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Started by: udaya kumar at December 1 2013

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ATTN; WINTER 2013 TINNITUS By: udaya kumar
December 1 2013
Respected Mr Udaya Kumar,
I've been diagnosed with tinnitus 3 weeks ago. I tested my hearing and it's perfect. tinnitus is probably related to stress and some anxiety. My left ear has a rain/humming noise , my right ear is much louder it has electricity/drill noise. I am taking: B12 vitamin, zinc (50 mg) x once a day, Ginko 6C x 3 times a day (4 drops) and Nat Salicylicum 12C x 3 times a day (4 drops).I've been doing it for the past 9 days. I am not sure if this is what should I take and I am also not sure about the doses. I need your advice for which I will be waiting eagerly, thank you for your help.


Re:online consultation
Edit/Delete this post By: udaya kumar
December 1 2013
If past nine days have given you no respite, they are not the right medicines......left side ear humming is causticum 30C one dose a day for one day.......Have you been suffering from Hyperacusis? and Have you been exposed to dentist drilling???? or other drilling sounds????? Gingko Biloba is a good medicine as far as blood circulation to ear are concerned and in the process could correct the auditory nerve and other areas of
Stereocilia. I think it is not stress that is causing it, it must be high pitched sounds that you are hearing through probably ear phones????? please confirm....then If nat salicylicum did not give you benefit, Salcicylic acid should.....The dosage you are presently taking is ok....but instead of Gingko 6C I would suggest Q (mother tincture) 5 drops three times a day in one ounce water and Natrum Sal 3X three times a day 5 drops in one ounce water,,,,or 5 grains if it is in granular form or one pinch if in dust form..... with best wishes.



Re:ATTN; WINTER 2013 TINNITUS By: flgirl34
December 1 2013
Conium maculatum in 9CH 3 times a day is very helpful for me. Otherwise the humming sound drives me crazy.
Also, avoid spicy food.
And do not focus on the sound, try to forget about it. It is not easy at the beginning but after a while, you notice it less and less.
Of course, stress and anxiety worsen the symptoms.

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