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Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems
Started by: bell at June 8 2017

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Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: bell
September 24 2017
Resp Sir Udaya

Please help me i would be very grateful.

the electocardiograph came out fine by God's grace.

I went to the GP as my BP is fluctuating.

She increased the conversly to now from 2mg to 4 mg as the box says for hypertension one must take 4 - 8 mg.

Cannot increase more as my body weight is still at 94 lbs and she mentioned that my night reading of the bp is normal. and she is concerned if the bp suddenly goes down
at night

Now it has been - 2 days since the increase. how many days will it take to show some progress Dr.?

Please suggest some homeo remedy as my reading is still 150 /100 range.

I heard/read that even though one has bp there are no symptoms but inside us the damage takes place.

Please help me i would be very grateful.

May good health be yours. God bless you

Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: udaya kumar
September 24 2017
You need to stabilise the BP from your physician if it is fluctuating....


Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: bell
September 25 2017
Resp Sir Udaya
Thank you for your response

Originally in july 2017 I did go to my dr and mentioned that my bp is fluctuating she took my bp and it was 130/80 and she refused then after I insisted she said she will put me on the bp machine for 24 hours

- when the reading was done it showed many normal readings and said she wont give me any bp pills but I was concerned about myself during doing volunteer work I don’t have time to check.

That’s when she gave me conversely 1 mg. But BP – no improvement.. Then she increased later to 2 mg. but again I went to her 2 days ago and she checked bp and it was 146/90 so she gave me 4 mg. she mentioned that she is increasing it based on one reading. now it is only 2 days since but no progress – not sure how many days.

That’s why I thought a homeo remedy will help – I made a remedy baryta today as it say for older folks - bp

Thank you for your time for reading my post

Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: udaya kumar
September 25 2017
At your age 90 diastolic is not high BP. ...it is normal BP......Your worries should stop.


Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - VERY GRATEFUL Multiple-health problems By: bell
October 7 2017
Dear Udaya Resp Sir

I am truly grateful to you and the forum members for all the information I have received.

Thank you very much to you for walking me through patiently with my multiple health issues.

I am feeling much better by God’s grace and your abundance of timely help.

Just wanted to mention that I am following the Ayurveda method that has been an eye opener for me and helped me to this level along with homeo. - had a lot of toxins

Working on my weight and BP – I read an article on some website that if you have done your best – then to continue taking the allopathy even if no results but make it an offering to the Divine – I hope I find that article. And now I am doing it.

Too bad there is no Ayurveda forum
You have helped us all without a thought about financial issues.

May You always have good health and strength to serve.

God bless you – heartfelt thanks to you.

Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: udaya kumar
October 8 2017
Thanks for the good words and feed back....God be with you always ....!


Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: bell
October 21 2017
Respected Dr. Udaya
frequent urination - my dr. did a ct scan to see the reason for recurrent infection

She says that i there is some retention of urine in the bladder.
Now it has started to be awhile before the flow is smooth.

Yes i agree as i find it difficult to sit on the seat either here or overseas outside the home.
this also makes me wake up many times
She called and mentioned there is a nother bug
Please help - should i be taking Probiotics high dosage? Please help.

Also for diabetic neuropathy can you please suggest some homeo please - now i am applying essential oil.
thank you very much for your kind help

Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: udaya kumar
October 21 2017
what exactly is meant by another bug ?

Use Aconitum 30C three times a day for three days and report on diabetic neuropathy.


Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: bell
October 21 2017
Respected Dr. Udaya
Thank you for your suggestions for neuropathy
I am truly sorry bug i meant another bacteria in the urine - very sorry for word i used.
Apologies Sir

Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: udaya kumar
October 22 2017
Please use Thuja 1M and Apis Mel 30 for urinary infection. I was aware of the usage but I want to be certain about what you meant in this context.


Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: bell
October 25 2017

Dear Respected Sir Udaya

I liked your article regarding parasite in the above link
How does one allow these bacteria live in our bodies – please give an example -
I know when we treat all of mother natures creations with love they leave us alone. But what does one say to them to leave and where to go.
I know of a S.America she was scarred of cockoroaches and never slept at night as they were always there for her but her friend told here to sing a song to these creatures and thereafter no one came to her room. She told me this and I applied often – and without fail it worked always for many variety of friends.
But at times I don’t know where to send them.
Now I have these parasites and my dr. is putting me on hormone therapy to put in the private area. But am not going to do it but will use and try to use your technique.
Thank you for all your kind help to all of us. May God bless you.

The leg pain has gone - thank you very much.

Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: udaya kumar
October 26 2017
We are all larger forms of bacteria....!!
Look at the people moving around you....dont they have the capacity to attack, the capacity to kill, the capacity to be angry, the capacity to fight, the capacity to abuse,,.....etc. But, are they going around doing that every time all the time....No>>> but ofcourse they do it when they are faced with adversity warranting that...... similarly all bacteria move around harmlessly always everywhere.....and they become hostile only either on the face of adversity or when they have fertile ground to multiply and become parasite to the body they entered or settled or live in......the ideal and natural Law is to coexist harmoniously and peacefully one crossing the path of the other......but we as human beings have set our own standards and anything barging in or threatening the space of such standards are considered enemies and we become hostile before they become hostile.....Infact, homeostasis is defined as living harmoniously within and with the surroundings and that is perfect health.... You have asked for an example and I would suggest one : e.g. Helicobacter Pylori.....Read the description in any of the allopathic sites and you will find the poor thing accused as cause to many ailments......The common description on H. Pylori will read as : This bacteria can enter your body and live in your digestive tract. They cause sores in the lining of your stomach....infection may lead to cancer...Symptoms : An ache or burning pain in your abdomen
Abdominal pain that's worse when your stomach is empty
Loss of appetite
Frequent burping
Unintentional weight loss
Severe or persistent abdominal pain
Difficulty swallowing
Bloody or black tarry stools
Bloody or black vomit or vomit that looks like coffee grounds.

Another matter that is always emphasized by allopathy is that:::::Most people with H. pylori infection will never have any signs or symptoms. It's not clear why this is, but some people may be born with more resistance to the harmful effects of H. pylori.......

The basic thought that does not cross the allopathic mind is that H Pylori is harmless and it is required for the healthy cleanliness and maintainance of our guts. Since it is harmless, most of the people with H Pylori infection will never have any symptoms......It is a blunder to think that some people are born with more resistance to the harmful effects of H Pylori....Instead one should think that some people are normal human beings and therefore H pylori is harmless to them....whereas some people acquire abnormality in the body which causes H pylori to be hostile.

Now, where is the error or mistake....It lies in the thought that H Pylori is the cause, whereas the Human being and the human body itself is the cause....Let us see how.......The Human body in a normal person should be 80% alkaline and 20% Acidic. The life style and acquired genetic predispositions leads the human being to reverse this condition. What happens when the body becomes acidic and PH factor is fully derranged. ? It effects the body's capability to centrifugal forces.....Centrifugal forces expel toxins and centripetal forces retains life. These are created within the cells by the rotation and revolution of the protons., neutron, electrons or other sub atomic particles......These activities within the cells are possible only if the balance between the acid and alkali are maintained in the level in whicih it ought to be which is the ideal homeostasis condition which we call in laymen's language as Healthy. When body becomes acidic most of the scavengers like H Pylori within the body cannot survive....Therefore when there is presence of acid within the body and guts, the first reaction of H Pylori would be to hide away from the acids and that it does through making pores in the lining of the stomach which in course of time enlarges to the level that we call it ulcers. They are not deliberate hostility nor the H Pylori is hostile, it is trying to save itself from the onslaught of the acids......So what is required is to convert the body PH factor into alkaline and H pylori will not make any further pores in the stomach linings and what exists would be naturally healed by the body....that is the approach.....Another method is to drink enough water.......Have you seen the ants.......Thorugh some grains on the floor, it will come in very large numbers, from no where and remove all the grains from the ground within a period of time ... And pour some water on the ground or during the rain, they will come out in large numbers burrowing the ground....So when you drink enough water also, they will come out from the stomach linings and do useful work. Same is the case with cochroaches......they do clean up the kitchen.....But, then that is against the code of neatness, good health, hygiene and whatnot of human beings....Doom....we kill them....plenty of those harmful substances available in the market to kill those poor scavengers.....But is that the right approach...No.....Keep the area clean and seal all exists and entrances, gauze all doors and windows, do not spilt anything on the ground are the better alternatives........when they do not find their role in the kitchen they will simply vanish.

