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Started by: udaya kumar at April 25 2010

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April 25 2010
Dear members,
One thing about the Conventional system of medicine is that they name the diseases, name the germs, name the organs, name the medicines, name anything and everything. Names are so much so that no doctor can ever remember the names of everything, and not to speak of its correlations. Naming the diseases is their weakness as well as their strength. Weakness in the sense that while retrieving from memory, it limits the scope for further understanding the ailment by the doctors and limits their mind to the studies undertaken on the subject and studies going to be undertaken which becomes a part of the system of teaching and learning in the medical colleges and thereafter practiced by them in the hospitals and clinics and invariably on the human beings, whereas the scientific spirit of inquiry of the doctors gets limited to their learning and within the perimeters of the system in which they are working. The essential effect of this gets reflected and imparted to the patient they are handling which leads a trail of lifelong sufferings of ailments branded by their books as incurable which in fact could have been cured and sufferings cut short from lifelong to that of hours or minutes if the right medicines were in fact invented on the spot and administered, which needs a thinking doctor, a doctor-scientist and not a memorizing doctor. In fact, the diseases the conventional system cures is minimal and the diseases the conventional system manages is majority. The good part is that when one hears about the name of the disease, an associated picture comes to the mind and therefore, easy to remember within a limited brain power of the physician, which is more of convenience rather than focused on end-result. It is always matching the a”s with the b’s . Within a given set of answers the question has to find an answer. And the doctor’s function gets limited to the medicine found in the column B against the disease in Column A. Individual has no significance, the system prevails.

In contrast, in homeopathy we treat the human beings as a whole and therefore, the complete picture as well as the individual physician’s acumen come into play and the scope gets widened when the physician tries to understand the body as a whole. In fact, the homeopath is inventing the medicine on the spot hearing the various symptoms of each individual person and the potency is selected against the person and not against the disease or the name of the disease.

There are two basic aspects to the human body. They are matter and spirit. The matter is the body, the physical, that is visible, that occupies a space, mass and weight and above all is seeable as well as perceivable by the five senses. That which is beyond the five senses are the spiritual part of the body. If you use a microscope or additional equipments to see those parts, some of them are visible to the eye through those instruments as nano particles, but the real spirit cannot be seen through those instruments whatever which have been invented using the powers the human beings possess through five senses. It should therefore, be clearly understood that there are results beyond all pathological tests and instruments which holds the key to the actual ailments in the human body. It should also be understood that the medication given under pathological tests, and under strict guidance through the instrument without using once own brain behind that would amount to prescribing something for the four gross elements in the body without the main gross element Ether. This prescription to human system is incomplete as I already said human beings are made up of matter as well as spirit. Both the matter and spirit should be treated together to achieve homeostasis.



Pheochromocytoma as I said earlier is not a disease or ailment. It is a particular condition into which the body had metamorphosised itself into. Its expression may vary from individual to individual in intensity, kind of manifestation, kind of consequent ailments, viz it could be mild and chronic with gradual progression of ailment ending in an old age tumor or cancer where as in the acute type which is in store for the future generation may manifest as immediate, sudden onslaught at birth itself or immediately thereafter where chances of actual tumor in the adrenal or elsewhere incapacitating and damaging the whole set of endocrine glands and further damages to the parts controlled by the endorcrine glands is not only a possibility, but its onset has already begun with an arthematic progression in the amount of autistic children being given birth to. It is a malady afflicting humanity as a whole or in other words. All human beings are suffering from Pheochromocytoma in one degree to 99 degrees in a hundred degree scale. In order to start this epic therefore, I have to start with phaeochromocytoma itself.


Pheochromocytoma, is a neuroendocrine tumor of the medulla of the adrenal glands (originating in the chromaffin cells), or extra-adrenal chromaffin tissue that failed to involute after birth and secretes excessive amounts of catecholamines, usually adrenaline (epinephrine) if in the adrenal gland and not extra-adrenal, and noradrenaline (norepinephrine). Extra-adrenal paragangliomas (often described as extra-adrenal pheochromocytomas) are closely related, though less common, tumors that originate in the ganglia of the sympathetic nervous system and are named based upon the primary anatomical site of origin.
The conventional medicine will understand this word by word in the same way as mentioned above and would look for two things 1. Catachalomines in the urine and a Tumor in the Adrinals. If both are not there, the end of the story. Does this absolve the subject of the suffering he is having whatever for which he decides to undergo the tests as above. No. The suffering continues in some other names and medicines gets prescribed for suppressing that symptoms. Mostly the symptoms are diabetis and blood pressure as of last few generations. They took medicines life long for suppressing the diabetis and blood pressure and therefore they are entitled to have miasm created in them which they pass on to the next generation in addition to the scycotic miasm they had due to which a tumor is supposedly in the Adrinals. Tumors are proliferated Cells. It need not be big enough to come under the microscopic scrutiny and mostly avoids it because of being just a bulge or less than that. Can we ignore the fact that these bulges cannot interfere with the function of the factory within each cell of the adrinals. Yes it certainly does but the intensity would vary from person to person.

Now, how does Pheochromocytoma starts and progresses. Homeopathically it need to have a miasm behind it which is Scycotic Miasm. Whereas as in Allopathy it is a manifested state detected as tumor in the Adrinals by chance or perchance and surgical removal of it may be resorted to without knowing the importance of each cell in the Adrinals but focusing only on the immediate benefit of the removal and arresting the fearful consequences of its sustain progress; whereas the focus should have been on the cause for the presence of that tumor and working on removing the cause. The cause to the conventional system of medicine is genetical and therefore not reversible and not a doctors job to do but that of researchers job to find out. Until the time the researchers tell the solution to the doctors, the doctors have only one solution to look into which is how to remove the benign tumor. They would do that to perfection. The patient end up with a hoard of other ailments which become consequence of the action but cannot be related as the whole battle is taking place in a sub-atomic level not visible to microscopes even. Reasoning have no place as long as visible proves are not presented.

What the modern medicine understand by phaeochromocytoma, every one can very well understand from reading a few books on it or getting into the Internet and reading for which I may give a few links at the end of this work. But, what we are concerned here is not what the laboratory tests tells us or what is visible through naked eyes and instruments, but the unseen part of the ailment which can only be visualized logically and with some amount of insights. My thoughts on these ailments may open a Pandoras Box for the future generation to understand what is in store for them if they do not protect themselves. However, before I give a brief description of phaeochromocytoma, I would like to dwell upon the past generation.

