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For Dr Udaya Kumar...why I get religious thoughts.
Started by: ansarishoaib at November 3 2017

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For Dr Udaya Kumar...why I get religious thoughts. By: ansarishoaib
November 3 2017

I am suffering from unwanted religious thoughts since last one year. Whenever I get these thoughts It feels like I do not have control on my mind.

I feel something weird congestion in center of front head. My concentration level gets dropped and feel heaviness on eyelid with sleepiness.

I don't get enough sleep. Whenever I try to sleep there is a rush of thoughts. I wake up two to three times in night.

I also suffering from stiff neck. I think that the congestion feeling and thoughts are bcoz of spinal cord problem. I do not feel any pain in neck but whenever I move head left or right I get
Kut.....kut.....kut. Sound coming from neck.

I also feel weakness on right side of body specially hand and leg.

My both jaw are also jammed whenever I wide open my mouth I get kut...kut...sound there too.

I feel sleepy with rush of thoughts. Unable to get rid of it. I don't know the reason of these thoughts. There is no stress in my life. I am just feel tired without any reason.

It feels like my brain is out of control.

One more thing I hardly get runny nose and I feel dryness in nose.

I have taken lots of medicine for this issue but all of these failed....

I am planning to take arnica Montana but need ur advice on this issue.

One last question.
Does diseases cause thoughts issue??


Re:For Dr Udaya Kumar...why I get religious thoughts. By: udaya kumar
November 3 2017
Without entering into a religious debate, I may specify here few things.....Before that I would answer your question Does diseases cause thoughts issues? Yes. In homeopathy that is why mind symptoms have prominence. In most such cases Mind symptoms are an obsessive compulsive disorder than a disease. Homeopathic medicines Stramonium and Pulsatilla are indicated in persistent religious thoughts in patients sufffering from such Obsessive Compulsiveness and therefore, constantly thinks about religion, reads holy books all the time and is almost always praying. Which means nourishment to that part of the brain which is responsible for framing thoughts, deciding the length and depth of each thoughts, repetition of the thoughts, etc. is affected in this case and therefore there are uncontrollability in these functions. Usually a case where non assimilation of B3 b6 b12 and glutane etc. contribute to this lack of nourishments and malfunctions which is further named as OCD/ADD etc.etc. The assimilation part is within the stomach/abdomen and damage control part is within the brain and mind....Pulsatila has been suggested in the abdomen part and therefore correction in the body level which is diseased and used in lower potency of 30C or lower. While Stramonium is mind level damage control and used in higher potency of 1M and above single doses. This is one reason why I always suggest Psorinum single dose followed by pulsatilla invariably in all cases of Gluten non assimilation and ensuing Celiac Disease etc. which contribute to autism. These are the medicines that needs to be tried or looked into. Psorinum has itch and it itches the Mind also into repetitive action which includes religious thoughts.

Religious thoughts should normally pious,and positive and in the true nature of Truth..... Talking about Religious thoughts or Religious Maniac as such, which has attained such a level that it should be considered a disease or disorder, then the usual Ruberics one comes across within the indicated medicines would be :::: Loquaciousness, Doubt, Suspicion, Sense of being persecuted, Jealosy, anguish, insupportable anxiety, seeking relief from uneasiness, Fear. Fear of death, Discouragement, distrust, apprehension, dejection, melancholy, pessimistic, looking upon the dark side of everything, escapism, sadness, timidity, indecision, lack of self control, lasciviousness tendency to mock, clairvoyance and the like.....all of which arising out of wrong understanding of the religion and its teachings, whichever the religion be.

Religion should not be followed...it has to be practised. Religion are only hedge to a path. demarcating the path and showing you the path...Follow the path not the hedge., ,Human beings are evolved sentient beings that should raise above religion.....Once should only believe in body and the spirit...the Human and the Being......If one believes in the Spirit within, the realization of the Soul or Self within is not far away and for such person no path is required as the Soul within will reveal everything to him at the appropriate time. The Mind will automatically dissolve in the Soul will cease to have a separate existence that it cause you a malady. The Soul and the Spirit within itself is the omnipresent God. The Parabrahma of Hindu, the Allah of the Muslim, the Holy Father of the Christianity. The Soul is pure Self and Spirit pervades all over the body, just as the subtle air Hydrogen and oxygen resides within the Atom of Water, so does the God resides within the Atom of the Subtle Air which gives it the mass or atomic weight.


Re:For Dr Udaya Kumar...why I get religious thoughts. By: ansarishoaib
November 3 2017
Thnx for writing whole content and clearing my doubts.

What should I do now. Should start with vitamin b12??


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