If we for example come to know as we already know Blata Orientalis which is medicine from Cockroaches is the best remedy available with us for asthma and similarly for the sake of example find out some other medicine from the cockroach for all kinds of cancers, aids, autoimmune ailments etc.etc. from cockroaches, then we will be rearing them rather than killing them.....It is human selfishness. .....For the sake of humor, she should take medicines like phosphorus, borax, coca, populus candicans, causticum Glycyrrhiza glabra etc. to improve her voice if she was scaring away the cockroaches by singing.....!!!


Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: bell
October 27 2017
Dear Resp Sir Udaya

You have so wonderfully outlined your thoughts explaining with examples. So beautiful!

I am also one of those who have given many mother natures friends moksha being lazy and not bothered to put/seal things away.

Wow this is such an eye opener.
Thank you very much. Very very grateful for your elaborate detail in explaining.

I do drink lots of water and veg diet but are there any homeo pills to change the flora in my system from acid to alkaline. I will be using a higher dose of probiotics. I pray this will all work.

Thank you again for all your beautiful work and making us understand many things in a different way.
May the Divine bless you with His abundant grace

Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: bell
November 3 2017
Resp Sir Udaya

Chest Erect PA Lateral relating to Sarcoidosis


Mildly prominent hila with thickening of the right paratracheal stripe. Mild pulmonary hyperinflation.


Hilar prominence and thickening of the right paratracheal stripe suggestive of mediastinal lymphadenopathy. Differential diagonosis remains broad and me be post infectious of related to underlying inflammatory condition such as sarcoidosis.
Neoplasm is also on the differential, though appearance are non specific on todays exam.

Anything I can take to better the situation – **no allopathy was given by the dr.

They also did a CT chest – Upper abdomen, enhanced ( they injected me with some dye.

I will give you the information in my next email if you don’t mind please.

I would be truly grateful if you can please help me understand what all this means.
Thank you very much and God bless you.

Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: bell
February 27 2018
Thyroid and BP

Dr. Udaya

I just finished ayur verechana treatment in India

I am Hypothyroid and take 0.025 synthroid 1 pill a day.
My weight is 94 lbs

My tSh level is 3.50 and the dr. says it is in the normal range, but i still have the following symptoms
want to sleep
itchy skin
appetite is good by His grace
and left hand is shaky

I have all the symptoms relating to hypothyroid.

Is there anything i can take instead of the allopathy med.
one thyroid dr. while in india told me that the synthroid is causing the shaking hands.

I heard and taken EVC oil some time ago and it did reduce my tsh level. Is there any supplements or homeo i can take please.

My BP i take conversly 4 mg in the dr. office tested in india and after coming here it is 110/80 or so.
But on the digital machine it is 150/110

My dr. wont up my dosage as she thinks i may feel dizzy and fall at night and my weight is very low.

Please help dr.

Also the recent report taken here shows my sodium level is 136 is there something i can do to reduce it a little

The verechana panchakarma is a true blessing to mankind.

Thank you very much for all your kind help - truly very grateful.

Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: udaya kumar
March 1 2018
Virechana or purgation therapy for chelation is good for removing the pitha from the guts and purifying the blood...Arnica will prove a great remedy to follow it. for synthrop side effects and consequent dyskinesia use Nux Vomica 30C three times a day for one day....can be repeated if necessary.,


Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: bell
March 5 2018
Dr. Udaya Sir
Thank you very much for your suggestion - i will follow thru

As for Arnica what is the dose and dosage please
So my understanding I use Nux vomica 30 C for shaky hands.

In lieu of synthoriod is there any homeo remedy to use or i continue using it as my TSH level is still high and take nux vomica 30C. for the effects of the allopathy

Dr. My weight is still at 94 lbs. I thought after all the toxins are out i will start gaining weight.

