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curd aggravation, but loves curd - please read this
Started by: garcot at July 8 2010

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curd aggravation, but loves curd - please read this By: garcot
July 8 2010
Dear members,

Many of us love eating curds even at night. And some of us have an unpleasant aggravation at night during sleep, with one of the nostrils blocked, and having disturbed sleep.

For such people this thread of discussion on curds and in general milk products would greatly help, I hope,


It is also observed by many mothers nursing young infants, that the infant's nostrils get blocked at night whenever they indulge either eating or overeating curds at night.

For such nursing mothers, Silicea 30c single dose at night taken by the mother, seems to reduce the breathing difficulty at night in these infants and the effects of this single dose seems to give relief atleast for a week before a next dose is warranted. Alternatively, Silicea 6x taken twice daily also helps the mother and the infant in better assimilation of food.


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:curd aggravation, but loves curd - please read this By: udaya kumar
July 8 2010
Dear Garcot,
Thanks for the link. What I find in the link is that there is no consensus in one single dravya called Dadhi(Dahi/Curds) . It only goes to prove that every patient, every place, every weather, every thing is unique and has to be approached as such. We can only make large divisions while wisdom of the physician and his connectivity with the Divine is the ruling factor in healing, rest are all cosmetic suppression. You cannot have a common rule applied on anything


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