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Vaishnavadasyam - kind attn
Started by: udaya kumar at September 25 2013

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Vaishnavadasyam - kind attn By: udaya kumar
September 25 2013
I have been suffering from eye pain and low fever 99 from last 3 months.

I am 35 yrs old female, fair colour. On 13-09-2013, I took Pulsatilla 200 3 times for 3 days. After then my symptoms better. Today I`ve only eye pain. Due to eye pain, I want to close my eyes with hand, and it happen only day time, when looking or working at computer.

In Aug, My vidal test 160. and I took antibiotic one month, now vidal is 40.But fever still 99 and too much eye pain. Then I took Baptisia 200 on 24-08-13 3times in a day, next day Typhodnium 1m sigle dose at night.And after 7 days on 31-08-13 Tuberculinum 1m at night and 07-09-13 repeat Tuberculinum 1m.

When I was 14 yrs, I`ve lung tuberculosis, and took the ATT. After my marriage I suffered ectopic pregnancies two times, one in 2000 and other was in 2004, and both tubes have been removed. And after every operation Dr gave me ATT for 9 months. I have no issue. My period is irregular and most of the time on hormones for period otherwise no period for 3-4 months.
I went for IVF in Jan this year but no success.Trying again but uterus lining is not good after taking hormones also, it`s only 5.
I have left ear mastoiditis and left ear discharge also. I add more salt in my food. Please suggest for eye pain and uterus lining.


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