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allergies and constitution
Started by: izhome at October 22 2017

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allergies and constitution By: izhome
October 22 2017
1. Age, sex, country, climate:
10, male, USA, four seasons: cold in Winter, hot and humid in Summer, comfortable in Spring and Fall

2. Current complaint, from how long:
Canít shake allergic rhinitis, going on since beginning August. Turned into cold in September, then allergic rhinitis again, then cold again, now trying to get into his chest.

3. Current medicine:
Tissue salts: Mang Sulf D6, Kali Mur 6x, Nat Mur 6x, Ars Iod D12, Calc Carb D12, Calc Phos 6x. Started these about 2 weeks ago, but because of my son being in school from 8am to 3pm and other after school activities canít administer more than twice a day.

4. Sign and symptom of disease:
Stuffed up nose, hard to breath through nose. Now also starting to get chest cold with occasional dry coughing (not much though).

5. Brief medical history:
Had eczema from 4 month old. Took him to homeopath (in England) which tried a few things (canít remember all), but graphites and calc carb did not work. Went to Germany on a holiday at about 8 month old and he got a splinter in his foot. I gave him silicea tissue salts for the splinter and after a couple of days on silicea his skin cleared up!
Allergies to cats (since infant). Seasonal allergies (from about 6 years old). Occational asthmatic symptoms (from about 4 years old) with chest colds/viruses, or after exertion when already a little run down. Gets itchy eyes, skin rash, stuffy nose with cat allergy, sometimes asthmatic symptoms if immune system is down and exposed to cats. Stuffed up nose with seasonal allergy. Asthmatic symptoms are wheezing and shortness of breath.
First emergency room visit (in Australia) at four years old with asthmatic symptoms: nebulizing treatments, steroids, and antibiotics were given, chest x-rays taken to rule out pneumonia. Second emergency room visit (just moved to US) at six years old again with asthmatic symptoms, again x-rays, steroids, nebulizing. Third emergency room visit at 8 years old for anaphylactic reaction with rash and narrowing airways. Benadryl and nebulizing treatments helped with breathing and rash. Dr. wanted to administer epinephrine but we refused.
Received all required vaccinations, last one Dtap in September.
Two adult molars and a tooth have hypoplasia where the enamel is not developed properly; those teeth appear yellow and uneven. Takes a long time for new teeth to come in. Has been wearing ALF appliances to create enough space for teeth since April 2016. Has had orofacial and myofunctional therapy as he was a mouth breather and tongue was tied (this was diagnosed by dentist when 8.5 years old). Still needed a frenectomy, which was done in the Fall 2016.
At his last physical in August, a benign heart murmur was heard. The pediatrician is not concerned about it.
Has some auditory processing issues: canít tolerate loud noises (i.e. cinema, fireworks); had difficulty learning to read.

6. Family background:
Father has psoriasis
Mother has frozen shoulder

7. Education and nature of profession:
Student in fourth grade. He had difficulty learning how to read. He got help outside of school and reads at grade level now. I think he feels school is hard.

8. Desires and aversions to food:
Extremely picky eater. Does not want to try new foods. Does not like vegetables, aside from cooked carrots, peas, and brokkoli. Likes sweats, pizza, pasta, chicken, ground beef, rice, bread, yoghurt.

9. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatientÖetc.. How you are peculiar from other person, public speaking or not .. You can describe all the detail about behaviour, love and affection. For a good prescription mental detail is must be.
Very sensitive soul. Takes many things as criticism when they are not. Stubborn. Very observant and shy. Self conscious. Self doubt. Does not like to be center of attention. He can get irritable mostly at home; behaves overall well in school and at friendís houses. He does have a temper at times and gets angry, mostly at home. Had two meltdowns with anger in school, one in first grade, and one this week. Does not show affection much. Does not like to be hugged. Is kind hearted and fair. Wants to be liked by his peers. Can play well by himself but also enjoys play dates. Can have great focus (i.e. building Lego, or playing Pokťmon cards) for extended period of time. Loves dogs. Loves playing soccer. Lately has become disrespectful with parents.

10. What makes it worse, what makes it better:
Exposure to cats and allergens makes it worse. Sometimes a change of location, when on holiday for example, will clear up nose.

11. Thirst, diabetic, tongue
Normal thirst. Not diabetic. Tongue is normal.

Dear Udaya,

Since August, I have tried luffa operculata C3, Allergy Relief by A. Vogel and Sinus Relief by A. Vogel (combination remedies) with limited success. At times I thought they helped a little and other times they didnít help at all.
Beginning October, I gave 3 x a day for 3 days thuja C30 followed by nat mur C30 3 x a day for 3 days. Waited a few days, then gave nux vom C30 3 x a day for 3 days. Although I gave those remedies mostly for vaccination effects I was hoping that nat mur or nux vom would also help with the stuffed up nose. I feel there might be a slight difference, not quite as much nose blowing and able to breath a little through nose. Could also be from the tissue salts. I donít know.