Remember, we had an Era of Radios, We had an Era of TVs, another Era of Computers, and future Era of unknown and mysterious equipments which the human brains will give shape to. Similarly we must understand that we had an era of ailments. The ancients were more or less devoid of any illness and were of Godly disposition. Anthropology tells us about human beings and their various stages of development which show them as beings prone to illness sickness and said to be not as advanced as the modern men. At least that is the belief of majority of human beings that our ancestors were not advanced in science of technologies. My firm belief is that they were much advanced than the present society and their medicine system did create a society devoid of sickness, though there might have been infant mortalities. As far as medicines is concerned Atharva Veda contains the complete medical text

and thereafter the Ayurveda of Dhanwanthari whose disciple is Sushruta. The fact may be different as at Sushruta’s or Charakas


times, very few illness afflicted the human race and recorded by them including Madhu Meha, (diabetis)

( http://medind.nic.in/iae/t07/i4/iaet07i4p243.pdf)

but the fact was that almost all illness were curable. And the present condition is that almost all illness are manageable and some are not manageable even, cure is a distant dream. And we boast of progressed in the field of medical science.

Here I am focusing for some time on the generation who are the grand-grandparents now. In their generation and to the generation of the present day’s generation’s grandparents, the main ailment was and is diabetes and Blood pressure. And then Tumor and Cancer. Before that it was venereal diseases, including skin ailments and tuberculosis. This diabetis and blood pressure is taking a transition now into proliferating into multi-various illness with different names, from which a future generation where diabetes and blood pressure would become grand parents of all illness and their grand grand children(here I am referring to disease personified as children) called by different names of ailments which have nothing in common with diabetis and blood pressure would be born. The few of the transition which has taken place may be seen in ailments like Autism, Cerebral Palsey, Asperger’s syndrome, ticks syndrome, epilepsy, Rett’s syndrome, Cyanosis and Rainauds’s syndrome, AIDS, Scoliasis, Caeliasis, lactose intolerance, Krohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Morphin’s disease, Cushing’s Syndrome, Addision’s disease, psudo muscular dystrophe’s and innumerable such ailments named by modern society as incurables. THE PROOF that Diabetis and Blood Pressure will fade away and a new generation with Diabetis and Blood pressure are unknown and unseen grandparents is in the fact that slowly but certainly, there are more incidence of Juvenile Diabetis and Blood pressure which is amazing.

How does the Diabetis and Blood pressure become the grand parents to future ailments is the same question as asking how does Phaeochromocytoma becomes the grand parents to future ailments. In order to understand that I shall quote a few lines from the Wikipedia which is important for understanding the whole epic. In order to have an indepth understanding of the situation, I would dwell upon diabetis for a few minutes.

Diabetis : Madhu Meha (Prameha): I need not reterate the fundamentals of diabetis here as all are mostly aware of that. I shall only narrate what is to my mind a deviation from the contemporary thoughts that the origin of Diabetis is never in the Pancrease as being understood and treated by the modern science, whereas the origin of Diabetis is always in the Adrinals. The cause of blood pressure is also Adrinals. The treatment should focus on adrinals and not on the pancrease or any other organ. The question comes why Diabetis have been an ailment which was there right from the BC period of Sushrutha and Charaka the great surgeons and physicians of ancient India. The primary reason is that Adrinals is the most important endocrine gland in the body which has immense amount of functions compared to its size. It is the shock absorber.

Sycotic Miasm:
One has to understand Scytoic Miasm thoroughly inorder to understand this phenomena. Before that what Miasm itself is. I would simplify a miasm by saying that they are receptiveness or susceptibility to certain kinds of ailments due a genetic parcel they have received as miasm which is ready to host the germs inside the body. A miasm is the sum total of all ailments suppressed inside the parentage upto seven or more generations which come to the child as genetic mutation. A genetic mutation here happens because when a disease like Gunorrhea is wrongly suppressed, the cells those are responsible for creating the genetic chain is somewhat damaged that their responses could be misaligned supply of genetical pawns to the creation of the genetic chain. When wrong supplies and responses are made, genetic mutations takes place accordingly. Thus a scytoci miasm due to the suppressed Gunorrhea is transferred to the children from the parentage. The basic characteristics of Sycotic miasm is that there is susceptibility to indurations or tumors. And where does it takes place first, it takes place in the medulla as atrophe or it could come down to pituitary tumors or it could come further down to indurations/ tumors in the Adrinals. At the father or grand father level generation these might not have manifested as tumors but as mutations in the genes proliferated to the cells of Adrinals impedeing the proper cell functioning. This can be called as a mild expression of the ailment. This mild expression has a chronic nature. The chronic nature is good to some extent that the individual do not suffer much in the child hood, but suffer’s through out their lives slowly, gradually, progressively, until by the end of their lives at a prime age, it manifests as tumors in the head or adrinals or anywhere else as the case may be and finally do die of that cause. The age of cancer and tumor got thus set in after the age of Diabetis and Blood pressure. After the age(Era) of Tumor and Cancer , the Era of Autism is taking shape. Since the progress of the ailment is gradual and life long, it could have been possible to interrupt the progress of the ailment, to reverse it, and to cure it. But for doing that the miasm of the previous generation should be addressed first. That is possible with homeopathic medicines but in allopathy they consider it as genetic mutations and therefore cannot be reversed and thus incurable but manageable. This is the scene of the our grand parents generation.

The main reason is the first Sin and the next sins of human beings THE SPORA which is mother of all miasms. Human beings have Vasna (inherent desires as we may call it) in side his body towards Tamas or towards darkness and dark actions. The result of which out to be dark and undesirable. Those ailments like Gunhorrea, Syphilis, Psora which originates as receptiveness to disease or miasm is due to suppression of these ailments in the parentage. When Gunhorrea is suppressed chances of Tumors in the future generation to which the genetic mutation caused due to the suppression of the ailment in the parentage becomes highly possible to be passed on to the next generation. Such tumors usually progress to its consummation only by the end of the life of an individual who had hereditarily received this miasm which is called Sycotic Miasm. But, the person with this miasm again suppresses similar ailments because he is already prone to receive them and infact in most cases receive them and needs treatment , and in the absence of appropriate treatment and in the presence of suppressive treatment, the ailment gets virulently suppressed in that body also which is passed on to next generation with more virulence and strength reducing the immune power of the next generation individual receiver, so much so that, he becomes ill at an earlier age or the tumor manifests at an earlier age. Where does this tumor infact affect first. It affects the Adrinals. A tumor in the Adrinals is called Phaeochromocytoma.

In some individuals who have received the miasm but are strong enough in their immune power would resist it throughout their life. But the tendency to tumor however have a say and they damage many cells in the Adrinals which can produce mild expressions of the disease in many other parts of the body to which they happen to be the source cells for production and supply of many enzymes and hormones. Here is where the problem starts. The mild expression of Adrinal damage not amounting to a tumor can impair the functions of the whole sympathetic and morot nervous system, the whole set of blood pressure regulations and the whole set of insulin production regulations. The high or low pressure as well as the diabetis will surface. In low pressure the adrinals will show the main emotion as fear and in high pressure the adrenal imbalances will manifest as anger. The third one that can manifest as emotion is sorrow. If all these three or one of the three emotions are prominent, it should taken as the person is suffering from an adrinals imabalance or adrenal damage not amounting to tumor in the adrenal but it should certainly be named for the sake of naming as Phaeochromocytoma of 1% to 10% or any other gaugeable percentage in a 1 to 100 scale. Each percentage, we should remember will have a manifestation inside the body as an ailment with a different name and different set of symptoms as the expression of the ailment may vary from mild to severe to chronic.

