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Nat Mur and Thrist
Started by: garcot at July 14 2008

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Nat Mur and Thrist By: garcot
July 14 2008
Nat Mur is suppose to be a very thirsty remedy. If we have to go by the homeopathic principles " Like cures like" if a person doesn't feel thirsty, can he/she take a dose of Nat Mur. This doubt lingers in me because, dehydration causes headache, dizziness, weak memory and stamina etc...and Nat Mur exihibits some of these symptoms anyway. And above all Nat Mur is meant for re establishing the water balancein our bodies ( Provided we have sufficient water in our bodies)

So, if I feel thirsty I can take Nat Mur and if I am thirstless, I can still take a dose of Nat Mur.

Can someone clarify?


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:Nat Mur and Thrist By: gavinimurthy
July 15 2008
What is important is the symptom complex associated with the remedy. In the typical example you gave (say in cases of heat stroke) all these symptoms are inseperable, and you rarely find the condition without being thirsty.

However Nat.mur may be useful for other symptom complexes where thirst is not part of it. For example if you decide to use it for back pain based on the indications like back pain more in the lumbar region lying on something hard amelioration, with occassional jerking which is worse when getting up from stooping etc.. then you don't have to worry about the thirst aspect.


Re:Nat Mur and Thrist By: sajjadakram
July 15 2008
Prescribe only on positive symptoms.Murthy's explaination is correct and sufficient.

Re:Nat Mur and Thrist By: garcot
July 16 2008
I feel, life is not that easy. The other day, I had many symptoms of Nat Mur when I did not sleep the previous night, and a dose of Nat Mur cleared most of them. However, before taking the remedy, I wasn't thirsty and after taking the remedy, I became very thirsty. Ofcourse, it clearly indicates, for some reason, though my body required a lot of water, the mind didn't notice the need for it until Nat Mur helped it learn... I know, there is nothing unnatural about the remedy or the way I felt after the remedy. But the post-remedy and pre-remedy symptoms are important indicators and may vary from what we learn from just the MM..

Gavin and Sajjad,
Please give your views.


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

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