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Using Biochemic and Homeo Medicines
Started by: Vasudev1957 at December 5 2017

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Using Biochemic and Homeo Medicines By: Vasudev1957
December 5 2017
Dear Shri Udayakumar,

I shall be glad if you can enlighten me about the difference in using Biochemic remedies and Homeo remedies.

For example, when Calc Phos 30 is prescribed, should I take Bio Chemic or Homeo. What is the difference in their working. I know that Biochemic is for replacement of shortage of material dose in the body whereas Homeo will take care of the action related to that.. something like that.

I generally take all 6X in Bio chemic. I have Ferrum Phos 30 (Homeo) and Ferrum Phos 6x (Bio chemic). In general conditions, which one I should prefer to use.

Whenever you have free time, I shall be glad if you can enlighten me about the same.

Thanking you,


Attn: Shri Udayakumar - Using Biochemic and Homeo Medicines By: jyothis
December 8 2017
Shri Udayakumarji.


Shri Udayakumarji - Using Biochemic and Homeo Medicines By: Vasudev1957
December 12 2017
Shri Udayakumarji - Namasthe

I think you may be too busy attending other posts. However, my doubt still persists.

Ferrum Phos 30
Calc.Fluorica 30
Calcarea Phos 30
Natrum Sulph 30
Calcarea Sulph 30

(whichone is better Homeo/Biochemic)

Shall be glad if you can clarify.


Re:Using Biochemic and Homeo Medicines By: udaya kumar
December 13 2017
Biochemics are not made beyond 30X whereas homeo medicines are diluted upto LM 30 which means the power of the medicine is 50000 raised to the power of 30 meaning the curing power of that medicine is 50000 x 50000 x 50000 multiplied thirty times whereas the medicine contents in that remedy is 1 divided by 50000 x 50000 x 50000 ..30 times..... While biochemic 30X means the power medicine is contained in that is 10 raised to the power of 30. which means 10 x10x 10 thirty times. You can very well understand the difference in curing powers. We know Division is multiplication and multiplication is division and the whole Creation, Evolution and Atomic and Subatomic Universe is hidden in these two lines.

Wilhelm Schuessler developed only 12 tissue salts and considered it as the medicine chest for the whole family based on his theory that ill health was caused by imblances in the body of 12 vital cell salts. These salts are Calcarea Fluor, Calcarea Phos, Calcarea Sulph, Ferrum Phos, Kali Mur, Kali Phos, Kali sulph, Magnesium Phos, Natrum Mur, Natrum Phos, Natrum Sulph and Silica. Many other seems to have added later by others. Schuesslers thoughts are similar to the thoughts behind allopathic vitamin supplements but used under homeopathic pharmacopoeia., Meaning they are supplements with additional corrective and curative and functions. Usually Tissue salts are used in homeopathy to complement the homeopathic treatments and not substitute the homeopathic treatment. So you should not be comparing the two systems because human body contains whatever that exists in the outside universe and its ups and downs due to whatever causes making disharmony within the body as well as with the outside universe are cause to ailments and therefore just use of 12 salts are not panacea for ALL maladies afflicting human body and mind. Particularly, the lower potency whether in homeo,allopathic (which is actually crude form and therefore lowest potency) or Bio chemic forms ( which are always low potency) can only address the ailments of the BODY and not the MIND or Body & Mind and Soul together. Soul is the subtlest and therefore, the most purified forms of anything only can reach the Soul...such purified forms are invisible and ethereal. Even the Soul has two parts the Pure nucleus which is God particle and the omnipresent impure which is called Spirit which contains the subtlest forms of other lower elements like Air, Fire, Water and Earth. They are attached together as long as the souls transmigrate and they gets detached when the soul becomes so impure and elegible for Moksha. or conjoining back to the Source or travel beyond as higher consciousness. Only higher potency can reach these areas of the BEING.....lower potency reach out to the HUMAN Levels.

Dont ask me which is better. Neither tissue salts nor homeo medicines are used by the yardstick which is better. they are used on the basis of the theory of like cures like.....i.e. similia similibus curantur. The homeopathic axiom expressing the law of similars or the doctrine that any drug capable of producing detrimental symptoms in healthy individuals will relieve similar symptoms occurring as an expression of disease.

I hope you would like into symptom pictures rather than name of the medicine first.


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