Adrinals Adrinals is one of the main manufacturing factories in the body. It produces more than 15 major enzymes and innumerable other hormones and subatomic amines takes their shape in adrinals. Whereas Thyroid is more of a director, a passage way, one that directs which enzyme should go which way and hardly a few enzymes have their source in thyroid. It should understood that when Adrinals go wrong thyroid automatically goes wrong and when thyroid goes wrong adrinals also automatically have its impact because pituitary and stem cells form the origin of the glandular kingdom. The name adrenals itself is a misnomer. It says Ad+Renals probably because of its placement on the top of kidney or the Renals. Whereas the Adrenals are million times more powerful gland than the Renals or the kidneys. It is like a nuclues ready to create a universe with a big bang. It has millions of universes in it because each cells inside it is a universe of its own. It is the source, the starting point and when the starting point goes wrong, the whole system goes wrong. Unforutnately, the vaccines, the side effects of all medicines, the genetic mutations all have their say in damaging this important endocrine gland. It is the Manipura Chakra of the human body. The most important and significant Energy Centre or Chakra as far as the body part of the human being is concerned. We need to create a revolution in the thinking of the medical science in order to put these into their right perspective. The path followed by humanity till now has been unfortunately the last path which ends up always in a dead end. Even as of today, I have seen the helplessness of the Medical Science infront of the question they are not able to answer and therefore, suppressive medicines are given to keep it under management. Doctors are no more doctors they are good managers, because the system does not permit them from becoming more than good managers.

A chronic imbalance of Adrenals not amounting to pheochromocytoma or amounting to pheochromocytoma according to the immune level of the individual can translate itself into the next ailment the symptoms of which shall be visible in the individual from childhood or connecting with the parent behavior and symptoms. The next stage being Neurofibromatosis or it could be said as the manifestation of a particular damaged cell in the adrenals could result in Neurofibromatosis I or II as both overlap each other in their symptoms. In Neurofibromatosis the main fact is that the tumor instead of being in Adrinals or aborting its presence in adrenals could manifest in some other regions like the nerves passing through the spleen to affect the spleen or as tumor in the pancreases or as tumor in the kidneys when talking downwards or upwards it can go up towards the brain as brain tumor or cranial tumors or anywhere else. This metastasis of benign tumor is never ever connected by the doctors as causative from the Adrinals but treated with a separate identity as tumor in pancreas, brain tumor etc. The cause remains untreated and therefore the benign tends to turn into malignant. In the case of Schwannomatosis, the problem has a little more different dimension, the chromophins or the catachalomins or whatever, that travels through the nerves finds their outlet through the nerve sheaths probably because the nerve sheaths gets degenerated due to the high amount of mercury in the body probably used in vaccines or through medicines earlier ingested iatrogenically , and therefore these enzymes find vent to the surface of the sheaths and wherever they appear, they granulate as well as fertilise the fat into forming indurations or benign tumors or lipomas or other kinds of indurations. These not only bstruct the function of the ganglia but also obstruct the motor functioning of the body like cannot lift the hands, because mostly they push themselves on to the bones, these can create hiccups and eructations hysterically. Any hiccups in hysteric proportions should be understood as having an underlying benign or other tumor or nerves are being irritated by an induration causing the hiccups. The nerves having its origin in Adrials the irritation may be understood have its origin in Adrinals itself or the diaphragm where the cause can be metasized to stone in gall bladder, meaning the problem has had its effect started in the liver also. In Scwannomatosis the major problem is that it can create spinal tumors on nerves in the spinal area and cause chord compression and can also appear on the peripheral nerves, dermal tumor are rare in schwannomatosis where as it is prominent in Neurofirbomatosis, mostly on the back. All the three ailments do overlap in symptoms


In this generation a serious thing happened. The vaccinations were made compulsory in many countries. The vaccination added to the voe. The body was struggling from coming out of the susceptibility to diseases and more and more germs found easy target on human body and new and new diseases starting coming up because the body immune level as they call it, went down drastically because of the impairment in adrinals. The main diseases that came to the fore fron was Blood Pressure and Diabetis and further cases of autism started appearing slowly with other ailments as mentioned above following suit.

The Vaccination:

The theory as I understand the vaccination is that the ingested serum contains the germs of the disease and that would recognize the invading germs whenever they enter the body and annihilate them on the spot so that they do not proliferate or populate the human system thereby the onslaught of the ailment could be averted. Here I would like to say only one thing, that when the human memory itself is so poor that we forget something within 5 minutes, how do we with so much certainty say that an ingested germ of a disease will remember and recognize the invading germs after years and years. Whereas the science itself has found out that these are germs which attack the system itself causing autoimmune diseases? Vaccination is a folly. For the sake getting rid of 10 kinds of disease if you reduce the immune capacity of the body to that extent that it gets afflicted with serious hundreds and thousands of incapacitating ailments is a blunder.

The seriousness of the vaccination side effects are grave in a scene where there is a sycotic miasm iaffecting the adrinals and the immune level is already low. The child born with such a legacy, when subjected to vaccination, have the tendency of developing the phaeochromocytoma conditions in the adrinals at the birth itself which metastasies into the cerebellum as tumor or atrophy which can cause ailments like cerebral palsy, chorea, muscle incoordination of various types, encephalitis, Hydrocephalus, meningitis, and the phaeochromocytoma along with symptoms of acute schwannomatosis causing injury to the vestibules and other parts causing deafness, epilepsy, eye distortions, myopia, astigmatism, asthenopia, diplopia etc.etc. autism, aspergers, tick syndrome, and the damages to adrinals causing, addisons, morphens, cushing’s syndromes and other secondary affections like anxieties, panic syndromes, social phoebias, stomach ailments including damages to liver synthesis, metabolism cause different types of ailments affecting thyroid, obesity, scoliasis, muscular dystrophies, celiac disease, lactose intolerance, IBS, Ulcerative colitis and a host of parasites and microorgans invading the guts due to low immune alongwith changes of affliction of ailments like leukemia, AIDS and other auto immune diseases.

What do we do in homeopathy?

