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Started by: udaya kumar at October 30 2011

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October 30 2011
When human beings conquer the five gross elements, he is elevated to a status higher than the Cosmic consciousness. He himself become the creator, the Brahmatara. The consciousness that is ever evolving, ever proliferating, ever expanding, ever creating, ever multiplying, ever dividing, whom we call with in the perimeters of our brain power as the universe. Each human being is capable of transcending the five Gross Spirits we call the Earth(the Matter), the Water, the Fire, the Air and the Ether. When we do not transcend Ether, we perceive that as joining with the Source. But the potential is there to go beyond Ether.
The phenomena of conquering the Fire is demonstrated in the Vedeo Link which may be of interest to all forum members.


May also like read my thoughts in the link as udaya k.

With best wishes in your spiritual journey, the first step of which is a body devoid of any diseases.


October 31 2011
In this society,in these situations conquering the panchabhootas and attaining the higher status may not be fulfilled by a common man.
But there must be an extraordinary YOGI who has to become Brahmatara for the well being of the Human .

It is appreciable that the kind people like You are doing their part for the better of the people like me.

This is also a YAGAM whose ultimate goal is the NEEDY.

Thank you Sir.

October 31 2011
Respected Udaya,

Let me humbly submit my thoughts on this matter.

I think, unfortunately humans seek some extra power than what has been bestowed on them by the creator. The Siddhis like not getting burnt by fire, walking on water, flying in the air or being without breathing for hours together, disappearing and reappearing etc.. have all gained the name super natural.


The common reason is that the are not naturally available to human beings. But they are not impossible ...... But they are futile.........................! Many of these are easily possible by Pranayam. I have myself seen persons lifting up in the air after practicing Bhastrika Pranayam for about two years. This is possible by anyone... I assure... !

But what for? Can you become permanently happy without any sorrow because of these? Even if you gain youth in the age of 90, you are leaving behind your near and dear, to whom you want to demonstrate your abilities !! Those who would be happy to see you flying high, would not be there.... Apart from that it is not possible to completely conquer the aging process... Diseases would be waiting to take hold of the opportunities... Save all these things, how many difficulties you have to cross to attain such a mastery? Is it worth it?

It is not at all possible to conquer death by these means.. He who is born must die.. It is the law of nature. Even if you reverse this law, it would be at the cost of happiness... I rephrase these words to be more appropriate : The body born must die, not He who is born should die.

Yes. It is this point that makes difference. Body born dies, not you, the consciousness. 'Pragjnanam Brahma'. Not only the absolute, even the Jiva is consciousness only. See the Gita's words 'Na hanyate hanyamane sarire' (Chap 2, 20). A human is never born or never dies. It is the body and antha karanas that die to sit for a new examination, with revised approach.

If humans have already transcended the five elements and more, where come the difference? It is clear that all are afraid of the five elements if they are more than what he can handle. No doubt in it. But originally he has already transcended the five elements ! Where is the aberration?

It is in the psyche (I use this word psyche with lot of limitation. It is a very approximate word equalling 'chitta'). The impure consciousness, which is the Jiva, is rendered impure by psyche. Once it is cleaned by all the sadhanas (Yoga etc..) He no more remains Jiva, but becomes Siva, the pure consciousness. There the time stops. Only Ananda remains, unchanging, untrammeled, but conscious in all spheres.

So any Sadhana worth its name should produce permanent, unchanging happiness to the Sadhak and not some trivial ego-boosting exercises only to show others that 'I am superior to you'. There is no others at all. What exists is existence only. When I am conscious of it, Ananda automatically ensues. That is Sat-Chit-Ananda.

November 4 2011
Dear Shuddha,
It is not human seeks, but it is in the nature of the being within the human to be powerful spiritually, and it is in the larger design that the spiritual pursuits of the beings have to be consummated. Unfortunately, human beings tends to stay in the level of the human part of the being which is mundane and earth level with all its frailties . The toxins are in excess in the present day human beings, and the toxins are what manifest as evil in human beings and his evil thoughts, his evil speech, and evil actions are emanating from the toxins with the consciousness or attached to the Soul as you may call it. A soul when impure must be called as Spirit. And a soul when pure must be called as the God. The medicines within that being is what manifests as good thoughts, good speech and good actions. That is exactly when we tend to do to the body when we consume medicine, the body is detoxified to the extent that the mind should get detoxified and therefore the Soul have the chance to purification and ultimate conjoining with the cosmic consciousness we define as God.