I am also trying to figure out his constitutional remedy. His physical appearance is tall, slim, blond, pale skin, blue eyes, long eye lashes, sporty. I was thinking maybe calc carb or nat mur or silica? Although I read silica is a female remedy.

Please help. My two major questions are:

1. What can I give to clear his nose and chest?
2. What is his constitutional remedy

Many thanks!

Re:allergies and constitution By: udaya kumar
October 22 2017
Is there any height issues? Is there any crumbling of teeth? Is the abdomen prominent than other parts? Is there a depression in collar bone area while breathing? Is the psoriasis of father confined to the lower extremities and lesions ends in black colour?

Use Pulsatilla 200C one single dose...no other medicines on that day. It is good that you have given him thuja and natrum mur...those two medicines have to be repeated often.

Next day from Pulsatilla use Arsenic Album 200C one dose a day for three days and report.

His Constitutional remedy seems to be Phosphorus. Silica is not a female remedy.....Silica is a deep acting remedy and when you relate it to the five great spirits it is closer to God(Ether, Eashwar) than Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. And that is why it acts so deep. God is a Haemophrodite meaning contains both male and females tathwaas or Principles. so does Silica, And therefore Silica is ambidextrous in both male and female equally. Pulsatilla enhances the Rajo Guna ( activates the enzymes and humors) and therefore restores blocked discharges. For that reason, it should be used only in later stages of colds and rhinitis. et al. For that reason Pulsatilla is abundantly used in female maladies. best wishes.


Re:allergies and constitution By: izhome
October 23 2017
Thank you for your answers Udaya. The height is not an issue; he is just taller than average in the 89th percentile. There is no crumbling of teeth. I give him supplements for teeth health (cod liver oil and coral calcium). The abdomen is not prominent. There is only a depression in the collar bone area when he has asthmatic symptoms. He has albuterol 2 puffs if that happens. Last time I administered albuterol was in May. The psoriasis of the father is on all extremeties and the scalp; the lesions end in white color.

I ordered the remedies in the 200 potency and will report.

You mentioned that thuja and nat mur should be repeated often. How frequently do you recommend? Once per month?

Thank you again.

Re:allergies and constitution By: udaya kumar
October 23 2017
Thuja 30C and Natrum Mur 30C may be used for one week and repeated after one month one more week. Lycopodium would be required for learning difficulties. It could be used in 200C potency one dose a week. use of Sulphur +Calcarea Carb + Lycopodium (Hahnemanns trio ) in that order would also be very much beneficial as antipsoric for psoric genetic predispositions.


Re:allergies and constitution By: izhome
October 23 2017
Okay. Do I understand this correctly:

In a few weeks after Pulsatilla and Ars Alb did their work:
Thuja 30C and Natrum Mur 30C together for 7 days, 3 times per day
Wait a month and the same one more time.

Is the Hahnemannís trio given in 200C potency like so:
First day one dose of Sulphur
Second day one dose of Calc Carb
Third day one dose of Lycopodium

Also when only one dose is given per day, is there a preferred time of the day to take the remedy?

Thank you so much.

Re:allergies and constitution By: udaya kumar
October 24 2017
As for trio
in 200 potency the suggested one day a medicine each is fair proposition....In case 30C is taken it would be morning afternoon and evening for one day once only. The sulphur may be taken at 10 a.m. the same time can be used for the other two medicines on the succeeding days. best wishes.


Re:allergies and constitution By: izhome
November 1 2017
Dear Udaya,
I gave Pulsatilla C200 once, then Arsenicum Album C200 once per day for three days.
The cold was aborted and did not get a hold in his chest. The rhinitis remains with just a little improvement.
What do you suggest to get that nose free and clear?
Thank you!

Re:allergies and constitution By: udaya kumar
November 1 2017
use Natrum Mur 30C.three times a day till drainage starts.


Re:allergies and constitution By: izhome
November 16 2017
Dear Udaya,

in addition to the ordeal with the tick bite my son is again fighting a cold that is going in his chest. His nose is also clogged worse again. I had to administer a few puffs of albuterol this week as he was wheezing.

I am wondering if it would be good to give him again Pulsatilla 200C one dose, then the next 3 days Arsenicum 200C once per day?

Today the Silicea C200 arrived and I administered one dose to him to get the rest of the tick out. Unfortunately I can't source the Borrelia Burgdorferi C30 remedy. It seems only professionals can subscribe it here.

Thank you

Re:allergies and constitution By: udaya kumar
November 16 2017
Rhus Tox 1M single dose...Gelsemium 30C three doses for one day followed by Arsenic Album 200C single dose.

For Borrelia you may visit a local practitioner and get it prescribed


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