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Enlarged adenoids and tonsils
Started by: Lakshmi2 at March 11 2017

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Enlarged adenoids and tonsils By: Lakshmi2
March 11 2017
Hi sir
My son 5.9 yrs old.he has enlarged adenoids and tonsils of grade 1 hypertrophy. He has lot of snoring at night. He breaths through his mouth in day and night. He keeps mouth open.he is very thin ,pale to look. He has dandruff on Crown of head. Wax is forming in ears.he is aversion to bath.he has nail biting habit.

Re:Enlarged adenoids and tonsils By: udaya kumar
March 11 2017
Use the following medicines :
1. Sulphur 200C one dose morning
2. Calcarea Carb 200C one dose afternoon.
3. Lycopodium 200C one dose evening....
no other medicines till 24 hours. Then start the following medicines '
1. Grindelia Robusta Q 5 drops in one ounce of water three times a day for three days and report.
2. Calcarea Phos 6X three times a day for one week.

Repeat the Hahneman's tro at serial Nos. 1,2,3 if necessary after one week.


Re:Enlarged adenoids and tonsils By: Lakshmi2
November 30 2017

My son is 6.5 yrs old. He is suffering from enlarged adenoids and Tonsils from 3years. his tonsils are just swollen very close both tonsils but there is no pain.the main concern is snoring.He is very thin and pale. He is breathing air through mouth always. He is giving huge snoring during sleep. He is having disturbed sleep during nights. He is suffering from sleep apneia. His apatite is normal but no weight gain. .

please suggest me...

Thanks in advance.


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