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Attn:Mr Uday:Calculaus(6.4*4mm) on Gall Bladder neck
Started by: aloksarika at June 4 2017

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Attn:Mr Uday:Calculaus(6.4*4mm) on Gall Bladder neck By: aloksarika
June 4 2017
1. Age/Sex/Country/Climate: Alok Agrawal - 45Yrs / Male / India / Indian

2. Current complaint Calculus (6.5 x 4.5 mm) detected in Gallbladder neck

3. Current medicine you are taking: None for this complaint

4. Sign & Symptom of disease: Stomach blotted like balloon after taking even half of my food. Liquid diet helps to some extent. Difficulties in passing air

5. Brief medical history: I am diabetic since 14yrs and on insulin since last 1 year (80 units).

6. Family Back Ground in terms of medical history: Mother was having stomach pain & indigestion problem most of the time. She had pancreatic attack and passed away at the age of 63. Father was having mild diabetics after age of 55yrs and passed away at the age of 65 due to heart attack.

7. Education and Nature of Profession of Patient: Post-Graduation, In Software, works almost 12hrs a day

8. Desires and aversion of food: Pure Veg, Non-smoker, Non-Alcoholic

9. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry etc.: Calm by nature however mind never at rest. Always thinking one thing or other. Getting more anger & get stressed very fast from last 3 yrs. Always in hurry and expect perfection in every task

10. What makes it worse and what makes it better: Delay in meals and even small stress create severe gastric issue which takes 12 24 hours to rectify. Intake of cold water, long walks (2 3 hrs) and meditation helps to reduce Gastric issue

11. Thirst/Tongue/diabetic...: Diabetic from last 14 yrs

Re:Attn:Mr Uday:Calculaus(6.4*4mm) on Gall Bladder neck By: udaya kumar
June 4 2017
use the following medicines
1. Beriberis Vulgaris Q
2. Chionanthus Virginica Q
3. Cardus Marianus Q
4 Cholesterinum 3X
5. Calcarea Carb 200C

1 to 3 five drops in one ounce of water three times a day (all together)
4. three times a day the granules a dose.
for one week.
5. one dose a day every alternate day.

Report after each medicine......monitor diabetes and reduce insulin if necessary.articularly after Chionanthus....


Re:Attn:Mr Uday:Calculaus(6.4*4mm) on Gall Bladder neck By: aloksarika
June 5 2017
Thanks Sir..

Doctor in India has suggested operation for gall bladder stone.

How much time I have to take homeopathy medicine to know the positive effect of stone medicine.

Re:Attn:Mr Uday:Calculaus(6.4*4mm) on Gall Bladder neck By: aloksarika
June 11 2017
Mr Uday can we take medicine in the morning empty stomach?

Re:Attn:Mr Uday:Calculaus(6.4*4mm) on Gall Bladder neck By: udaya kumar
June 12 2017
You should have started the medicine on June 4 itself.... you could have received benefits from the same day....Doctors will suggest operation because they have no other alternatives.....It is a key hole surgery and you may or may not undergo it which is your Will...Stones have to be removed slowly in cholelithyasis as any hurry will flush out large stones which will be stuck in the gall duct and the pain will force you to undergo immediate surgery. Pareira Brava Q and Hydrangea Q are important medicines that can crush the stone as well as expel it when used together with beriberis vulgaris.....

I can not tell you any specific time period as it depends on the size of the stones and individual response to the medicines...In stones in kidneys it does not take more than a week to expel stone of upto 5 mm....In Gall bladders it takes more time or may not be successful but does stop the stones from growing or multiplying.

You can take the medicines in the morning in empty stomach as if you are taking plain water. but not very close to the food.


Re:Attn:Mr Uday:Calculaus(6.4*4mm) on Gall Bladder neck By: aloksarika
July 15 2017
Hi Uday Sir,
I am taking the suggested medicines from last 40 days.
There is improvement in my blood sugar reading and gastric issue.
Please suggest after how many days shall I go for CT scan/ultrasound to check the stone


Re:Attn:Mr Uday:Calculaus(6.4*4mm) on Gall Bladder neck By: udaya kumar
July 15 2017
I think I have already answered you in para 2 above. you may take an ultra sound after one month....but there may not be any visible changes as the medicine first arrest the progress and then slowly and gradually crush the stones to expel......Only one thing that is sure is that you may not suffer any pain for next six months as long as you regularly take the Q medicines........


Re:Attn:Mr Uday:Calculaus(6.4*4mm) on Gall Bladder neck By: rgkushwah
October 22 2017
my wife suffering from gall stone since 5 years near about 11.6 mm multiple stone .
I have given u/m medicine
cardus m Q
chelidonium Q
Berberis vulg Q
china 6 5 dp weekly
medicine continue Dt 7/9/2017
result is awaited
Pl advise me .

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