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Post auriculate lymphodentis
Started by: Sunny at December 3 2017

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Post auriculate lymphodentis By: Sunny
December 3 2017
Dear Udaya Sir,

This is regarding my mother 75 year old. She has developed lyphodentis for the last 3 days.

Kindly suggest. She has BP, Thyroid for which she takes allopathy.

Right now the doctor has given Azithral for 3 days. He says it could be viral or bacterial.

IF it does not settle down then further investigations will take place.

Re:Post auriculate lymphodentis By: Sunny
December 3 2017

She had lymp node tuberculosis during 1999. She is worried again now.
Since it was impossible for her to take rifampicin we had to resort to pencillin injection during that period for 45 days.

She is averse to antibiotics as it does not suit her. She only takes homeopathy for her cold, constipation, viral and piles related problems.

Is there anything which we can start in homeopathy. She has pain and mild swelling hard to touch below the ear.


Re:Post auriculate lymphodentis By: udaya kumar
December 3 2017
You mean Lymphodenitis ?

Use single dose of Tuberculinum 10 M two granules once only and wait for three days and report. Keep camphora 30C standby.


Re:Post auriculate lymphodentis By: Sunny
December 3 2017
Yes sir. I meant Lymphodenitis only.

1. can we start this immediately after azithral or wait for a day or so.

2. are you giving tuberculinum 10m
as a preventive for tuberculosis?


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