Please suggest.

Thank you very much for all your kind help.

Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: udaya kumar
March 5 2018
use Iodium 1M one dose a fortnight for gaining weight....Also use phosphorus 30C three times a day for one week....In case there is no appetite use alphalpha Q 5 drops in one ounce water three times a day.....Nux Vomica is for the shaky hands...you may replace synthroid by homeopathic medicine thyroidinum 3X...synthroid is usually used for hypothyroid whereas your weight loss indicates hyperthyroid and you should also be short tempered....Nux Vomica helps here.....When there is a combination of hypothyroid and hyperthyroid.....hashimoto should be considered.


Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: bell
March 6 2018
Dr. Uday Sir
Thank you very much for your kind advice - i am truly blessed to have the help i get from this website. Thank you

Please mention the no. of times a day i should take Thyrodinium 3x

Yes i was short tempered - irritable about over 2 years ago but with much meditation not anymore. I learnt a little quick technique to stop the short temper in its tracks.

I also have sarcoidosis is that the reason for wt loss. the ayur dr. gave me some pills to take for the same.

Thank you again for all your kind help.

Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: udaya kumar
March 7 2018
Thyroidinum 3X is used three times a day and for longer periods not continuously but as repetitions. You need only to smile always to remove the short temper......Always flash a smile on your face...a fixed smile.....For Sarcoidosis I had already suggested medicines for you....I hope that is under control.....if not use the following medicines as per individual symptom :
1. Carcinosinum 1M single dose at the beginning of treatment
2. Spongia 30C three times a day.
3. Bryonia 30C
4. Phosphorus 30C
5. Arsenic Album 200C.
7. Beryllium 30C
8. Baccilinum 200C
9. Euphrasia 30C.
10. Crataegus Q
11. Adonis Vers.
12. Lycopodium/Aspidosperma,/Antim Tart/Antim Ars.,
best wishes.


Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: bell
March 8 2018
Dr. Udaya Sir
Thank you for your reply and the nice tip of a smile

The Ayur dr. gave me medicines for Sarc as well can i use some of the above alongside.

I stopped using them while overseas.

Thank you very much for all your help - truly very grateful

Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: udaya kumar
March 8 2018
yes you can combine it with Ayurveda but not near to those medicines i.e. at least one hour gap between homeo medicines and ayurvedic and use homeo after ayurvedic medicines. because ayurvedic medicines may contain herbs that can antidote the vibrational energy of homeo medicine.


Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: bell
March 11 2018
Dear Dr. Udaya

Thank you very much for your patience and kindness in helping me will my health.

I will follow thru with your suggestion - thank you again - May Good health be yours.

Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: udaya kumar
March 11 2018
ok God bless you too....!


Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: bell
April 21 2018
Dear Dr. Udaya
Thank you very much for all your kind help.

Please help - wondering if there is anything for Seborrheic Keratosis - i have developed them on my scalp. - i did not notice there were so many - i saw the dermatologist and they told me to let them spray liquid nitrogen. But it will come back again.

I tried putting neem. but they are still there.

i did show them to the ayur dr. while overseas and he gave me many oils which contain sesamic oil i have not see much progress.

i thought after the body cleansing of virechana that these will fall off but they are there.

Is there any homeopathy remedies for the same

Please help me dr.
Very grateful

Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: udaya kumar
April 21 2018
Homeo medicines like thuja, nitric acid, causticum, Nux Vomica etc.do cure but there is a possibility of them surfacing in large numbers... Try use of caster oil on them or apply thuja q externally.


Re:Resp. Sir Udaya - Multiple-health problems By: bell
April 22 2018
Dear Dr. Udaya

Thank you very much for your kind suggestions - i have tried for months the castor oil also coconut oil, neem oil (sesame medicated oil which the ayur dr. suggested) but no change

I will purchase thuja Q for external.

If it is hard to find thuja what is the closest strength to Mother tincture i can dissolve the pills in abit of water and apply. Is that alright.
I hope to find the thuja Q by His grace.

Thank you for all your suggestions and your concern for all of us. May You be blessed with good health.

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