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short and crooked bone
Started by: Yashfa86 at November 22 2017

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short and crooked bone By: Yashfa86
November 22 2017
patient had history of neanatal sepsis. is there any medicine for one leg growing crooked and short than other.

Re:short and crooked bone By: udaya kumar
November 22 2017
May use single dose of Pyrogenum 200C to remove the ill effects of Sepsis remaining if any....and cure for acquired degeneration of bones as in Pott's.

If hypertonicity in the musculature of the pelvis or leg is the cause use of Phosphorus 30C to improve the muscle formation and tone will correct it....it has to be used for longer periods.

If visible bone deformation rheumatic or arthritic in nature with numb areas, causticum will be corrective at 30C potency. In crooked leg causticum is of good help in regaining normal posture.

The miasm behind it in congenital deformities is syphilitic and or Tuberculous. Use of higher potency single doses could prove corrective.
Use of Arnica 30C will also be beneficial.


Re:short and crooked bone By: Yashfa86
November 26 2017
Their is difference in length of bone no stiffness in joint but deformity like growing outwards with the shortness of bone in length. So what should I used first? Pyrogenoum and phosphorus 30?

Re:short and crooked bone By: Yashfa86
November 26 2017
Sir waiting for ur kind response

Re:short and crooked bone By: udaya kumar
November 28 2017
Pyrogenum 200C single dose once only.....and then phosphorus 30C three times a day for three days initially....report.


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