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Udaya opioid addiction
Started by: mind at November 25 2017

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Udaya opioid addiction By: mind
November 25 2017
What would be a good move when trying to remove someone off opioid painkillers. I'm looking to reduce or prevent the withdrawal symptoms? This person has easily removed anti-depressant SSRI drugs but they're frightened to come off opioids after feeling withdrawals.

Re:Udaya opioid addiction By: 2tuff
November 25 2017
I would look towards using the Opium remedy, Aurum Met or Colloidal/Ionic Gold.

Gradually lower the painkiller dose over a long-time whilst taking Aurum Met in homoeopathy where by you can take higher potencies if needed rather than the tissue salt form which is Aurum chloride sodium @ 12x potency. At signs of withdraw the Papaver Somniferum (Opium) remedy should be of worth as well as symptom specific remedies. In the tissue salts also use; Combination 12 basic salts along with Kali Ars and Lith Mur.

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