím sure Iíll get sorted again (even if it doesnít always feel like it :0) ) add stubborn on to that list - Iím not one to be beaten even if it means stepping back for a bit ;0) thereís a few new remedies coming in now that again, have been missed by many homeopaths so long term stress factors are still there with little resilience so time and patience and Iíll hopefully end up better than Iíve been for quite some time and maybe even decades, especially where my stomach is concerned. Iím drinking that virtual tea and feeling the good vibes! How are you and Tuckoo doing? And all your animals? Iím back in sepia mode at the moment, 20 pairs of hands which makes me laugh so could be worse! Thereís life in the old dog yet. Speaking of which, Nuala is doing well! Been a bit quieter because I havenít been feeling the greatest and going to give her a dose of phosphorus so I donít end up pulling her down. I only noticed this as I started feeling a bit better and all of a sudden her energy levels soared! I thought she was just a bit more chilled Very Happy so sheís feeling it with me as well. Apart from that though, sheís great and Maisie is doing great as well. Theyíre both full of mischief - happy and healthy! Thanks again for the kind wishes and for getting in touch. Iíll speak to you again soon!

Best wishes,


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