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Started by: udaya kumar at February 20 2010

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KIWI FRUIT - By: udaya kumar
February 20 2010
Dear Forum members,
I am attaching a link about Kiwi fruits which may be of benefit to many and importantly to children suffering from Asthma and Wheezing. In persons who are allergic to Kiwi fruits means there is an assimilation problem of those things contained in the Kiwi fruits in that person and there Kiwi fruits should be given in small particles or juice taken and drops put in succusion method and administered to remove those blocks of assimilation as a homeopathic medicine and then further physically consume the same fruit to add to the deficiencies. This will help in many autistic and auto immune cases also because of its capability to protect the DNA damages and reverse it.


with best wishes.

PS; Attn Skill: this should help your child a lot in a natural way.


Re:KIWI FRUIT - By: garcot
February 20 2010
Dear Udaya,

Thanks for the links and its ability to both protect and reverse DNA damages. However, in India, only Kashmir and Himachal pradesh get to produce this fruit and most of it is exported. Rest of india, will have to be contend, having them with loads of added preservatives imported from abroad and dumped into India for various reasons. Atleast, I could never get the ones produced within India anywhere in Bangalore.


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:KIWI FRUIT - By: Skill123
February 20 2010
Thank you very much for the info Dr.Udaya. I will try giving him Kiwi fruits. There has been a very long gap since he had Kiwi. I can't recall if eating a Kiwi triggered a cough or reaction. I remember he did not immediately take to the taste of it.

I will make it a point to give it regularly henceforth.

Another fruit that I have always wondered about is Banana. Lot of folks say that Banana triggers allergies in children suceptible to colds/coughs. Is that true? I have not restricted Banana from my son's diet completely but I have always been very cautious, meaning, I give it to him occassionally when he is completely free of symptoms and also checking to make sure that it's not overly ripe. Could you please clarify if my concerns about Banana are valid or if I can freely give it to him?

Warm Regards,
(7.37am PST on 2/20/10 )

Re:KIWI FRUIT - By: udaya kumar
February 20 2010
You need to check the reactions first with Kiwi and slowly increase its intake initially without skin. Later even skin can be consumed. the pricking sensation on the tongue is one that has to be looked into and without skin if there is pricking sensation, the intake has to be slowly increased. The pricking will be more even in normal persons eating it with skin. In that case its juice may be succused and taken as medicine before hand and neutralise the inadequacies that the body has it from its assimilation. Once that is done all will fall in place including other ailments. It is abundant in Potassium and that is the same thing banana has in abundance, so if banana shows an allergy, kiwi would also show it. Give him Kali Phos 6X then it will correct such inadquacies, and will not have alergic reaction to anything containing potassium. |Banana is cold when it reaches in the stomach whereas the Ice cream or Ice or snow is hot when it reaches the stomach, milk is cold when it reaches stomach, yoghurt is hot when it reaches stomach, while those food containing phosphorus and sulphur are hot when it reaches stomach. So, when you take banana and immediately you take a cold bath, it effects stomach and a stomach flue could result. Or if you take a banana immediately after a cold bath, the same thing could happen to those whom are susceptible. For a healthy persons these precautions are not much valid. In a cold country, you can give banana to him on normal days, particularly when the sun is in ascendence i.e. upto 12 noon. It is good to avoid cold items like curd, banana etc. in the night.

I shall give you a list of food items which are hot or cold

Heating effect : Eggs, Beef, chicken, Fish, Lamb, Pork, Castor Oil, Mustard Oil, Sesame Oil, Honey, Black lentil, Red Lentil, Beet root, ,Tomato, Radish, Onion, Orange, Peaches, Plums, Black pepper, Cardamom, anise seeds, celery seeds, cinnamon, clove, cumin, fenugreek seeds, Garlic, ginger, mustard, Salt, *very important factor, sesame, turmeric, brown rice, corn, millet, buckwheat, oats, rye, all nuts like almond, cashew, peanut, pumpkin, walnut, sunflower, hazelnut etc.

Cooling effect . Polished rice including basmati, wheat, barley, coriander, coriander seeds, saffron, coconut, apple, banana, grapes, melons, all sprouts, spinach, Cucumber, lettuce, Okra (ladys finger) , potatos,carrot, cabbage, brocoli, cauli flower, cerlery (seeds are hot)., Lentils in general, soya beans, kidney beans, sunflower oil, coconut oil, mothers milk, goat milk, butter, cheese,cows milk, etc.

In general, all that is sweet will cool, sour will heat, saline will heat, pungent will heat, bitter will cool, astringent will cool. Therefore as per taste you can determine at what time what is required for the body. i.e. if there is sluggish liver body needs food that increase the digestive powers and therfore heating items of food. If the heat is more pitha is coming out in the form of eruptions outside the body, anger is there, hyperactivity is there, the body needs a little cooling down and food should be adjusted accordingly. These are ways of living in harmony with nature and will lead to homeostasis or healthy state of being.


Re:KIWI FRUIT - By: Skill123
February 20 2010
Thank you very much for the detailed write-up. With the Kiwi, I will check for the pricking sensation without skin and see how he does.
What would be the dosage of KaliPhos6X ?

Thank you,
(9.40am PST on 2/20/10)

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