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Dizziness / Kind Attn: Shahkalpesht
Started by: udaya kumar at May 11 2012

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Dizziness / Kind Attn: Shahkalpesht By: udaya kumar
May 11 2012
Re:Help Dr. Udaya for dizziness By: shahkalpesht
May 6 2012
Dear Dr. Udaya,

I am suffering from Dizziness with headache from almost 2 years now. Through out the day continuous I feel dizzy with my head feels very heavy. My diziness increase after i eat anything ( even small Meals 3-4 times a day)

I fell Down in 2007 from chair and after couple monthe I have svere pain starts in Winter time. My Brain MRi is normal but I have Disc Herniation on Neck. On and Off I have pain on neck upper head and shoulders.

Following Diagnosis were found so far.

1 ENG report for left year positive and on
and off I have pain in both the year.
2. Disc harniation C5-C6 level and Disc
3. I have mild gastritis in stomach

I am tried of seeing doctors and Doctors but no body properly Diagnose whats going on.

Medication list :

Clonazepam 0.25 mg twice a day. for Calm down.
Rantidine 150 mg 2 times a day before Meal.

Arnica 1 M for Head injury once a week 3 Pallets
Natrum Sulphuric 1m Once a week 3 Pallats.

Acid Stability Probiotics for stomach stability.

I am steel suffering same as usual Dizziness with Heavy Headache through the day.

Please advise me what medication I should take in order to getrid of my Diziness and Headache.


kalpesh shah

Re:Help Dr. Udaya for dizziness
By: udaya kumar
May 6 2012
There is stenosis, compression or dislocation in one of the nerves going to the head from the back of the head through under the jaws behind the ears and related to partially with the eyes. Do you have any sound in the ear? Use Rhus Tox 1M single dose one globule for a single day alongwith Byronia 1M single dose one globule for one day. The medicines should be taken on different dates. Use Hypericum 30C three times a day for strengthening the nerves. Do not touch the medicines with the hand. Report after each medicine.STOP THOSE SEDATIVES. use Kali Phos 6X in place of those nerve tranquilisers.

Re:Help Dr. Udaya for dizziness By: shahkalpesht
May 6 2012
Dr. Udaya,

Thanks, I don't have any sound in my ear. Occasionally I have pain.

I understood take Rhus Tox 1M Single dose one globule along with Bryonia 1M,

Another day I will take Hypricu 30c three times a day for nerves.

report after each medicine. then stop those sedatives and use Kali phos 6x in place of hypricum.

Re:Help Dr. Udaya for dizziness
By: udaya kumar
May 6 2012
No. Rhus Tox 1M single dose one globule on day one and Bryonia 1M single dose on the next day. The word alongwith is used because they these medicines work from the opposite direction to contain the ailment. One is aggravation on movement and other is amelioration on movement, so it is better that one work for the whole day before the other is used.

Again No. Stop the sedatives clonazepam and Rantidine. Use Kaliphos in place of these two tranquilisers

Hypericum 30C is to be used alongwith Kali phos to strengthen the nerves.


Re:Help Dr. Udaya for dizziness By: shahkalpesht
May 7 2012
Dr. Udaya,

As per your instruction. Rhus tox and Brayonia 1M I order yesterday.

I stop all sedative medication. I already took Hypericum perforatum 30C and and 6x kali phos yesterday night. sice from today morning, I have very heavy headache with Dizzy.

Ranitidine I am taking for my stomuch acid. Do you want me to stop also.

Please advise me.


Re:Help Dr. Udaya for dizziness By: shahkalpesht
May 11 2012
Dear Dr. Udaya,

Thanks for help. As per your instruction I have started the following Medication.

rhus Tox 1M and brayonia 1M alternate day one Golute once a day. (How long I have to continue)

Also i took Hypricum and 6x Kaliphos everyday one time. (How long I have to continue )

I have a flu going on with heavy Headache. I am steel feel Dizzy also.

I took Arnica 1 M and natrum Sulphuric 1M once a week. Do I have to keep continue ?

Please advise me further more.

Kalpesh shah


You were supposed to take Rhus Tox and Bryonia only once.......single dose.....no repetitions.
Hypericum cand Kaliphos may continue for a week. For flue use Gelsemium 30C three times a day for three days.


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