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Knee Cartilege Repair
Started by: Brig DM Bahl at June 3 2011

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medial meniscus injury.. By: priya1227
June 23 2015
dear doctor ...
last year i got a tear in my posterior horn of medial meniscus.. doctor says its irreparable.. plz suggest if any medicine in homoeopathy which can repair this...

Re:Knee Cartilege Repair By: Raf
September 3 2015
dear doctor ...
l just found out I have a vertical longditutdinal tear in my posterior horn of medial meniscus. Left knee -doctor says its unrepairable or will need surgical repair if I wish plz suggest if any medicine in homoeopathy which can repair this.torn cartilage - I am distressed and have 3 children to look after and am told to limit walking up the stairs. My knee feels unstable when walking up the stairs - pls reply asap as I'm worried I have taken Ruta and rhus tox and arnica all 200c

Re:Knee Cartilege Repair By: udaya kumar
September 3 2015
use symphytum 200C and Ruta C., calcarea fluor and calcarea phos at 6X potency...treatment have to be taken for long period...


Re:Knee Cartilege Repair By: Raf
February 11 2016
Dear Dr kumar
I posted back in sep 2015 where I had a torn medial meniscus of the left knee - I gave had an arthroscopy done in dec 2015 but still feel quite sore around the knee cap and down towards the bone . I feel uncomfortable when walking still and when I have gone upstairs and downstairs a few times it gets inflamed otherwise no visual swelling . I'm very concerned and also now have bursitis in the right knee as a result . Can you please suggest and homeopathic help as I truly believe in it and also how I can build the cartilage up again can I email you any MRI reports please so you can read fully what is involved - I sm 50 yes old and female and an anxious individual with 3 children desperately seeking your help

Re:Knee Cartilege Repair By: udaya kumar
February 13 2016
use the following medicines :
Bellis perennis Q
Sticta Pulmonaria Q
5 drops each in one ounce water three times a day.
2. Bryonia Alba 30C three times a day
3. Sulphur 30C single dose
4. Causticum 30C single dose.
Continue Ruta
Apply Arnica ointment externally.


Re:Knee Cartilege Repair By: Seema mukherji
March 20 2016
Doc ,
I have started argentum met 6c and ruta g 6c 3 times a day for the past 4 days. I am slightly better but not mobile in the right sense. My right knee is affected with severe OA.cartilage problem too.
Can I take Nat phos 6x with this for my obesity.
I take the previous 2 medicines 6hrly gap with 20 min gap between each med alternately.
Symphyt um 200 I have taken one dose today.
Please guide me .thanks

Re:Knee Cartilege Repair By: satnam
March 21 2016
My wife suffering from knee pain.She is 32 year old with 82 kg weight.Her left knee is very painfull every time in any position aggravate by slightest movement and her knee cap seems loosen.
May i also use the same treatment.

1. Rhus Tox 1M single dose a week
2. Bryonia 30C three times a day for three days.
3. Argentum Metalicum 6C three times a day for one week
4. Ruta G 6C three times a day for one week
5. Calcarea Fluor 6X with Calcarea phos 6X three times a day for two weeks

Please specify the time gap between 2,3,4,5 .

Re:Knee Cartilege Repair By: mahendra16
May 17 2016
Dear Docotr,

Can rheumatoid arthritis be cured completely if patient is suffering at a young age? Or homeopathy medicines helps in providing releif and slows the process of damage of joints?

My friends daughter is suffering from arthritis from a young age. right now she is 25. She cannot exercise or walk for a long time. Her pain aggravates in cold. Can this be cured?

Osteoporosis osteoarthritis By: Munawar
June 13 2016
My mother aged 80 has osteoporosis,osteoarthritis,chronic constipation,urine incontinence n frequent urination twice in an hour n tottering incordinated gait. Plz prescribe medicines.

Re:Knee Cartilege Repair By: Raf
June 16 2016
Dear doctor i posted you on feb 11 th 2016 last . I am the 50 year old lady who had an arthroscopy on left knee in a dec 2015 and was have pain still radiating from inner middle to lower bone of leg can't work out why as it was a medieval me is us tear - I feel when I have walked up and down the stairs aot or walked s lot it has a sprained feeling but all th time a pinpoint of pain from Middle right to lower bonebof leg .
You suggested bellis p mother tincture and also sticfa mother tincture for bursitis on right knee -is it ok to take mother tincture as I'm scared to and do you think it is wise to have the right knee mri'd again - I'm awaiting anxiously for reply as I need to order the meds - thankyou as the sticta really helped the right knee but really need help on the let knee -regards Raf

Re:Knee Cartilege Repair By: Raf
June 16 2016
Sorry it was a tear of the medial meniscus of left knee and do you think I should have it mri'd again I'm so confused as the pain was not as much after the arthroscopy but fees months later hurts more by the inner middle going down please help

Re:Knee Cartilege Repair By: Raf
June 17 2016
Also doctor how long to take these medicines for ?

Knee Cartilege Repair By: Sudarshan
August 13 2016
I had a pain in my left knee for over an year and 46 year old.
I had X -ray of left knee and it indicated that i have arthirities as a gap in bone is reduced (on inner side of left knee i. E. Towards right side, found in standing x-ray.
Could you please advise for the homeopathic medicine.
Thank you,

Re:Knee Cartilege Repair By: dpnctl
September 25 2016
Udaya sir, With all due respect to you and Homeopathy I am a patient or keen learner only, but as a student of science I wwas interested to know how the issue is addressed

Re:Knee Cartilege Repair By: udaya kumar
September 25 2016
I think you have posted your reply in a wrong thread....I do not find my reference question here......!


Re:Knee Cartilege Repair By: santanu2017
August 2 2017
Dear Doctor,
I am 40 yrs old man. Last month I started treadmill run daily for 15 mins for cardiac workout. But recently I felt knee pain during walking and up and down the stairs. You are requested kindly to suggest homeopathic medicines for remedial cure.

Re:Knee Cartilege Repair By: Op69
September 25 2017
I am aniket 27 y r old 63 kg weight with past threev yr I am suffering for joint pain.Tested RA/uric x-ray nothing come to... dr say kuch nahi hai..Given me
Calcium with EHA DHA supplement didn't come s to
Any results .It stated when I used to walk morevthan 2km daily in my school time ..One day suddenly I feel something opened in my Right knee like some thing like loose (joint khul jaana) in my right kne while walking some noise comes out it bit pain in walking climbing stair ..Now it also comes to left knee even in my both sholder . Ankel & wrist
Pls suggest any homeopathic medicine to recover it .
I have a patient of pdireia for long time I have not a good helth...

Pl suggest ..

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