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worms in livestock
Started by: lajaw at January 4 2008

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worms in livestock By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
January 4 2008
I need to deworm my livestock. I have a milk cow and milk goats, and pigs. I won't use chemicals, because I have people buying the milk, so I want a homeopathic remedy. I have read where Cuprum Oxydatum Nigrum is for worms and also Cina. What would you all recommend? I thank you for your time.
Any book recommendations for livestock and homeopathy?

Re: worms in livestock By: udaya kumar
January 4 2008


Re: worms in livestock By: gavinimurthy
January 4 2008
For books



Re: worms in livestock By: udaya kumar
January 4 2008
i didn't know it was a riddle. Well, then I was not close with pigs. Nturally the tape worm did not crawl in my mind. I correct Cuprum Oxydatum Nig. for all kinds of worms tapeworm and trichnosis. given in alternation with Nux.
Cucurbita pepo Q is must taste good for pigs being a tapeworm enemy.
If Cina fails Santonium must be tried.Teucrium mar for ascarides, pin and round worms. Thymolum for Hook worms.
Round and thread worms -enemy to every kind of worms -Chelone Q. Round worms - Helminthochortos. Rgds.


Re: worms in livestock By: girilal
New Jersey USA
January 6 2008
Combination remedies for worms are very effective. Single remedy can only be helpful of the exact nature of worm is known.

Cina is a good medicine. It can be grown or found all over the world. Its juice can be used. Also pumpkin seeds etc.


Re: worms in livestock By: garcot
January 7 2008

Can you suggest a combination herbal preparation for children with worm infestation or as a preventive?


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