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IBS - Ravish Kumar
Started by: udaya kumar at August 12 2013

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IBS - Ravish Kumar By: udaya kumar
August 12 2013
1. Age/Sex/Country/Climate:
28 / M / India/ (North India- Delhi) Normal as some time hot some time cold and some time rainy

2. Current complain - from how long:
two and half year

3. Current medicine you are taking:
currently talking youkalt , kumar asva and

4. Sign & Symptom of disease:
2.5 year back I was very fit and fine and I was doing very healthy exercise and all was going well. Instantly after some time I start feeling wounded pain on my left side below ribs and sometime it was kind of there is some gas or bubble inside my intestine at same place in left abdomen. I went to Dr Anil Arora a very famous gastroenterologist in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital so he did my endoscopy and found that there some acid is developing in my food pipe and suggest me medicine below:
1. Normaxin
2. Neksum 40 mg
3. Neurobion Forte
And suggest me to sleep at least after 2 hour of meal. I went according to doctor prescription and sleep I found some benefit with these medicines but as I stop this medicine same thing start again. I changed multiple doctors all of them did my Endoscopy, hipscan,LFT KFT Whole abdominal X-Ray but all time my test was negative nothing was there and gastric was noticed in endoscopy.
My Symptom:
1. All time Appetite even I donít take food for 2 days after that also not desire to have anything.
2. All time fatigue or weakness and very much pain in legs and foot sole.
3. All time fullness in stomach even I took a bite of biscuit it feels I am full.
4. After meal even after 6-7 hour also seems all food is there without digest.
5. Bloating and cramping in stomach.
6. In the starting there was back pain and hurt burning as well.
7. All time but mostly discomfort in stomach after taking food.
8. Very less sex desire as when I was healthy I was having very strong sex desires but now it ľ or less of previous time.
9. Some time sweet pain in intestines some time in left side sometime in right side these days.

5. Breif medical history:
some time I have been diagnose fatty liver for which I am doing continuously yoga and walk.

6. Family Back Ground:

7. Education and Nature of Profession of Patient:
Graduation, Software Engineer

8. Desires and aversion of food:

9. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry..etc.:
cool and very patience person
10. What makes it worse and what makes it better:

11. Thirst/Tongue/diabetic...:
different taste of tongue like salty or acidic /non diabetic

Please suggest me medicine or some proper treatment of this problem as it made my life hell.


Re:IBS - Ravish Kumar By: udaya kumar
August 12 2013
Dear Ravish,
I am not a doctor nor anyone is treating here. This is a forum where information is shared and people using those information on their own benefits from it.......

Since you have pain under your left rib, your doctors should be looking towards ulcerative colitis in the first place. Look also for H Pylori and GERD as well as metal toxins......

Use the following medicines. Report after each medicine:

1. Nux Vomica 30C three times a day for three days.
2. Arsenic Album 30C three times a day for one day.
3. Slenium 30C three times a day for one week.
4. Cardus M Q 5 drops in one ounce water three times a day.
5. Gentiana Lut Q & Alfalfa Q 5 drops each in one ounce water three times a day.

All three medicines in Mother Tincture i.e. Q can be put together 5 drops each in one ounce water and used initially for three days and continue if found necessary. Best wishes.


Re:IBS - Ravish Kumar By: Ravishkumar
August 13 2013
First of all Sorry Uday for misunderstanding you as doctor and thanks for replying.

as i told you my symptoms what do you think is IBS or ulcerative colitis.bcz both symptoms are same.

i saw my biopsy report there was clearly mention that no H Pylori found.

i am planing to start medicine prescribe by you from tomorrow. can you tell me wht time which medcine i need to take any precautions about like how much time before or later to meal all that.


Re:IBS - Ravish Kumar By: udaya kumar
August 13 2013
IBS is a word coined by the conventional medicines for iatrogenic ailments relating to the colon, brought on by generations of chemical ingestation. Since you have ruled out H Pylori, A couple of omiprazole content medicine will give you temporary relief. which should not be continued for any length of time. Use of Nux Vomica will remove the tenesmus as the word "Irritable" would indicate the IBS........ Nux is irritable....Nux is tenesmus....Nux is sedentary life.... Nux is polycrest... Nux removes ill effects of most medicines, alcohol, cigarettes, late sitting, sleeplessness, impotency and the like.....When I say Nux is irritable it means it will remove irritation.....and so on....