Where do we Start:

We start with the Sycotic Miasm and ill effects of Vaccination. We start with THUJA 30. We Start with Adrinals. Look at the skin symptoms of Thuja. Look at the skin symptoms of Natrum Mur. Oily skin. Look at the properties of Natrum Mur. Expulsion or retention of water. What we try to achieve here is expulsion of water by both medicines and make skin dry. When skin is dry the organ is dry, when organs are dry the tumors shrink as they are not fertilized or irrigated with water. Thuja works against sycotic miasm, works against all indurations. At an acute stage as in the childhood first thing to do is to not get vaccinated. Avoiding 10 ailments by vaccination and receiving hundreds of new ailments throughout the life is not a logic or healthy proposition. If vaccinated, use Thuja 30 immediately to remove the side effects of the vaccination. Thuja has already removed the susceptibility to tumors or the receptivensss to scycotic miasm or induration tendency from the body and made it a formidable power. Again it works against any timorous intentions in the cell which is making the cell malfunction, less function or absent in functioning. It reactivates such cells. So you are ready as a healthy body to receive further medications. You can see that when Adrinals is affected as I have already mentioned to you, three types of emotions appear, FEAR, ANGER, SORROW. Just look at our medicines, and see which medicines in its mind symptoms are working against the ill effects of long sufferings of FEAR, ANGER and SORROW. No doubt NATRUM MUR. See the mind symptoms in Boericks words “
Mind.--Psychic causes of disease; ill effects of grief, fright, anger, etc. Depressed, particularly in chronic diseases. Consolation aggravates. Irritable; gets into a passion about trifles. Awkward, hasty. Wants to be alone to cry. Tears with laughter.
See what happens when blood pressure is quite high and retains that position for a longer time and the blood pressure is caused by neurological reasons. The source of such pressure obviously is Adrinals. And the result is always manifested in the Heart and most of the time as Hypertrophe or Cardio Myopathy. Here one should use the heart symptoms of Natrum Mur. What does it say? See again Boericke’s words:
Heart.--Tachycardia. Sensation of coldness of heart. Heart and chest feel constricted. Fluttering, palpitating; intermittent pulse. Heart's pulsations shake body. Intermits on lying down.
One should always remember that Natrum Mur is a medicine which is meant for Adrinal imbalance and it is a medicine suitable for all the three conditions. High Blood Pressure, Low Blood pressure, Normal Blood pressure because it is common salt. Without salt there is not water, without salt there is no ocean, without water there is no ocean, without ocean there is no life.

Use Natrum Mur as much and as far as possible to correct the adrinals, then use the other elements in the periodic table for balancing the losses and neutralizing the damages and activating the life force to function normally and efficiently. The next medicines which will be of use would be Calcarea, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Magnesium, Hypericum, Arnica, Chamomilla, Gelsemium, Causticum, Lycopodium,Pulsatilla, Sepia, Silicea, Belladonna, Bryonia, Cocculus, Adonis Vers, Crataegus, Carbo veg, and other medicines if the damages are serious like hellaborus, stramonium, hyocyamus, plumbum etc.etc. according to the symtoms. This would be the line of treatment for Autism, for future and ultramodern ailments, and all kinds of tumors, cysts, polyps and T Cell, B Cell problems, hormonal imbalances of all kinds, dysmenorrheal, and other kinds of cyclic disorders. Focusing on the point of disorder will not give sufficient and durable results. The ailments have to be eradicated from the root . And that is the only way to cure and the rest are all suppression. The above is my modest thoughts from my own reasoning and your valuable suggestions and corrections are most welcome. I could be wrong in my reasoning and logic. It is for you to correct me wherever I am found wrong. The intention of writing what came to my mind is for general human welfare and with malaise to none. With regards.


April 26 2010
Dear Udaya!
God Bless You!
I will read this article again and again, I am finding in myself, my parents and grandparents all symptoms you mentioned. My kids are sick, I told my husband before "we all sick already, people can not have healthy kids"...You just explained why and how. Very-very sad , but having hope...
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! it's so hard to have a sick kids, but it's a blessing to have a person like you with help, support and understanding.
I am going your way!
God Bless You and Your Family,
Thanking you every day with Thuja and Nat Mur Smile

April 26 2010
Thanks Vic. I have yet to clarify few points how the evolution is taking place from one set of morbid conditions of the past to a new set of morbid conditions in future with few genetic mutation which are capable of reversal through homeopathic approach.

One should remember that like the Earth and its species have an evolution, in the same way all diseases too have an evolution and stages of evolution. It is a continuous process, the speed of the evolution is determined by the choice of living of the being subjected to that evolution. Gnerations of human beings therefore have a duty towards future generation to slow down the onslaught of the next generation illness. With each passing generation there is multiple progression in differentiation of one disease into several diseases and the severety and dangerous natures of the diseases which go on deteriorating from one dangerous form to another. How each generation handled the ailments and life style is how the next generation is going to take over in that relay race. Live naturally and be one with nature and in harmony with nature and think and act naturally is the most harmonious homeostatic way of living which we have to follow for the posterity. I am giving below few sites for reference how the modern medicine view the progress of the morbid human evolution through variously named ailments.




http://www.goldbamboo.com/pictures-t2244.html ( DISTURBING PICTURES SEE ONLY IF NECESSARY)
http://www.lexic.us/definition-of/neurofibromatosis (PICTURES ARE DISTURBING)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_ESM6J8nX4 (VEDEO)




Sri Lanka
April 27 2010
Dear Udaya,

I would like to congratulate you on your masterly presentation on NEUROFIBROMATOSIS.

I enjoyed reading the article and it took me back to about 40 years ago when I was new to Homeopathy at which time I used to often meet a person suffering from this ailment. He informed me that he had consulted the doctors in the government hospital and later skin specialists but that they had all not been able to help him. It is good to know that Thuja has helped this condition and I hope that some research will be done using this remedy to treat patients, who mercifully are very rare.

It is this sharing of one's knowledge and findings that I have always emphasized whenever I meet other Homeopaths and I often remind them of my discoveries of Arnica 6c for Diabetes and Nat Phos 6x for Obesity both of which are not listed in the Repertories in use today.

Thank you again for your addition to the existing therapy on the treatment of this ailment.

Kind Regards


April 28 2010
Dear garcot,sorry to interrupt in your case but i posted here so that you can help me ,you ,udaya & joe are all since long in this forum,i have joined recently,i have a technical problem that ever since i joined i receive no e-mail alerts or neither can i edit my profile.
I think you, udaya or joe are moderators and can help me in this case.
sorry to have given you undue trouble and consumed you time in an issue not concern you.

Thanks for all the help.

Dr Abhishek Mukherjee
om sai clinic

April 28 2010
Dear Joe,
Thanks for your valuable inputs. The reply is so exhaustive that it is going to take more time.I am working on it. I shall revert with more and more approaches to the ailment. Arnica has a prominent place in the larger scheme of things. With warm regards.


April 28 2010
Dear Dr. Abhishek,
I am not a moderator and may not be able to help you with the problem. Probably Joe or Garcot could help. with regards.