For the ancients, there has not been generation to generation Karma phalas attaching to the Soul as Sins or toxins. They were pure and therefore, did not have those genetic mutations which render the human beings now less than human being faculties, all modern day syndromes are part of this deteriorating degeneration. The ancients therefore need not achieve anything but they were already present in them as equal as to what is present in the cosmic consciousness or a little less and with the least effort or learning the biotechnologies or spiritual biotechnologies or the quantum physical biotechnologies which were known to the ancients could raise to highest of the spiritual pedestal within no time. Now we are seeing only glympses of that in one or two yugapurushas as demonstrated by the fire yogin. The best part is and the consolation for the Kali Yuga is that as you rightly said, they are possible and achievable. We should be blissful, atleast when we a demonstration of that achievement by atleast someone if not us.

Yes. I do believe, that one can become permanently happy and blissful. He who is born must die is correct to the extent that he must be born. The soul do not take birth nor die. The body does. If you identify yourself with the body, you can never be blissful, never be happy even, and all sufferings are yours and mine too as you include me. And if you identify yourself with the body, then you are born and you die. If you identify with the Soul, the Self, then you never are born or never do die. The death of happiness is because of this fact, and because of the fact that happiness takes birth. If happiness did never take birth it would be continuous happiness and that is eternally the Bliss. The death of happiness is the Sorrow. Since birth and death are firmly embedded in the psyche you cannot overcome the sorrow and therefore happiness is fleeting, like a flower blossomed to happy days falling down whining on its fall does not realise the fall is the beginning of the seed within sprouting into yet another tree. Death of the body is the begnning of the travel to the next station by the soul., just as a train stopping at a station should per se start its further travel, and never was the end of the journey though seemingly so for a witness who watch that event for the short period upto that termination in that terminal, concluding that journey is ended when the engine is put off. True physically but not true quantum physically. Do you think that the following person is an I am better than you symbol?
I would say no. They are reminders that in Sat Yuga people could live as long as 120000 years, In Thretha Yuga it came down to 12000 years and in Dwapara Yuga the life was further scaled down to 1200 years and in Kali Yuga or present yuga it is 120. And half of that 120 years many in the present world is not capable of reaching. The further generation will show how the child mortality rates would increase with millions of new syndromes taking root and even if so, they would lose their capacity to produce their progeny. That is the transformation from the Cosmic Consciousness to the consciousness, to the spiritual to the material to the matter and to matter and to matter and remodeling matter into further matter and matter and matter until only matter remains in this planet earth and no spirit. That is dissolution resulting from evolution. with regards,.


November 5 2011
Respected Udaya,

I read your great research in this matter. I accept fully all that you have clarified, except that the 'no' for the 'I am better than you".

There are many who have lived more than 100 years. In Tamilnadu, a sage by name 'Jnanananda Giri Swami' has been proved to have been living for 450 years. The proving was done by history of his presence in Iran, Nepal, Rishikesh etc.. In his young age, his Guru implanted a miracle herb in his hand which remained subcutaneous in his hand till he attained Samadhi in 1996.

The idea is the motive for a long life. The above said saint lived for teaching spiritual secrets to all, irrespective of caste, creed etc.. Your example of a sage living for 700 years also seems to point to the same. In both these cases, the mainstay of life is not for their physical or mental temporary happiness, but for the uplift of a suffering humanity. This is noble and to be appreciated.

But the idea of a long life in the present world is to eat more and indulge in sensual pleasures. This is very difficult and would take a retrograde turn in the process of spiritual evolution.

The other point about Sat Yuga and life span. I think there is no difference between 12000 years of Sat Yuga and 100 years of Kali Yuga. Basically time is measured not by clock but by enduring it. A night with stomach pain appears to be 100 hours long, but the night after a hectic day appears to be one minute long. A period of 7 1/2 years of Shani (Saturn) appears to be 15 to 20 years for a sufferer. Happy times go away very fast, difficult times linger (or at least appear to stay for much longer time). Can we say anxiety is the measure of time? It seems to be a dominating factor in time, even if it is not the only factor.

But the my main idea is not hating the great achievements, super natural powers gained by respectable persons. They are not useful in the direction in which present day people expect them to be. Again, as long as the purpose is for service to God, anything should be acceptable.

For a normal human being with all the troubles of this human manifestation, the right path may not be to acquire these powers or hanker after them, as they take a lot of time of our short life, not allowing us to spend time to do right Sadhana of surrender to God, dedicating every effort of ours to Him, hankering after only His will, not the individual's.


November 5 2011
We are moving parallel to each other and are looking at each other. regards.


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