And that is why it is prescribed first. In many cases only Nux would remove all that you have been suffering for years. It depends on patient response....You can stop medicines after nux itself if the case is so....... But you have said fatty liver which cannot be a Nux factor though Nux would work in all kinds of inflammation in liver except fatty liver. Fatty liver is caused due to non assimilation of subtle particles of sugar and they depositing in the cells of the Liver itself......The medicine Cardus and Selenium are suggested towards correction of this. If you are not diabetic but have all symptoms of diabetes, possibly that can be there suppressed, a few doses of Saccharin Officianalis 30C would bring them to surface and show it to you in the so called machines that read diabetes.
Cardus and selenium, with phosphorus and Nux would be a great combination to remove fatty liver.....BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS EXERCISE. REGULAR AND CONTINUOUS.....Two or three months of continuous exercise would remove fatty liver without any medicines.......Medicines can be used any time but medicines intended towards liver may be taken in empty stomach......Medicines should not be taken too close to meals....Gentiana Lut and Alfalfa are for improving the appetite and regularising the appetite...... One week of these two medication would be sufficient. Arsenic will give you the necessary general good feeling.....particularly if there is any arsenic toxicity within the system, it would be removed......


Re:IBS - Ravish Kumar By: Ravishkumar
August 14 2013
Thanks Uday for replying.
I have taken all the medicine prescribes by you and I would like to draw your attention here that I asked to homeopathy store keeper to give me all medicine below:
1. Nux Vomica 30C.
2. Arsenic Album.
3. Selenium 30C.
4. Cardus M Q 5 drops.
5. Gentiana Lut Q
6. Alfalfa Q 5
He gave me first three medicines in form of white small sweet balls dropping chemical of medicine like Nux,Arsenic and Selenium as per doge prescribed by you. And rest three in form of liquid so is it ok?
One more thing he said me to take Nux Vomica first for 3 days only without taking any other medicine because Nux Vomica will destroy rest medicine impact than for one day only Arsenic Album than next I can continue other 4 medicines together.
Is he right?
What amount of Nux Vomica 30C, Arsenic Album, and Selenium 30C chemicals should be considered for one doges.


Re:IBS - Ravish Kumar By: Ravishkumar
August 15 2013
--------------uday ji reply plz

Re:IBS - Ravish Kumar By: udaya kumar
August 15 2013
Do you mean to say you have bought all the medicines???
Do not go by the dosages but always buy one drahm of granules which is a small glass/plastic bottles containing sugar balls in which the medicines are dropped. All Q potencies are mother tincture and can be received only in liquid form. They have tbe taken in water 5 drops each dose. They can be combined in one quarter glass of water 5 drops each medicine. 3 to 5 granules can constitute one dose. They are not chemicals.......


Re:IBS - Ravish Kumar By: Ravishkumar
August 16 2013
Thanks Uday,
Yes I have bought all the medicines. Yes I buy one dram of granules which is a small glass/plastic bottles containing sugar balls in which the medicines are dropped for each medicine.
I am almost done with Nux Vomica 30C as today is 3rd day I am taking Nux but feels no benefit yet.
Tomorrow I will take Arsenic Album than following this Selenium 30C.
Uday should I wait for few more days to come result as some more medicines will complete or Nux Vomica should start showing result in 3 days.
Still feeling cramp, discomfort and some time sweet sweet in pain in intestines some time on left side some time in right side.
All time weakness, tiredness,
Pain in foot heels
No appetite
No relex in digestion as all time feel full stomach.

Anything you would like to Add in these medicines or should I complete first these all.
One more thing I have my endoscopy and biopsy reports with me should I send them to you scanned copy so that u may get help to get right dieses.

Re:IBS - Ravish Kumar By: Ravishkumar
August 17 2013
Uday ji ???

Re:IBS - Ravish Kumar By: udaya kumar
August 17 2013
Nux was given to clean the slate.........i.e. if no response is received after Nux it would mean, no iatrogenic factors involved, no sedantary life involved, no acidity factors involved, but liver may be involved, pathogens may be involved, or it is altogether a fall out of a deep rooted problem needing further investigation. If Arsenic Album gives you result, it would mean partial success in arresting the deep rooted malady. However, I would expect manifested benefits only after Cardus M and improvement in appetite only after Gentiana and Alfalfa. Continue medicines.....No addition of medicines are required at this stage. you can send me the reports copy if you so wish to udaya54@in.com...... with best wishes.


Re:IBS - Ravish Kumar By: Ravishkumar
August 17 2013
thanks Uday i will send u tomm my reports.

Re:IBS - Ravish Kumar By: udaya kumar
August 17 2013


Re:IBS - Ravish Kumar By: Ravishkumar
August 17 2013
What can be the cause of heel pain ??

Re:IBS - Ravish Kumar By: udaya kumar
August 17 2013
Following are some of the common causes of heel pain or achilles heels:
tendonitis (ledum, causticum)
tendon rupture (ledum)
Bone tumors (Acid Fluor,Calcarea Fluor,
Fracture (Arnica, Ledum, Symphytum)
Gout (colchicum, beriberis vulga, Natrium Phos, picric acid, pulsatilla, Rhus Tox, Borax,
wear and tear: Rhus Tox., Ruta G.,Argentum Met., Calcarea Fluor, Calcarea Phos, Ledum.Arnica.
Osteomyelitis: Lathyrus,
Peripheral neuropathy: Phaseolus, Lathyrus,
Pinched nerve (Hypericum, Rhus Tox)
Plantar fasciitis/Heel spur -Aranea diad,
Fissures on heels -Antim crud.,graphites, Malandrinum, Petroleum,
ulcers on heels - Allium Cepa, Arsenic Alb.
Rheumatoid arthritis (apis mel,benzoic acid, beriberis vulg,colchicum, Elatrium, formica rufa,ledum pal, Radium Bromide
Bryonia, Sanguinaria, Sticta, thyroidinum, , Rhus Tox,Tuberculinum,
Tarsal tunnel syndrome (Belladonna, Arnica,)
Burning pains : Cyclamen,
Sprains : Rhus Tox., Silicea, Ledum, Symphytum,Hypericum, Ruta G.

