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Started by: udaya kumar at April 10 2010

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April 10 2010
Following is a proving of Mobile Phone radiation as available in the Net.:

Proving of Mobile Phone Radiation
Phyl Eyre and Richard Boccoc. (UK)

The following is excerpts from the proving of Mobile phone radiation, published in Homoeopathic Medical Panorama January-March 2002 (www.homedpa.com). Detailed proving with day book references and reportorial description can be had from the site http://www.littlemiracle.freeuk.com. All copyright to authors. Please forward any more information, clinical experience, symptoms, to The South Downs College of Homoeopathy , email littlemiracle@freeuk.com or to, Helios Homoeopathic Pharmacy, 89-97 Camden Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2QR, U.K. email pharmacy@helios.co.uk

Why this proving?
There is no need to explain about the hazards of mobile phone radiation as much have brought out by the media. Still its use in every day life is only increasing, as also is the ever-increasing range of symptoms experienced by users. It seemed an obvious choice for a proving.

The Substance - Toxicity & Resources
Research is currently being conducted around the world on the effects of radiation emission from mobile phones on the brain and is being widely reported in the Media. At present one of the main causes for alarm are the effects of microwave fields on the blood-brain safety barrier, an opening of which may allow proteins and toxins to enter the brain. Some researchers warn that low level radiation from mobile phone handsets heats the brain, causing headaches, memory loss and dizziness.
Concerned organisations such as Waveguide and Powerwatch can be reached via the Internet:-

Pharmaceutical Preparation
We asked two moderate users of mobile phones for their assistance. They were each given a 4g. bottle of lactose which was attached to the mobile phone, and the number and length of calls were logged. They were also requested to avoid leaving the phone and attached lactose close to any other interference such as TV's or microwave ovens, etc.

Phone 1:
Model: Eriksson GH337
Server: Cellnet
Total call exposure time: 5 minutes

Phone 2:
Model: Nokia 5.1
Server: Orange
Total call exposure time: 2 hours, 16 minutes

Equal quantities of the two exposed lactose powders were then mixed together and triturated to a 3c in accordance with footnotes to paragraph 270 of the 6th edition of the Organon. Potentisation in liquid form was continued up to a 30c.

The Provers
The proving was started in January 1999. It was conducted using guidelines as laid out in 'The Dynamics and Methodology of Homoeopathic Provings’, by Jeremy Sherr.
Seven of the eight provers, all of them females, where given potencies 6c 12c and 30c, one was given placebo (who did not report any symptoms) and one prover attempted antidote after one day so she was exempted from the experiment.
The provers were instructed to take up to a maximum of three doses, twice a day, for a maximum of two days, and to stop as soon as symptoms appeared. For the majority, only one or two doses were necessary.

Our heartfelt thanks to all involved: To all the second year students of South Downs School of Homoeopathy without whose total enthusiasm and energy this proving would not have been possible. To Lenise Shaw for her unwavering help in the collation. To Ian Sandon for his support and enthusiasm, and for sharing the arm power involved in the trituration! And to Helios for supplying the finished remedy!

The Proving

Increased alertness and clarity of Ideas, which are more resolute, more cut and dried than normal. Very tired (physically) but mind active. Also dullness of mind. Cannot concentrate. Forgetful. Indifference and indolence towards duty. Confusion, as to what to do. Ordinary tasks take more time. Sensation as if out of space-time integration. Feeling of detachment from self. Restlessness and agitataed. Cheerful and laughing at silly things. Feels emotionally open and so much happy. Feels isolated. Want to hide or get away. Mental calmness. Relaxed. Delusions as the head being carried like a ball on a stick. Tongue becomes fatter. It not working properly so cannot get the words out. Feels very childish and cuddly. Dreams; vivid, busy, frightfull.

Dizzy, light headedness worse going upstairs and moving around. Turning the head.

Tingling at the very top of head. Head feels watery and blobby. Pain and pressure at temples. Sensation of a deep pressing-ache going invards or downwards alongn the spine. Head ache, premenstrual or at the beginning of the periods.

Eyes watering. Weepy eyes, small pupils. Eyes look half sleepy and half drunk. Sensation of eyelash in right eye. Vision blurred in left eye, not better for blinking. Worse concentrating. Clearing when I walked around.

Brief pulsating pain in right ear, close to surface where the ear joins the face. Both ears blocked on waking, causes mild deafness

Numbness in nostrils, alternating sides, always begins in the left and goes to right side.

Pain on cheekbone or jawbones, as of two numb spots from gripping of a vice. General numbness over both cheeks. Very itchy nose. Like hair on the nose. Worse over right nostril, as if hair hanging over it.

Strange and unpleasant taste in mouth, as of tobacco. Metallic taste. Salivation increased. Tongue feels large , swollen interfering with speech. Stuttering.

Strange sensation in lower left molar like great pressure had been exerted on the tooth. Sensation that the tooth has been pushed. There is no pain, but it feels as if silver paper is touching it.

Coughing. Loads of mucous stuck down throat.

External Throat
Ring of perspiration around neck, like a halo.