April 30 2010
Dear Joe,
Thank you for responding to my observations which were only a tip of the iceberg on the three morbid conditions compared to their scope of human sufferings. What I want to stress is that a majority of the modern world is suffering from this condition inside their body. Those, whose immune power is stronger keep it suppressed and maintain and lead a normal life with only certain mind symptoms and some skin symptoms manifesting here and there along with the first indicators, i.e. Blood Pressure and Diabetis. What I want to highlight is that heart is no where responsible for the blood pressure, heart only instrumental in blood pressure. The responsibility for the pressure lies with Adrinals. The responsibility for diabetis lies with Adrinals, the responsibility for tumors lies with Adrinals, the responsibility for cancers lies with Adrinals. The responsibility of Autism and modern ailments lies with Adrinals alongwith other damaged Endocrine glands. The cause can be traced back to genetic mutations. DNAs and RNAs are the outermost covering of an eternally pealable onion. The mutated genes received by an individual is further damaged by the sins of the current life including iatrogenic ingestations of chemicals into the body, which is excessively damaging to the body and never curative. The offensive suppressive treatment methods is answerable to all the further damages which again is parceled down the next generation as further mutations.

The person whom you have met having Fibromatosis is an unfortunate individual who was perhaps having a powerful immune system which sent out all the toxins in the body as tumors outside to the skin or surface level or is so immunodeficient that the whole body is afflicted including the skins with tumors. Both situation can happen. In nutshell the adrenal manifestations have two distinct polarity i.e. for e.g. it can create high pressure and it can similarly create low pressure. And of course a middle path where the morbidity is least. where it can also create normal pressure. That is adrenal.
I accidentally got to observe that while treating a patient with dark melonine spots like pin points or blackheads on the face with Sepia and Thuja. I found that the face got darkened with innumerable spots attempting to come out on the surface. I antidoted both the medicinal effects and checked with the patient whether she would like to continue with the face which she is currently having with little spots here and there or with spots all over, darkened and may be many kinds of tumors hanging from the face, she said she is happy with what she has and continue so until a cure without surfacing the toxins hiding inside is achieved. I justaposed the same thoughts with a person who has dark face jet black face for no reason with red lips like Othello, and the person other than Othello I know has certain retardations, and social phoebia. The red lips led me to Sulphur and Psorinum whereas the phoebias and fears led me to adrenal and the black colour to melanine which is also produced in the medullah region of the adrinals and to the nerves and what flows in the nerves other than the known blood. My thoughts therefore converged on two aspects for the cause and one aspect for the source. The two causes certainly are two major miasms i.e. Psoric and Sycotic. Psoric needs to have itching for it to be complete. Any eruptions tending to surface but not allowed by the body to surface should create itching, therefore I checked with patient symptoms again, yes the person and the parentage had the itching of the back which is irresistible itching particularly on body becoming warm on bed. A Psora symptom. I checked the other psora symptoms and let us all check it how the psora symptoms are prevalent in all mankind and to what simplicity or to what severety in their manifestations. Basically it is the mutilation of the thamo guna (the darker side of human vasna(inherent desires):
1. Hypersensitive
2. Hyperactive – some are some were not.
3. Restless
4. Cannot concentrate for long time
5. Constant complainers
6. Want to do something- do not know what to do
7. Mental symptoms produces body heat. – in some it is true particularly where Calc.Carb is
8. Hot flushes while working
9. Great inward uneasiness and anxiousness
10. Pulsations and constrictions
11. Fear of darkness .- calcarea carb
12. Fear with trembling and shaking of the body ending in copious persiperation – No-calcarea
13. Fears everything, fears of future
14. Want of Self confidence – yes . helplessness
15. Fear of darkness, fear of strangers, fear of fictitious things, fear to go to school, stunted growths.-in children.
16. Fly into passion, then weep and penitent
17. Anger in tantrums, terrible with rage, greatly prostrated thereafter
18. Complaining and finding fault with others.
19. Aversion to people and company.- yes
20. Does not like strangers or react with unknown people. Like to be alone.
21. Mental restlessness to achieve unnecessary objects –no except in children.
22. Rich psoric person dresses in rags or shabby dress. -
23. Pretentious
24. Dishonest, secretive, Wicked
25. Lack of discipline, unclean in appearance ( I have seen two kinds here depending upon the area of affliction in Adrinals – when the adrinals are stronger than normal with the damages excluded, the person tend to become well disciplined and neat in appearance with special attention on cleanliness which is closer to psorinum patient where blood pressure is usually high whereas in Sulphur patients the cleanliness, discipline are less and not neat in appearance with low pressure accompanied by anxiety, fear etc in abudance.
26. Psora is relieved by persiperation – but most of the sulphur patients do not persipire at all where as the psorinum patients do persipire and persiperation for them relieves the psora.
27. Sansitive to many impressions – like odour, fragrance, scents, smell of cooking foods or any other smell, atmospheric changes, bad news, easily disturbed mentally
28. Exalted.
29. Absent minded
30. Makes mistakes in simple spellings – In all autistic or similar childrens I have come across
31. Frequently stops in simplest spellings – in autistic and similar childrens.
32. Frequently stops in his conversations and repeats what he said to connect the threads of thought or stims - Usually seen in Asperger’s syndrome and autism
33. Weep for hours without knowing cause of it. I have certainly seen one patient exactly like that who has been weeping for years without reason. She was an airhostess and it was almost 20 years ago. I am certain now she was psoric and a natrum mur character. Where there is certainly a Congenital Adrinal Hyperplasia untreated for years. Little strengthening of Adrinals by Thuja and Natrum Mur would have overcome the condition. This may lead to formation undefined sexual glands without distinctive genders. A seriously damaged Adrinals should be the cause for the birth of a hermaphrodite.
34. Vertigo, walking, closing eyes, turning over in bed and various types of vertigo- yes most of the subjects had history of.
35. Head ache on vertex –yes. – frontal, temporal, temporoparietal, one sided, due to or during hunger, sun headaches with ascending of sun and better by descending of sun – Natrum Mur 100%
36. Morning headaches – yes many have it.
37. Throbbing headache with red face - Natrum Mur, Belladonna.
38. Headache better with hot application
39. Headache ameliorate with cold application
40. Formation of painful lumps under the skin which comes and pass away like bumps and round tumors – yes
41. Dry scalp with severe itching, full of dandruff .
42. Hair lusterless, matted or entangling easily, breaking and splitting easily, hair fall, premature graying, grey in the midline of the head
43. Headache on one side, periodical, during full moon, or new moon, mental excitement, or boning pain over the eyes. Headache as if skull is about to open.
44. Photophobia
45. Migraines.
46. Itching, burning and great dryness in the eyes.
47. Sensation of sand in the eye.
48. Eye inflammatous of various types, accompanied by burning and itching of the eye lids with great desire to rub. Conjuctival troubles with itching in canthi, not better by rubbing.
49. Redness of eyelids with dry mucus on eyelids. Everything flickers. Objects seems to move.
Black floaters and spots in front of eyes. Cataract, squinting, Myopia, Hyperopia, Diplopia, Asthenopia, Astigmatism, Amaurosis, zig zag appearance (Arnica), unsteadiness of vision or blurred vision, Night blindness, day blindness, Letters run together while reading (in Autism and similar ailments). Black floaters before the eyes like flies or black points or dark streaks or networks particularly when looking into bright sunlight is sure sign to psora.
50. Sounds causes pains, convulsions –autism, meniers’ disease. Deafness of various degrees (in autism and similar ailments)(worse with weather).
51. Swelling of parotid glands, crawling and itching in ear(particularly with worms and parasites in intestines),
52. Porches of ear look, dirty,dry and scaly -
53. Auditory canal always dry and scaly, dry bran like scales form constantly and fall into the canal.
54. Epitaxis – profuse, frequent
55. Sense of smell acute and increased.
56. Sensation of dryness in the nose
57. Nose stuffed up.
