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Cancer of Liver - Kind Attn: Mujahid Khan
Started by: udaya kumar at October 1 2013

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Cancer of Liver - Kind Attn: Mujahid Khan By: udaya kumar
October 1 2013
my sister aged 68 year old whom doctor suggested to operation of gall bladder removal. it was not done now it is find in cytology test that there is cancer also affecting leaver now operation is not possible. only option is chemotherapy, if I am doing so there is less chances of life so kindly tell me if any medicine homeopathic is available to cure her without chemotherapy,please help me as early as possible.thanking you


Re:Cancer of Liver - Kind Attn: Mujahid Khan By: udaya kumar
October 1 2013
please give the complete case history with the kind of cancer effecting and where all effected. meanwhile you can straightaway put her on Cardus M Q 5 to 10 drops in one ounce water three times a day for 15 days....


Re:Cancer of Liver - Kind Attn: Mujahid Khan By: Mujahid Khan
October 1 2013
dear sir I am giving details of patient= CT scan of upper abdomen on 28th July 2012- main observation as under;
liver is normal in size with homogenous parenchyma. no focal mass lesion is seen. intrahepatic biliary radicles are not dilated. gall bladder is enlarged in size. focal wall thickening is seen along the lateral wall in distal part of body and fundus, it measurs 1.4x1.1cm. few calculi are seen in lumen.
Enlarged gall bladder with clolethiasis and focal wall thickening along the lateral wall in distal part of body and fundus**A neoplasm can not be excluded.
there after ultrasonography report on 26 February 2013;
1] mild hepatomegaly with dilated intrahepatic biliary radicles.
2] contracted gall bladder with thickened GB walls with dilated CBD

CYTOLOGY ON 19-09-2013;
wet fixed smears received in two separate containers labeled as liver SOL and GB mass. both are stained
with H and E technique respectively.
Liver SOL aspiration- smears show several clusters of acine forming malignant epithelial cells of columnar/cuboidal appearance. tumor cells show round hyperchromatic nuclei with prominent nucleoli.
GB mass aspirate- paucicellular smears showing inflammatory cell infiltrate and macrophages . no atypical cell seen.
LIVER ASPIRATION- cytology is positive for malignant cells
-suggestive of metastatiuc adenocarcinoma
Gall bladder wall aspiration-cytologh is negative for malignant cells

Re:Cancer of Liver - Kind Attn: Mujahid Khan By: udaya kumar
October 1 2013
Use the following medicines:
1. Chelidonium Q
2. Cardus Q


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