In your case your trouble in the intestines/abdomen could cause heel pain. A dose or two of Tartaric Acid 3X should remove that.


Re:IBS - Ravish Kumar By: Ravishkumar
August 19 2013
Hi Uday First of all thanks for replying and helping consistently.
I would like to draw your attention here that I feel yesterday lower back pain in spinal code which some time back around 2.5 yr I use to feel this in starting days of this IBS I got my symptoms worse like discomfort in stomach , back pain, pain in heels since yesterday.
I am done with Nux Vomica, Arsenic Album and I have started Slenium ,Cardus, Gentiana and Alfalfa so as you told me to take Tartaric Acid 3X , can I take this with rest medicines or I need to wait till to complete other medicines.

I have mailed my reports documents on ur mail id please have a look on those.

Re:IBS - Ravish Kumar By: Ravishkumar
August 20 2013
Uday ji reply please......

Re:IBS - Ravish Kumar By: udaya kumar
August 23 2013
I have seen the reports. The SGPT at 42 has nothing alarming but need to place a cap. I have not seen anything else mentioned in the report except gastritis. You can stop other medicines and start with the following three medicines :
1. Chionanthus Q 5 drops in one ounce water three times a day.
2. Selenium 30C three times a day
3. Cardus M Q 5 drops in one ounce water three times a day for one week only.

You have to do exercises. You must be leading sedantary life style which has to change. Change eating habits, change drinking habits, change working habits, change, exercising habits, introduce walking habits, change sleeping habits, change waking habits. etc.etc.
1. Drink more water. Plenty of water.
2. Do not drink alcohols and or stop smoking.
3. Do not drink cofee, tea etc more than two times a day.
4. Do not sit late on computer.
5. Do not sit late into the small hours of the night and wake up late.
6. Do at least one hour regular exercise every day.
7. Walk as much as possible and avoid cars wherever possible.
8. Do not continuously sit and work and if you do, make sure you are doing some forward bending exercises. Gas formation in the stomach or upper abdomen should be avoided. Work with laptop for some time in laying position or standing/sitting combined so that continuous sitting is avoided. etc.etc.et.
9. Avoid food creating gas and or take food that are easily digestible,


Re:IBS - Ravish Kumar By: Ravishkumar
August 27 2013
Thanks Uday ji,

If you refer my first one post than one thing you will notice that when I met to Dr Anil Arora a very famous gastroenterologist in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, he told me that some acid is developing in my stomach due to which I have severe pain in my stomach below ribs , hearburn , lower back pain
And he suggest me to take below medicines
1. Normaxin
2. Neksum 40 mg
3. Neurobion Forte
And suggest me to follow some guideline
1. Take 5 small meal rather 3 big meal in a day.
2. Sleep after 2 hours of nigh meal.
3. Keep head 6 inches above to foot when sleep using pillow.
4. Walk
5. Reduce weight because at that time I was around 70kg and my height is 5.7 inch
So Uday my point to describe this all is here that donít you feel these all things indicating toward GERD/Acid Reflux.
Even I feel benefit by above medicines but as I was taking medicine it was benefited to me but I stopped because I lost my appetite completely.
And from somewhere on this form I came to know that Nat Phos 6x and Arnica 6c is very usefull in treating GERD/Acid Reflux illness.
Should I try this what will you suggest?? If you think this can be tried please tell me the dose as well.

Re:IBS - Ravish Kumar By: udaya kumar
August 27 2013
Severe pain in stomach below ribs with heartburn is more of gastralgia, gastritis, though in both conditions GERD could accompany. GERD means on Gastrooesophagal Reflux disease. It is not a disease but a disorder....an upset conditon of the abdomen due to reverse flow of subtle air, caused by acidic stomach conditions. . Natrum Phos and Arnica are good medicines for GERD. It can be used three times a day together or separately. You can always try them. Other medicines of value are Nux Vomica, Arsenic Album, Anacardium, Ipec, Argentum Nitricum, Pulsatilla. At the same time the pain which you have mentioned (gastralgia) do have bearing with the liver and should be treated fundamentally as a fatty liver cannot be ruled out......causing derrangements....ChionanthusQ, Cardus M Q., Chelidonium Q, China Q, Phosphorus, Lyco, Nux, Sulphur, Selenium are the medicines of value in such conditions. with best wishes.


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