58. Cannot endure odours of any kind. Odours produce nausea. Headache and vertigo.
Cooking odours, fragrance of flowers, smell of perfumes, smell of fresh paints, induces nausea, vomiting, headaches, faintness, sickness of stomach, (Sulphur, Arsenic Album, Ipec).
59. Polyp of the nose (natrum mur calcarea)
60. Stoppage of nose, breathing through mouth, epistaxis, too violent sensation of smell
61. Sallow, yellowing complexion of the face, redness of the face, frequent erysipelas, excessive facial persiperation, round moon face, ears small, dry lusterless hair, parched with drandruff, (natrum mur, sulphur, arsenic album). Cataract, frontal baldness, Red lips (Sulphur). Hot flushes at climatic. Skin dry rough and pimply unwashed and unclean in appearance (psorinum,)blue rings around the eyes, painfulness in various parts of the face, cutaneous eruptions on beard and at roots of hair. Grandular swellings on sides of neck, glands on lower jaw swollen, chronic suppuration.
62. Stomatitis, herpes, tongue white coated, pale cracked, foul smell from mouth, burnt slimy tastes, Food tastes burnt. Bread tastes bitter, water has abnormal taste. Swelling and burning about the lips. (Sulphur, Arsenic).
63. Tongue full of deep furrows. Averse to aromatic substances.
64. Gum recession, whitish, swollen, painful to touch.
65. Teeth painful, bleed easily. Tooth ache intolerable.
66. Sore throats, hoarseness, burning in throat. Frequent throat congestion and accumulation of phlegm.
67. Constant flow of saliva.
68. Desires sweets, acids, sour things. Cravings for unusual things, Desires for hot food and drinks, craves for fried and seasoned foods. Averse to boiled food. Craves cabbage, pickles, acidic food , oily food, rich pastry, tea, coffee, tobacco, stimulants ending up in gastric disturbances.
69. Burning pain in chest, band about chest sensation of, dry teasing spasmodic cough, whooping, asthmatic, hoarsenss, stitches in chest, dyspnea, scanty expectorations, dry cough, suppression of measles, skin diseases, functional disturbances in lungs, chilly, hypersensitive to cold, pains and constrictions in epigastrium, an anxiety beginning from under the last ribs.,aphonia, constant hoarseness (bell), cough when head touches pillow or when head is low. Pain in chest when breathing of sneezing. Shortness of breath.
70. Heart troubles, from fear, disappointment, mental shocks (natrum mur, arnica), think they have heart disease and going to die (aconitum).,violent palpitation with beating in whole of body (glonoinum), neuralgic pain about the heart. Functional heart problems, anxiety, mental distress, palpitation and neuralgia, piercing, cutting pains, or stitching nature at night and movement aggravates. Bradycardia. Pulsation of heart shakes the whole body (spigelia, digitalis)., Pulse, circulation, pains, tension, neuralgias, palpitation, sensations are prominent in psora.
71. Nervous hunger and hunger at night. Nausea, vomiting, HICCOUGH. Always hungry.
72. Want of appetite. Persiperation during eating (natrum Mur).
73. Eating makes dizzy and sleepy.
74. Ravenous hunger especially in the morning.
75. Must eat at once or else will faint. Rumbling and grumbling in abdomen
76. Eating little satisfies and feel full. Swallows in haste, appetite without hunger.
77. When wants to eat feels full in the chest and throat feels full of mucus.
78. Fullness, bloating, distention, gastric.
79. Like a stone in the stomach after eating.
80. Hunger at night. Hunger soon after food. Taste oif recently eaten food in eructations.
81. Craving for seasoned, fried food. Does not like boiled food.
82. Cramps from eating potatoes, beans etc or milk, cold water, cola etc.
83. Worst forms of constipations and irritability of bowels.
84. Lack of assimilation, heart burn, water brash, do not like abdomen to be touched (particularly in autistic children). Afraid of being touched, cannot endure even slightest pressure around the abdomen. Slow peristalsis. Nasea and vomiting ameliorated by rest, quiet and sleep (migraine may be present) (natrum mur, Iris vers, Arsenic Album).
85. Flatus do not pass. Pain in liver area, below the ribs on the right side. Inflammation of liver, fatty liver, inguinal hernia,
86. Overeating, diarrhea due to over eating, undigested food in stools, colicky pains, offensive odour, aggravation in the mornings. All gone empty feeling in abdomen.
87. Stubborn constipation, no desire to stool, dry scanty and hard, difficult to expel, constipation alternates with diarrhea. Ascariasis and pin worms infestations, more in tubercular diathiasis. Painful diarrhea due to bad news (argentums nitricum), any ordeal or form of cold exposure. Trobbing abdomen, burning rectum. Piles fistula, polyps in rectum.
88. Diarrhea while preparing for any unusual event.
89. Bleeding piles, blind piles, Constipation with foul breath.
90. Urine retention when chilled or cold. Involuntary urination when sneezing, coughing or laughing. (Pulsatilla, Causticum).
91. Dark urine, yellow brown, whitish (calcarea carb), blackish urine.
92. Stress incontinence (very important in pheochromacytoma).
93. Painful retention, phosphoturia, urge to urinate immediately after drinking, get up frequently in night for urinating (stage has reached diabetic).
94. Urine drips for long time,
95. Lack of sexual desire or excessive sexual desire. Sterility, impotence due to causes from hormones or enzymes.
96. Chronically swollen testicles, or sarcocele, drawing pains in spermatic chord (pulsatilla), disappearance of one or both testicles. Erectile dysfunction. Nocturnal discharges of semen.
97. In females the flows are starcy, bland, watery leucorrhea, reaching haemorrhagic form, dysmenorrheal at puberty and climatic period – (natrum mur). Small clots. Leucorrhea, yellow, or yellow greenish in tubercular individuals. Disturbances in ovaries and uterus, intermittent flow, only for one day or for hours, scanty. Fetid blood, water blood or brown clots, amenoorhea, too copious, too early, too scanty, late or long duration, polyps in vagina, voluptuous dreams, premature births, excessive enlargement of breasts, retroceding nipples. Moist and scaly eruptions about the nipples.
98. Pains in the long bones, burning in palms and soles hands and feet dry, hot, burning. Cramps in calves or lower extremities, numbness of extremities, tingling sensation, parts goes to sleep, worse lying down or after sleep. Poor circulation, tingling and pricking sensations in parts laid on. Chillness and like to stay near fire or heat. Boils of small size, painful and non suppurative. Cannot stand still. Neuralgic pains, bestter by rest, quiet and warmth, Twitching muscles in sleep, varicose veins in lower extremities. Unlcers on thigh, ankle and foot. Suppuration and necrosis of bones of humerus, femur, patelia and phalanges. Anasarca and dropsical conditions. Curvature of bones, like kyphosis, scoliosis, osteitis, osteomylitis. Stiffness in the nape of the neck and small of the back. Passive pain between shoulder blades, pressure upon shoulders, stitching pains in fingers and toes, stitches in the heels and soles of the feet while standing. Ligaments contract or short, joints painful, still, difficult motion, joints easily sprained or strained, Curvature of the spine and softening of bones , deformities and hunchbacks, rickets, morbus anglicus.
99. Skin dry rough, dirty, unhealthy looking appearing as if not washed. The more water is applied the more rougher it becomes, Do not normally suppurate, eruptions papular with intense itching, eruptions are of the colour of the skin, thin, light, fine scales, slight bruises to the skin heal readily without suppuration. Brown or brownish spots on space with freckles, spots on hands and chest. Large brownish spots or liver spots on limbs.
100. Aggravation in Winter. During sleep, standing still, change in weather, thunderstorm.
101. Little or no sweating, red lips, active, vertigo and nausea while travelling,. Morning headache, sun headaches, craves for sweets, great thirst, bloating and drowsiness after meals, Pains aggravates from movement (bryonia), Feet uncovered in bed, build castles in air, averse to company, miserly, dishonest, unclean, deceitful, lazy and indifferent, weeps easily, unpredictable mood, itchy unhealthy rought skin, tartaric gums, ascites and dropsy, craves chalks and indigestible items, manifested by hypersensitivity, itching, irritation, burning, leading utmost upto congestion and inflammation with minimum structural changes. Skin tissues, nervous systems, blood vessels, liver, endocrine systems, skin itching burning and unhealthy. Hypersensitive nature drives the patient towards all kinds of allergic reaction to surroundings,, environmental conditions, diseases and allergens. Psoric malignance tend to manifest around the age of forty years. Symptoms develop dramatically and are alternating. Burning sensation better by cool air may be worse by cold water. Easily fatigued. Hyperactive, hypersensitive, many anxieties and fears, intolerance to noise, crowd. Weak memory. Natural discharges relieves sufferings, Averse to boiled food cold food and milk. Averse to aroma. Spots and speks and floaters before eyes. Bran like dandruff. Acidity. Blue colour is indicative of spora. Hypos and atrophies are psoric. Carbo nitrogenoid constitution.

