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Started by: udaya kumar at December 11 2010

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ASTHAM ATTN RAHUL G. By: udaya kumar
December 11 2010
Hi plz guide me through the natural or homeo cure of asthama By: rahuldgayakwad
December 11 2010
Hi friends actually my friend is suffering with asthama, dust allergy, breathing issues, vheezing, and she uses aerocot inhaler and also uses leion, omnacortal, rarely because of cough and breathing problem, plz guide me what exactly she must avoid or take to overcome any future english medicine side effects. she use the tablet once in 4 or 5 months but she use inhaler thrice or four times in a week, plz any body guide wat is the cure or exact medicine for it.

waiting for your reply thank you


Re:ASTHAM ATTN RAHUL G. By: udaya kumar
December 11 2010
Dear Rahul,
I do not think any allopathic medicine is curative to Asthma. It can at best manage for some time until it turns chronic. For ill effects of allopathic medicines Nux Vomica 30 three times a day for three days would correct. Incidentally Nux Vomica is also a good medicine for the so called allergy for dust. It would be worthwhile to use three doses of Arsenic Album 200 one dose a day for three days and see the benefits. Continue with Arsenic Album 30 three times a day thereafter. If these medicines do not give her any relief then she need to give her complete profile here so that medicines can be arrived at a totality of symptoms. She should not be using the inhaler as it is not only habit forming, it takes the ailment to a chrnonic non-cureable status. with best wishes.


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