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Started by: BarneyandBetty at October 7 2006

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DEPRESSION By: BarneyandBetty
October 7 2006
is there a remedy for someone who never cries until recently after one too many men hitting on her for sex?

Re: DEPRESSION By: dr dutta
October 7 2006
Many factors are to be considered.
Does she feels angry, ashamed, fearful, does she fears all men.

Please post her complete mental picture.
And about her personality before this incidence took place.

To begin with give her a daily dose of Naturm Muricatum. I am pasting this method provided by girilal in other forum, I have used this homemade remedy on my patieces with great success.

Dissolve 1 tea spoon of salt in a cup of water.

Add about 1 drops of it in the 1 liter of Mineral water and Naturm Muricatum (approximately) 7X or 4C is ready.

Use two liter empty soda bottle, half filled and add a drop of Phospho Soda. Shake it vigorously and also bang the bottle on some soft surface for about twenty times.

Do not take more then 3 drops. Best results are seen if taken half hour after the food.

Re: DEPRESSION By: BarneyandBetty
October 7 2006
Hello Dr dutta
thank you for your answer
she feels that men don't care about her needs or her feelings. all they want from her is sex and nothing else. she feels totally ignored , hurt and violated because what she says to men is totally ignored by them. She feels totally disrespected and dehumanized by men.

Re: DEPRESSION By: BarneyandBetty
October 7 2006
She has a very kind and loving caring compassionate heart and men use that to their advantage to take advanage of her.

Re: DEPRESSION By: BarneyandBetty
October 7 2006
Is there a remedy for these insensitive preydetor types?

Re: DEPRESSION By: dr dutta
October 7 2006
Continue with Natrum Muricatum as I posted from girilal's posts. Once a day.

And Ignatia 30 once a day.

New Delhi and Vancouver
October 7 2006
When a women is totally averse to sex even with a partner of her own choice..it is called frigidity.

The medicine for that is Ignitia.
The "chronic" of Ignitia is Natrum Mur.

Pankaj Varma

There is only one religion....called mankind.
There is only one law....the law of Karma
There is only one God....He is everywhere and with everyone and knows everything.

Re: DEPRESSION By: BarneyandBetty
October 7 2006
What is the remedy for men who are totally selfish, uncaring and insensitive to the woman's needs?

What is the remedy for men who want sex on demand with women they just met and who they don't care to know but just have sex with?

What is the remedy for men who behave like predetors?

Re: DEPRESSION By: sammy
October 8 2006
Do they want a remedy?

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