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Macular degeneration
Started by: gladwys at November 23 2017

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Macular degeneration By: gladwys
Southern Europe
November 23 2017
An 80 year old friend is having treatment for this and I am very anxious to put him into contact with homeopathy instead of these terrible injections into his eyes which he is having to endure at the moment.

Please let me have the list that you provide of required information about him so he can tell you his health background.

Many thanks always

Re:Macular degeneration By: 2tuff
November 26 2017
Take the following tissue salts five times daily; Calc Fluor, Calc Phos, Kali Phos and Nat Mur (all of which are present in the combination 12 tissue salts). I'd be interested in their birth date to see how the Kali Phos falls into play.

On top of this also take Carbo Sulph 6x and the Retina 5c twice daily.

Re:Macular degeneration By: gladwys
Southern Europe
December 1 2017
Thank you 2tuff.. As far as birth date is concerned, I could only find out that my friend is Capricorn - he is only holiday with friends. If I get his d.o.b. I will let you know that later. Hope this helps at least


Re:Macular degeneration By: 2tuff
December 2 2017
Well it wouldn't surprise me if he's a late January based Capricorn which would explain why he has Kali Phos issues. Now from his star sign alone we would normally focus on Calc Phos, Nat Mur, Ferrum Phos and Calc Fluor. Now if the birth date lands late into Capricorn then of course Kali Phos becomes involved in the mix. Now please notice the Calc Fluor connection here and how it ties into my original and still standing prescription.

Re:Macular degeneration By: 2tuff
December 5 2017
You may also do well to add some 100% cacao starting on a low amount before working up. Never use cacao like candy chocolate as it's a medicinal food of much power and needs the utmost respect.

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