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Lower Abdominal Pain
Started by: jyothis at June 4 2017

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Lower Abdominal Pain By: jyothis
June 4 2017
Attention : Shri Udayakumar.

I shall be glad to have your advise in the matter.

I am a female aged 47 years and have undergone a 24 hours train journey. Today when I reached I have little urinary problem and lower abdominal pain. Taken lot of water to clear up the urinal problem. Still I have lower abdominal pain.

Shall be glad if you can suggest some medicines. It may also be noted that both of my feet get swelling when I travel more that 3/4 hours in a bus or train because of keeping the feet down.


Re:Lower Abdominal Pain By: udaya kumar
June 4 2017
Urine.--Burning in orifice of urethra during and after micturition. After urinating, spasmodic pain in bladder.

Abdomen.--Painful, distended; loud rumbling. Pressure as from a stone. Colic, with chilliness in evening.

Extremities.--Drawing, tensive pain in thighs and legs, with restlessness, sleeplessness and chilliness. Pain in limbs, shifting rapidly; tensive pain, letting up with a snap. Numbness around elbow. Hip-joint painful. Knees swollen, with tearing, drawing pains. Boring pain in heels toward evening; SUFFERING WORSE FROM LETTING THE AFFECTED LIMB HANG DOWN... Veins in forearms and hands swollen. Feet red, inflamed, swollen. Legs feel heavy and weary.

Pulsatilla 30C three times a day for three days......repeat if necessary.....You may also be suffering from menstrual irregularities like dysmenorrhea/ amenorrhea. or Pre Menopausal synptoms.....,

Lower abdominal pains here are usually gastric in nature.....particularly so, when travelling long distances,...... if not, infections(UTI)......but swelling on hanging the legs down on travelling are specific female symptoms indicating Pulsatilla, with or without the underlying maladies as spelled out ....... best wishes.


Re:Lower Abdominal Pain - Attn: Shri Udayakumar By: jyothis
June 6 2017
Dear Shri Udayakumar,

Thanks for your kind and immediate reply. Pulsatilla worked and I am much better now.

I wish to ask you one more thing. In Mumbai monsoon starts by June 10th. Generally, diseases such as cold, flu, etc. start immediately thereafter. Rainy season is known here as season of diseases.

Dulcamera is heard as a Homeo medicine being used much during this season. Can I have your suggestion for the medicines to be used for cold, flu etc. which start during monsoon.

Thanking you,

Attention Shri Udayakumar : Precaution for the widespread Fe By: jyothis
June 20 2017
Dear Shri Udayakumar,

I proposed to visit my native place Kerala at the end of this week. I find from the different TV Channels of Kerala that there is widespread fever in many parts of Kerala and many Keralites are dying because of this.

I shall be glad know what is the precaution I should take before visiting my native place. Kindly suggest few homeopathic remedies which I may have to carry with me

Thanking you,

Re:Lower Abdominal Pain By: udaya kumar
June 20 2017
Dulcamera is a great medicine....but I rarely had to use it as other medicines have always given me the desired results. There is widespread Demgue and Elippany (rat fever) and other types of fevers endemic particularly in sourthern districts of Kerala.
At the onset or slightest inkling of any possible fever or cold or influenza or shivering or any similar symptoms use single dose of (three to five granules or three to five drops in one ounce water once) of Rhus Tox 1M.....This will abort all kinds of viral fevers/dengue/chicken guinea and the like of fevers before it starts and establish itself and
Keep in stock Gelsemium 30C, Gelsemium 200C. and use it immediately after Rhus Tox where there is cold, cough, shivering up the spine, sneezing, sore throat and heaviness of head. or headache......
At the first sign of nausea or vomit use Arsenic Album 30C three times a day and if the ailment is affecting lungs, breathing, wheezing use it in 200C.
If the body pain develops it should be understood as more serious malady like viral, dengue, chicken guinea and the like and you should keep with us Eupatoreum Perfolatum 30C and 200C and use 30C three times a day and use 200C if it is not yielding....In the case of confirmed Dengue use one spoon full of juice of Papaya leaves three times a day until the platelets becomes normal ( if the count has gone down)......In the case of Chicken guineause of Hypericum, apis mel, and other medicines as per individual symptoms would be required apart from Rhus Tox, Gelsemium and Eupatoreum.

If thee is dryness of throat, lungs involved, dry cough, and patient lies still without movement, severe headache, use Bryonia 30C as the head would also be involved in such cases, like meningitis , typhoid etc. Here Baptisia should also be looked into

Use China 30C in all cases convalescence or weakness while recovering from ailments..

In all cases of ailment starting with sore throat, Hepar Sulph 30C could be invariably be used.

In all cases where there is fear of death and anxiety written large on face use Aconitum 30C upto three doses for one day only.
In all cases where there is restlessness, periodicity of fever, aggravation at 2 a.m. amd 2 p.m. drinks a lot of water at intervals., nausea and vomit, Arsenic Album 30C should be used.

If the fever is very high and not retreating, with nausea and vomit use Ipec 30C.

If there is gastric disturbances involved upwards use Carbo veg 30C., and downward use Lycopodium 200C single dose. If there is gastralgia involved use Hydrastis 30C and in more severe cases of hysterical globus as gas disturbs in the throat as if a globe is stuck there us Asafotida 3X three times a day.....

Wear full sleeve dress, cover the legs with thick socks, avoid exposing yourself in the evening between 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to mosquito bites......avoid areas of lush green vegetation, water clogged areas and travelling to endemic areas or visiting hospitals.....cover doors and windows with wire gauze...and periodically fumigate the house or disinfect the housr///Do not put the lights on and keep the door or window open in the night if it is not having a gauze.,
bon voyage...


Attn: Shri Udayakumar - Leg Pain By: jyothis
November 4 2017
Dear Shri Udayakumar,

I am 47 years old. I am suffering from the following :

Varicose Vein
Pain on the knee sometimes backside, sometimes below the knee. Difficult to fold the leg. When bending for taking bath etc. there is pain in lower back.

While getting up early in the morning, there is pain on the back side of foot also.

Medicines presently being taken :

Hypericum 30 three doses taken yesterday. Arnica wet dose started taking.

For high BP and high pulse, she is taking Telma 40 in the morning and Metapro - XL 25 half tablet in the evening. Kindly advise whether these can be stopped and replaced by some Homeopathic medicines.

If any more details are required, shall be glad to submit.



Re:Treatment for Sinusitis - Attn Shri Udayakumar By: jyothis
November 27 2017
I am Jyothi who is currently taking medicines for Sinus problems with your help.

When I take Kali Bich 200 I get good relief. Sinus cavities get open. I have taken one one doses for the last two days. There is no watery discharge. But feels that mucus come out through throat. As suggested one dose Nat Mur 200 also taken yesterday.

Since there is good relief from Kali Bich 200, wish to know whether I can continue the same for a week. Also pl advise whether Nat Mur is to be continued or not.

To bring out the melted mucus, which medicine is required. Will Natrum Sulph 6x will work.

Kindly give your valuable advice.


Re:Lower Abdominal Pain By: udaya kumar
November 27 2017
you can continue use of Kali Bich ....also add Natrum Mur 30C three times a day for permanent cure.

For vericose vein use One dose of Hamamelis 1M once in a week and daily doses of Calcarea Fluor 30C three times a day for two weeks with further repetitions until the vericose is cured. use Rhus Tox 1M one dose a week for back and sciatic problems.


Re:Lower Abdominal Pain By: jyothis
November 28 2017
Thanks a lot.

Re:Lower Abdominal Pain By: udaya kumar
November 28 2017


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