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KIND ATTN : homemed. - your case.
Started by: udaya kumar at March 3 2010

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KIND ATTN : homemed. - your case. By: udaya kumar
March 3 2010
I am making a separate thread for you. Please give your complete symptom picture here clicking, patient questionnaire below this window.

Hi Udaya,

Can you please help. Am in West Africa w/o much homoeo care here. Recently had a host of infections triggered by Malaria and swollen liver/spleen. These have returned to normal now.

With the weakened immunity, typhoid and Herpes Zoroaster followed. Have been treated by drugs but some symptoms persist.

Swollen face after waking up and pressure in head and irritability. Feverishness and burning eyes. Swollen throat and some eruptions in inner tongue.

I have Rhus Tox 1M and AT-200, Gelsemium 30, AF 200 and few other supplies.


Re:KIND ATTN : homemed. - your case. By: udaya kumar
March 3 2010
You have the following medicines with you. Are you kidding?? That is why I asked you to paint your full picture which I did not expect you to do in all possibilities.

AT-200 and AF-200 will cover most of the symptoms. Are you from SBL?

Arsenicum Album 200
Gelsemium Sempervirens 200
Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200
Bellis Perennis 200
Bryonia Alba 200
Arnica Montana
Hypericum Perforatum
Ledum Palustre
Rhus Toxicodendron
Ruta Graveolens
Symphytum Officinale
Bellis Perennis

With best wishes.


Re:KIND ATTN : homemed. - your case. By: homemed
March 4 2010
Good day Udaya,

Yes, I have SBLs AT-200 and AF-200 compound among other medicines. A part of home kit.

While awaiting response, I started taking AT-200 since last evening and feeling better now. No face swelling was noticed in the morning.

I am recuperating and listing all the symptoms that I can relate to:

Age: 36 Male. Single
Habits clean with vegetarian diet.

1. Need to eat at the first sign of hunger else I feel weaker. Taking MaxIron supplement.
2. Feeling feverish and weak with burning eyes that increases from noon. Better by sleep.
3. Highly irritable to disturbances and can feel pressure/pain in head.
4. Need to remove shoes at desk/work, else feel numb. This started a month ago during Typhoid+Malaria
5. First time that am infected with such a sore throat, seems cold sore. Eruptions in inner/deep throat. Gargling with a strong herbal decoction relieves this. Difficulty in consuming some sour foods.
6. Cannot exert much. Cannot stand for long. Pain starts at heel/sole. Pain at wrist joints since two days.
7. Wakes up around 3-4 am at night and fall asleep again.

Chronic pattern:
Before this phase of illness, most of my problems were related to nasal allergy. Had Tonsillectomy in 1983 and septoplasty in 2006. Skin susceptible to Tinea in hot/humid weather since 10 yrs. Eliminated Dairy products except yogurt which is tolerable and doesn't produce excess mucous.

Thanking you.

Re:KIND ATTN : homemed. - your case. By: udaya kumar
March 4 2010
AF 200 contains medicines from Arnica onwards :
i.e. Arnica
Rhus Tox
Bellis Perennis.

The rest is in AT 200. What you need for throat is probably hepar sulph or merucirous/Aurum met. With your limited resources with medicines i do not know how I can help you. The other medicines in AF 200 will cover your fever, all eye symptoms, nervous, arthritic symptoms, body pains, viral infections and much more.


Re:KIND ATTN : homemed. - your case. By: udaya kumar
March 4 2010
They are supposed to be taken one dose in a week as they are 200C potencies and a lot of medicines. A combination is not usually a good idea. You may give one dose of each after a space of 24 hours. and repeat only after a week.


Re:KIND ATTN : homemed. - your case. By: homemed
August 20 2010
Hi Udaya,

It seems that the cause is some virus still not fully eliminated as seen in blood test when I last went for screening Malaria parasite.

I took the AF-200 and AT-200 for a few days until I waking-up with a swollen face was cured.
However, some symptoms persist.
Symptoms are least felt when I take raw garlic, ginger and Ajwain/Oma seed. All are top class antivirals but increases acidity.

Present day symptoms when I dont take the above herbs: Burning, Sunken Eyes and fatigue after late morning.
Burning is not felt when I take Eup. Perf or AF-200. However, a feeling of sunken eyes
will be present.
Will feel slight feverish and hot face towards late afternoon and evening. Coldness in extremities. Hot face feels better with Belladona 200.

I have tried the Rhus-tox 1M for two nights but I don't have the Arg Nitrate.

Can you please guide on the usage of potent Antivirals that can clear the residual virus from blood?


Re:KIND ATTN : homemed. - your case. By: udaya kumar
August 20 2010
I never thought the medicines you were taking is a cure to the ailment you are having. It was your own suggestions. The medicines that can help you are :
Sulphur, Sepia, Antim crud, Natrum mur, Natrum salicylicum, Petroleum, Medorrhinum, Thuja, phosphorus, china, Cina, Arsenic Album, etc.according to symptoms. And other medicines for immunodeficiency, spleno-hepatomegaly if any. with best wishes.


Re:KIND ATTN : homemed. - your case. By: homemed
October 8 2010
Thanks Udaya,

Malaria damaged Liver that stores the mechanism of immunity, opening up the route to many viruses.

As a first attack, Chicken Pox virus revisits as Herpes zoster. Epson Barr virus may also have attacked going by the prolonged throat symptoms.

Hence, I took NatMur200 that is indicated for Herpes infection. Had few drops left but prepared wet dose and used for a week.

Fatigue: Took Argentum Met 6 for one week that increased fatigue which means this was the suitable medicine.

Also, I was taking Liv 52 and other detox medicines from Ayurveda and other indigeneous Indian therapy.

Now I am completely fit.

Re:KIND ATTN : homemed. - your case. By: udaya kumar
October 8 2010
Great! I am glad. with regards.


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