Craving for chocolates, coffee. Desire tobacco. Rumbling in stomach with hunger-like empty feeling. No pain. Feeling of pressure after lunch, high in epigastrium, worse right side - almost a burning pain right under lowest rib. Uncomfortable bloated feeling, extending from umbilicus to rib cage. Slightly nauseous, better bending forward. Thirst for cold squash.

Sharp pain on right side of abdomen. About the region of appendix. Abdomen blotted with flatulence. Heamarrhoids with difficult stools.

Stool soft spiky feeling, orange coloured. Loose and smelling metallic.

Twinging, back, right side. Stabbing pain just over kidney area. Lasted half an hour.

Urine marmalade-coloured.

Menses late. Flow profuse, bright red. Sharp twinges at left ovary area. Orange-tinged vaginal discharge.

(The proving done only in female volunteers.)

Restlessnes as of energy at chest. Perspiration at chest. Breasts feel very full and swollen, pre-menstrual, or between periods. Nipples tender and sensitive to touch.

Back of neck stiff, also top of shoulders. Slightly burning pain, left scapula, spreading up on left side of neck. Stretching make it burn. Lumbar pain on and off all morning, worse bending forward and backward.

Feeling very chilly, especially legs and feet. Wants legs covered and better covering them. Limbs heavy and tired during evening. Varicose veins especially right side. Throbbing veins in right leg, particularly marked in right lower leg, not in the usual place. Sharp pain in right leg, just above the knee in the muscle, worse, walking. Better by being still, or sitting.

Yawning, frequent. Sleep, late in getting but deep and refreshed. Night mares.

Tingling, itching patches, appearing randomly all over body, either side and with no logical pattern, much better by scratching.

Feeling of numbness and formication in general. Wants open air. Intolerance to coverings. General feeling of lassitude.


April 11 2010
Dear Udaya,

Thanks for providing the discomforting details of mobile phone usage. Though I hardly use mobile phones, I feel the heat radiating into my ears after talking for a few minutes. And it creates itching and dryness.

There is an addiction of the mind to use the mobile more often, and there is an initial excitement, though, it dies down after a few minutes.

I think, regular users would be able to share more sensations at the mind and body levels.

Warm regards

"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

April 11 2010
Dear Dr. Udaya Kumar
Thanks a lot for such useful information and to bring such sensitive topic under discussion. Mobile phone is hazard to economy as it is for health. Unfortunately our Governments are not paying any intention to this. The man who could not bring a bread for their children but he and his children are spending a lot of money on device and bearing call expensive for useless talking. Mobile use is good for the business man who they are making a lot of money in response of one call of one dollar but in our countries (3rd world) this is a toy for time spending. There are law in some country that Alcoholic shops are closed on the salary day. The reason peoples are spending their salaries on that shop before reaching home. This is bring economic crisis's which lead to social destruction but on mobile issue no one has taken any action until now. Governments are encouraging it instead of discouraging. I know our time when it was very difficult to get Land line phone but now obtaining of the mobile is just baby game. There are lot of killing just for this device, criminal rates are increased. As first step Governments must put banned on the use of it in children below 18, use of mobile in non-useable profession like raksha driver, taxi etc. A lot of accident is happing due to use of mobile by drivers

This is God who bless Life & health but no one else

April 11 2010
Thank you Garcot, and Ranaji for your valuable inputs. The best thing one can do at the given circumstances is not to keep it on the body when in use or not in use.If at home or office, look at the number in the phone and give a return call in landline. THAT IS USE MOBILE PHONE ONLY WHEN YOU ARE MOBILE. Not to attend all calls. Not to give mobile numbers to all. But give to selected few who have to reach you. Do not publicise mobile phone numbers in visiting cards etc. give e-mail id there. Use a plastic cover over the phone. Put it in a covering bag and then put in the carrying bag and not on your body or person. Use wired earphone and keep it away while listening and replying. Protect oneself than expecting others to protect you. A bad news will reach you always faster than mobile. A good news will somehow reach you not very late.


January 22 2015
could any one suggest the name of the remedy and where it is available in india and in what potency it is effective?

January 22 2015
This is excellent work. For anyone wanting to really understand these microwave weapons then they must study the excellent work of microwave weapons researcher Barrie Trower. I would also recommend people understand how to ground to Earth which should combat a lot of the negatives of phone use. Another thing that may be of use is Orgonite but I have no proof on this one. I do know that when I made a powerful piece of Orgonite and as the resin was still setting I placed it at the side of my CRT monitor and sat using the computer. Very quickly I noticed a pulsing in my third eye region that was strong for a while until resin setting had increased then I felt this no more. So it must be true that the DOR was going through some kind of transmutation as CRT monitors give off a lot of radiation at the back/side.


January 22 2015
I do not use cell phones and do everything I can to avoid much microwave exposure. I never use Wi-Fi and only use corded Ethernet and corded telephones. Do not keep a microwave oven in your kitchen just throw it away they were banned in Russia, they all leak radiation its quite dramatic if yo have a good tester. The only thing of worth with a microwave oven is its power supply for helping to make a Multiple Wave Oscillator like Dan Dial's Molecular Enhancer.

January 23 2015
It is informative, based on facts, It will guide/educate the public about the use/misuse of mobile and other appliances which works on EMR/wave. more so the young couples.

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