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Started by: Deep55 at November 18 2017

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Coeliac/IBS By: Deep55
November 18 2017
Dear Dr. Udaya,

I am male and 63 years old. I started having loose motions during early eighties. The motions were also triggered by anxiety/fear/excitement or whenever I have to go out. I took allopathic as well as homeopathic treatment but there was no relief. During the year 2008-09 I started having severe pain in my stomach/abdomen. One doctor diagnosed tuberculosis of intestine after colonoscopy and biopsy and he put me on anti-tuberculosis medicines. Although subsequently another doctor disagreed with the report. After taking anti-tuberculosis medicines for 7-8 months I started having obstruction of intestine for which I was operated in December 2009. The biopsy report indicated adenocarcinoma. After that I had undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, my problem still persisted.

During the year 2016 I realised that I am allergic to gluten and a number of other food items. After stopping these items I was feeling better and I started having formed stools although still sometimes I do get loose motions as it is a tough task to identify all the items. I also have anxiety/fear related motions. The food items which cause diarrhoea can broadly be classified in three categories (i) Gluten and related items like wheat rye, mustard oil etc. (ii) Any items having even a slight laxative effect like guava, papaya, resin etc and (iii) pungent items like chilli any type, raw onion, ginger, garlic etc. There is a long list of items which do not suit me. The effects of the items which do not suit me are different types of sounds in my stomach, feeling of hardness and pain at different points (pain is not continuous), inflammation, increase in quantity and frequency of stools and gradually looseness (from formed to semi-solid and then liquid) in stools. The stools are always very urgent and it is very difficult to hold them. I have again consulted few homeopathic doctors but there is no relief. I would be grateful to you if you could please advise me some medicines. Please also let me know whether I should get the medicines in liquid form or pills (in case of pills the size of pills) and how many drops of liquid or number pills would constitute one dose.

Thanks and Regards

Re:Coeliac/IBS By: shouse_nsk
November 19 2017
PL take
Dysentery Co-1m only one dose of 6 pills (or 3 drops in one teaspoon water at bed time (only one dose)
Next day : No medicines
Then start
1. Sulphur-30 6 pills or 3 drops in one teaspoon water twice a day for one week and then report back
R P Tamhankar

Re:Coeliac/IBS By: Deep55
November 20 2017
Thanks Tamhankar ji. I am arranging the medicines. I will report the feed back after taking the medicines.

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