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Started by: earth at October 19 2010

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Re:Vitiligo By: udaya kumar
January 9 2016
There are no specific dosage in homeopathy. Minimum dosage, minimum medicine is the golden rule......one dose of Tuberculinum 1M once only and sepia 30C three times for one week and report to me was my suggestion,......vitiligo can develop in all races and colours and at all ages....


Re:Vitiligo By: suresh
January 11 2016
Thanks, I will administrator the medicine and get back.

Appreciate your time and help

Suresh Babu

Re:Vitiligo By: udaya kumar
January 11 2016


Re:Vitiligo By: Javed45
July 20 2016
Dear Mr. Udaya,
Please see my details as follows:
1. Age/Sex/Country/Climate:
45 years, Male, Bangladesh, hot and rainy summers
Physical description - 5' 5" weight: 60kg
2. Current complain - from how long:
Vitiligo. for last 10 years and taking homeo medicine last one year
Gastrics for last 20 years and taking alopathic medicine last 20 years and homeo medicine last one year
High blood pressure for last 10 years and taking alopathic medicine for last ten years.
3. Current medicine you are taking:
for vitiligo ----
Thuja 1M monthly 1 dose
Sepia 1M monthly 1 dose
Bacillinum 1M monthly 1 dose
Thyrodinum 1M monthly 1 dose
Silicia 1M monthly 1 dose
for gastics ----
Nux vomica 200 / China 200 / Carvo veg. 200 / Lyco. 1M / other patient homeo medicine.
4. Sign & Symptom of disease:
All body
5. Family Back Ground:
Father- expired, has diabeties, gasticts etc.
Mother- expired, has diabeties, high blood pressure, gasticts etc.
Brothers- two brother, one has diabeties, gastrics etc. and another one have thyroid problem.
6. Education and Nature of Profession of Patient:
B.Sc. and businessman.
7. Thirst/Tongue/diabetic...:
Not very thirsty. Normal. Not diabetic.
I need your opinion about vitiligo, please advice.

Re:Vitiligo By: BADRANJIT
April 3 2017
I am suffering from white spot please help me

Re:Vitiligo By: udaya kumar
April 3 2017
use Tuberculinum 1M one dose a month instead of Bacillinum and use Sepia 30C three times a day....Do not use milk while using Sepia. Also use Arsenic Sulph Flavum 3X three times a day for one week and then 30C three times a day for two weeks. use Hydrastis 30C for gastritis. three times a day for three days.. and as and when required., if it is gastritis.


Re:Vitiligo By: Peace99
August 16 2017
Dear Sir

I am a 30 yr old female. I have multiple white spots on upperchest since 3months now. I have been using 0.1% topical tacrolimus ointment on it and sunscreen since 2 months now but cannot see any difference. The spots seem to be growing into patches and are now new spots on face and upper portion of back too.

Off lately I have also noticed excessive hairfall but no bald patches.no dandruff. And severe body aches. Difficulty in squatting or sitting down since past 3 months. Get tired on exertion. These symptoms have been happening almost at the same time since i started noticing the patches. I donít know if they are related. Also here are some details of my diet and lifestyle.

Height: 4 feet 9inches
Weight :47 kgs
No smoking /alcohol/aerated drinks
Diet: mainly chicken and pulses. No fish or red meat. Appetite is less. Diet in moderation
Marital status :single
Active daily but no exercise particularly
Do not get angry or disturbed easily
Skin very sensitive to sun exposure. Extremely easy tanning and reddening
Daily consume one cup tea and coffee
Affinity for chocolates, coffee
Dislike loud noise

Kindly guide sir
Thank you


Re:Vitiligo By: Peace99
October 6 2017
Dear friends,

I Would like to post an update to my vitiligo problem with the sole intention that it may be of some help to people with similar disorder.

I had posted my problem around 2 months back and though i did not receive any reply or suggestion from any expert on this forum, I believe I owe it to other patients who will visit this page looking for answers. But kindly keep in mind that each ones body responds differently to different treatment regimens.

As I have mentioned in my previous post, my vitiligo patches were highly localized to upper chest and upper back region only and have been there for past 4 to 5 months and kept increasing in size.

A friend referred me to a dermatologist who suggested that I get my vitamin d level checked. Reports came back as 9ng/ml which is extremely low. Vitamin d deficiency is associated with vitiligo.

He immediately put me on vitamin d supplementation the details of which i will not post here because dosage is decided after careful consideration of age, sex, pre treatment level, sun exposure etc and I do not want anybody to randomly dose themselves based on my post.

Also, he asked me to purchase a hand held nb uvb device as I would not be able to visit clinic for nb uvb therapy due to frequent work travel. Basically its a portable device with uvb bulb which emits narrow band uvb radiation in the spectrum of 312 nm. It has to be used very carefully.

Within 10 days my patches started showing pigmentation around the hair follicles. They have resolved by almost 90 % now. After complete repigmentation I will be put on maintainence therapy for a few more months. I hope this information will be helpful


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