1. Arsenic Album
2. Arsenic Iodide
3. Aloe Soc.
4. Apis Mellifica
5. Hepar Sulph
6. Lachesis
7. Lycopodium
8. Natrum Mur
9. Nitric Acid
10. Psorinum
11. Selenium
12. Sepia
13. Sulphur
14. Tuberculinum
15. Zicum Metalicum.
1. Abrotanium
2. Acetic Acid (cancerous)
3. Agaricus Mus (nerves, medulla, epileptic)
4. Ambrosia (allergies, environmental, nose, bleeding)
5. Ammonium Carb (chest, heart, lungs, )
6. Anacardium (constipation, mind, memory, )
7. Antim Crudem (stomach, skin, mouth, tongue, intestines)
8. Apis Mellifica. (skin, blood, general poisonous, rheumatic, arthritic, oedematuous, itchings,urine)
9. Argentum Metalicum(Bones, larynx, )
10. Argentum Nitricum (mind spin, stomach, nerves)
11. Aurum Metalicum ( bones are affected)
12. Baryta Carb (retardations, developmental, shyness, tonsils, throat)
13. Belladonna, (nerves, elasticity, fever, redness, pain, inflammation, infections, throat, chest)
14. Benzoic Acid (Arthritic, ganglions, rheumatic)
15. Beriberis vulgaris (kidney, liver, gall bladder, rheumatic, arthritic, bladder, urine )
16. Borax (stomach, intestine, ulcers, aphthae)
17. Calcarea Ars (blood circulation, pressures due to heated blood)
18. Calcarea Phos (Bones, and whole body)
19. Capsicum (burnings and several psoric symptoms).
20. Carbo animalis
21. Carbo veg ( chest, lungs, air movements, air functions, carbon functions in the body)
22. Cistus Can ( Liver, skin, blood, muscles).
23. Crotallus (stomach, cancer )
24. Croton Tig ( throat, diarrhea, thermal factors)
25. Cuprum (Liver and Brain and grey matter, cramps, epilepsy)
26. Digitalis ( heart, blood circulation, slow pulse, bradicardia)
27. Dulcamera ( cold cough, throat, humidity related ailments).
28. Ferrum Phos (Blood circulation, HB production and weight, anaemia, jerks, and twitching etc.)
29. Fluoric acid. (bones and teeth. )
30. Graphites (Eczema, skin conditions, dryness, dandruffs, psoriasis, and several related conditions)
31. Hepar ( Skin eruptions, throat, eruptions inward or outward.)
32. Iodium ( thyroid, liver)
33. Kali Bich ( ENT. And several conditions of the body)
34. Kali Carb ( female symptoms are prominent with many symptoms common to everyone.)
35. Kali Iodatum /Kali Phos (nerves and nerve related ailments, anxieties, mind symptoms and all symptoms arising from imbalances of Potassium).
36. Lac Canninum
37. Lachesis
38. Lycopodium
39. Ledum Pal
40. Magnesium Carb
41. Magnesium Muriaticum
42. Manganese
43. Mezerium
44. Muriatic Acid
45. Natrum Carb
46. NatrumMur
47. Natrum Sulph
48. Nitric Acid
49. Petroleum
50. Phosphorus
51. Phosphoric Acid
52. Platinum
53. Plumbum
54. Psorinum
55. Pyroginum
56. Sarasaparilla
57. Sepia
58. Secale
59. Silicea
60. Stannum
61. Staphisagria
62. Sulphur
63. Sulphuric Acid
64. Tarentulla
65. Theridion
66. Tuberculosis
67. Zincum Metalicum
68. Zincum Phosricum

