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acute conditions and the minumum dose
Started by: garcot at September 28 2009

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acute conditions and the minumum dose By: garcot
September 28 2009
Dear All,

During acute episodes, I have observed the following in many children and grown ups:

1. Our vital force when it is already depleted, which happens even during acute episodes or too busy trying to correct the anamolies, introducing a medicinal vibration/disease, nearly always gives a temporary aggravation in very sensitive human beings ( many times similar, if the chosen medicine, is the correct remedy and dissimilar aggravation if it is not the similium) when the dose is too strong.

To avoid that, as a rule, I always, try to dilute it to the second or third remedy cups and put a drop or two on the patient's tongue (especially children). Inspite of such an excercise, many sensitive individuals ( who are quite sensitive) , nearly always aggravate on some/all remedies at lower potencies. Ofcourse, we can use coffee as an antiodote, in a child who always responds because, they are yet to be addicted to coffee.

This is the case, when the remedy used is a similium to the case. you can image what happens, when we introduce, a dissimilar medicinal disease! The vital force will have to fight two diseases ! so invariably, a great discomfort would be felt, whether it is a child or a grown up like us.

So the important thing to remember is to reduce the dosage to as small as possible. Believe me, even if we dilute the remedy ( say you put a dry pill or two of the remedy in say 8 oz glass of water, take a drop of it and put it in another glass of 8 oz of water, take a drop of it put in another 8 oz of glass of water, and take a drop from this glass and put it on the tongue), the medicinal disease which we introduced would be slightly stronger than the original disease. But, because, the medicinally induced disease is no where as strong as the original dry pill, our vital force fights more gently, the medicinally induced disease, which is stronger than the original disease. Now once the vital force has successfully overcome the medicinally induced disease, as a secondary reaction, the original weaker disease also vanishes.

Infact, Hahnemann says, it is impossible to prepare a remedy so small that would be weaker than the actual disease.

It clearly shows us, that, in all acute situations, the so called disturbances we feel, is caused by a very very weak disease vibration, and based on the like cures like, the medicinal disease which we introduce as in the form of remedies, also needs to be of such a small magnititude, to experience a minimum or no aggravation, but experiencing a cure.

Compared to 6c potencies, 30c is more diluted (but more potentised) but has deeper action. 200c is more diluted than 30c ( but more potentised) but works evern deeper. Is more aggravation felt at higher potencies? Not really at body level ( atleast in the patients I have had the opportunity to treat), and no where as near as 30c during acute episodes.

But why go to a higher potency during acute episodes, when the same results can be achieved by higher and higher dilution of the lower potency of the right remedy, which gives us a opportunity to administer more often? and raising the potency later if required.

In cases of long standing duration like in a chronic case, LM potencies potencies work best with least aggravations, and diluting the remedies through remedy bottles and shaking gently the remedy bottles before every dose ( which alters the potency slightly thus allowing the vital force to respond better)

I have had some impossible cures, in my life, which would not have been possible, without the help of basic homeopathic principle called " like cures like" " minimum dose" and great polycrests like Sulphur, Calc.carb, Lyco, Ars.Alb, Phos, Puls. Carbo veg, Merc. to name a few.

Another thing, which I notice always is, home made potentised remedies, never has given me or anyone any aggravation but amelioration or relief alone.

One can read all about this here:

If anyone has an experience with such a preparation, please share here.

Warm regards

"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:acute conditions and the minumum dose By: sajjadakram
September 30 2009
Some people say that vital force is our immune system.Can we overstimulate immune system.

Re:acute conditions and the minumum dose By: garcot
September 30 2009
Dear Sajjad,

How are you?

It is true to some extent, that the efficiency of the vital force is decided by the efficiency of our immune system. After all, vital force cannot operate without any resources.

Having said that, it is important to remember, homeopathic remedies are used, or should be used, only if, for some reason, the immune system is under stimulated ( the causes/reasons could be many).

I know some people ( who say, they feel sick, but won't know what the cause is), who will get a fever, only if homeopathic remedies are given. Fever is an important immune reaction/mechanism, and we can say, with assurance, the immune system got corrected by such a reaction, when the same patient says, my fever is gone, and " I am no more feeling sick, like before".

Overstimulation can occur, with having too many remedies when the reaction has already set in, too frequent repetitions, or too high or too low a potencies is though undisirable, it is un avoidable at times due to the limitations of the prescriber.

I have also seen, some people, who feel much worse, after taking correct homeopathic remedies, and if the aggravations felt does not fade away soon, definitely I would say, this patient's immune system got either overstimulated or overwhelmed and a correction in the size of the dose ( potency and dilution) will have to be employed.

warm regards

"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

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