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Attn Binumon Please present your case here.
Started by: udaya kumar at September 17 2016

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Attn Binumon Please present your case here. By: udaya kumar
September 17 2016
albumen loss By: Binumon
September 17 2016
my son nived have big problem for albumen loss (disease Intestinal Lymphangiectasia associated with Hemihypertrophy) te have any possible treatment


Re:Attn Binumon Please present your case here. By: udaya kumar
September 17 2016
What is the age of your son...? Please put him on the following medicines and describe his symptoms completely here...not the name of the disease but the symptoms he has like vomiting, loose motions, oedema on legs and other parts...collections ascites in the abdomen, stitches or pains on the left side of the abdomen.,...malformations, bone malformations like kyphosis, scoliosis, etc. which side is hemihypertorphic, mapping or coating if any on the tongue....worm symptoms if any, particularly parsites like hookworm.....

Use the following medicines :

Thuja 1M single dose once only
Next day onwards use
1. Taraxacum Q
2. Cardus M Q

5 drops each in one ounce water three times a day for one week.

Simultaneously use Calcarea Phos 6X three times a day for one week and then Calcarea Phos 200C one dose a week. For albuminuria and oedema if any, use Apis Mel 30C three times a day for three days........Report after each medicine.


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