After looking at Psora, each person who reads it must be thinking I am psoric and that is exactly what I meant by saying that all of us are pheochromocytomic from 1 percent to 99% because the base quality or the predisposition is the mother of all miasms i.e. psora from the fertile field on which when we sow sychosis, the scychosis will grow abundantly and if we grow tuberculous predisposion, tuberculous miasm would abundantly grow and so does in futre diabetic miasm, and blood pressure miasm would come to stay as predisposion to autism or aspergers or caeliac and in a generation two hundred or five hundred years hence, autism miasm will be in the background and less human like features in the foreground. Let us look at the timorous predisposition which is called Scycosis.
As already said, when Sycosis is fertilized by Psora it becomes the most formidable and invincible enemy of the humanity. Where there is a combination of Psora and sycosis, they are not curable to allopathic or modern system of medicine. Diabetis and blood pressures are outcome of this deadly combination and therefore incureable for allopathic system. Psora is the mother which breastfeeds the child sycosis into a great warrior and fighter disease in the body who cannot be won or subdued and that is the greatest of the sufferings for human race. Let me reiterate that the damages that sycosis can cause with Psora lurking behind is simply devastating. Suppression of discharges is one of the greatest aggravating factor in this combination. Therefore, the ailments manifests where there is constipation, dysmenorrhea, blockages or stuffed nose and respiratory system, or suppressed perspiration etc.etc. Wherever discharges are suppressed, there psora and sycosis have their fertile ground. In females perhaps the pelvic region is the first to get affected. The ailment often turns malignant like cystic degeneration or cirrhosis, growths like fibroids or fibrosis or fibrous growths, chronic rheumatism or stasis in internal organs, gouty disposition, or other arthritic conditions, Mind conditions can deteriorate to various kinds of mania, or insanity. Sycotic parents giving birth to normal healthy children may have Chamomilla/ Mag.Carb children. Look at their symptoms. Colic, like to be petted, whining and sleeping on belly with chronic colic, rhinitic nasal passage and inflamed eustachean tubes are affected, possibly with gonorrheal ophthalmia. Argentum Nitricum, Lycopodium and Rheum would also help here. Green or spinach green discharges or stools are quite indicative of the inactive predisposition which will surface later in the life. That is predictive and correctly predictive. Add to it the woes of additional sins of vaccination and iatrogenic (medicinally induced) onslaughts or a struggling immune system.

Scycosis or Scycotic miasm is form when Gunorrhea is suppressed or improperly treated. Vaccinosis or Vaccine as a carreer of sycosis add to this woe, by adding fresh impetus to the damage already present and developing is further damaged by the vaccines. When sycosis is suppressed blood is effected first causing an anaemic condition. Catarrhal conditions follow, nose stuffs up, glands behind the head suppurates, mouth breathing is resorted to, rhinitis, allergic conditions manifest where Arsenic Album, Kali Bich, Ferrum (anemia and for reinstating the nasal discharges), are indicative. When the inflammations and infections affect the sinus with migraine, natrum mur interferes. Rheumatism, Gout, Nephritis as usual consequences. Diabetis is the other outcome. Fibrous changes are usual. Most of the rheumatic ailments have its origin in sycotic miasm. Breast cancer, cancer of the uterus, diabetis, blood pressure, epithelioma, pneumonia are some of the major ailments that can develop with sycosis. The secondary stage of the ailment manifests with acute arthritis or with wandering pains or ascending arthritis. (ledum) Cellulitis, Peritonitis, cystitis, metritis or endometriosis , appendicitis are its other forms of manifestations. All kinds of tumors are of sycotic origin. Blue colourations or dark blue colourations are common with sycosis fertilized by blue colouration of psora. Lachesis, Pyrogenum are few of the medicines of value there. Offensive, pungent odours like that of brine, musty or dead rotten fish like (thuja and sepia) are primarily sycotic conditions or tumor signs. Every discharge of a sycotic patient will be offensive. They wash and scrub the body for ever. Children will scream after urinating. Gunorrheal stasis creates rectal diseases proctitis, rachitis etc. Oozing from rectum with fishy odour from hemorrhoids are indicative of the presence of sycosis. Warts like cauliflower are usually ascribed to sycosis.

Symptoms of sycosis :

1. Can remember minutely the past and what happened years ago but cannot recall the recent events or happening. Absent minded. Usually similar to Alumina symptoms or Silicea symptoms. Can be compared with Alzeimer’s starting symptoms.

2. The patient is restless, jealous and cruel, red with blue colour and pelvic ailments can be easily compared with Lachesis symptoms.

3. Alopecia in circular spots, rheumatic diathesis with reddish nose or tip of nose.

4. Corrugated and ridged thick nails.

5. Leucorrhea smelling like fish brine (sepia, thuja)

6. Anemic conditions with spider spots on the cheeks. Oval face, blemished and anaemic pale yellow skin, secretive, suspicious eyes with jealousy. Bald patches in the head, Oily skin(thuja, natrum mur) with warty eruptions.

7. Spice, wine and meat aggravates symptoms. Walking and light exercise ameliorates. Humid atmosphere aggravates. Natrual discharges of green greenish yellow ameliorates.

8. Do not trust himself and very suspicious, repeats what was said to check whether he spoke right. Feeling that he is always misunderstood. 'No body understands me' attitude. Broods over things, suicidal and tend to be criminal at the slightest provocation when both psora and sycosis are present. Drops letters words, or use wrong words or letters in his writings.
Not able to explain himselves well. Changes physicians frequently. Rude and inconsiderate. Lack self confidence. Narrow minded. Weather cock(Pulsatilla). Restless. Checks the door again and again whether it is properly secured and locked , check the rooms again and again for intruders or burglars. Very secretive and suspicious. Rain aggravates, Highly analytical.

9. Suppression of sycosis in primary stage or secondary stage leads it to tertiary stage. The tertiary stage starts in a couple of years or longer after the first suppression, according to the immune power of the person concerned. In females it appears usually at the climacteric period or menopausal stage. Red mole is a symptom of tertiary stage of sycosis.

10. Spider spot is another sycotic manifestation sometimes scycosis and tuberculous miasms will combinely present the spider spots, observed in the upper portion of the face, about 10 to 15 mm below the lower eyelids on the malar bones is somewhat a certain indication of scycosis present in the body.

11. Scycotic Acne are usually present in girls at their menstrual period which are angry looking isolated and pointed non-suppurative pimples on face. They are usually large. Lupus is a misture of scycosis and tuberculous miasm.
Mind symptoms : Irritable, tantrum of anger. Cross or offended. Anxious and oppressive at every change of weather. (Pulsatilla like a weather cock).

..............TO BE CONTINUED................... IN PART II.

Medicines should be used in consultation with a homeopathic doctor.


Sri Lanka
May 1 2010
Dear Udaya,

Once again I am writing to convey my admiration of your extensive thesis on this subject where you have also briefly dwelt upon other ailments and diseases and the various remedies that you have prescribed for them.

It is rarely that anyone has the depth of knowledge that you obviously possess and it would be my pleasure to meet you if you happen to decide to visit Sri Lanka on your trip to India which I note commences today.

Warm Regards


May 3 2010
Thank you Joe for your kind words and invitation. I shall try to make it next time when I am back in south. This time I cannot be as the schedule is short spells in few many places and drawn up. with kind regards.


January 11 2013

March 22 2016
Hi everyone am new here and have nf, am not sure to what type of nf do I have but I have a large turmour around my eye and nose. Am looking for cure if any one have an experience on this please I may need your help. Am from Tanzania (Africa)

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