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Attn Vasudev
Started by: udaya kumar at September 14 2016

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Re:Attn Shri Udayakumar By: Vasudev1957
January 2 2017

For my Son. Age 20.

Started Sore Throat with severe tickling in the throat. Throat area is affected. Though Belladonna given, not shown much improvement. What can be the main remedy when cold start with Severe Throat pain/tickling etc.

The month is December. Climate changed to little cold. Heard that Dulcamera is a good remedy for diseases that appear in Winter.

Can I have your advise please.



Re:Attn Vasudev By: Vasudev1957
January 2 2017
Dear Shri Udayakumar,

In some of the replies posted by you for treating Sore Throat, I have noted that Croton Tig. is suggested by you. However, where the materia medica is reffered, I have not observed any indication to "Throat" in that. Is it because it is a good remedy for mucus membrane? Can you please enlighten me.

I have also noted that on the subject of Sore throat, following medicines were seen as suggested in different posts :

Sulphur 30
Merc Sol 200
Hepar Sulph 30
Belladonna 30

Can you kindly enlighten me on the above prescription. Earlier I used to take Merc Sol 200 whenever I find a Sore Throat case without taking note of any other symptom as a "Specific Remedy". Can it be correct.

Waiting for your advice.

Re:Attn Vasudev By: udaya kumar
January 2 2017
Specific remedy can always fail and can always be successful.....!!!!

The peculiar symptom of Croton Tig is loose motion on drinking cold water when body is hot.....this also applies to sore throat on drinking refrigerated water when body is hot......From this parrallel the successful prescription on croton tig was deducted from personal experiments.....Croton tig never failed in such cases.......particularly when loose motion is also present.....

Sulphur sore throat has many a times a genetic background.....it is a perennial one and is related to non assimilation and acid refluxes.... in particular pitha derrangements.....Merc Sol has a syphilitic miasm behind it and scalding and open wounds are characteristic apart from symptomatic prescribing......Hepar is the first choice in sore throat because usually most of the sore throat conditions are pharingitis....where pharynx is involved....where as if there is a loss of voice or aphonia then it is larynx that is involved and Belladonna with phosphorus becomes the first choice....If there is red colouration of the throat or mouth then it must be a streptococcus infection or staphilococcus infection where Belladonna should be inter alia the choice remedy.


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