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Need consultation from Udaya
Started by: lal_anar at October 5 2017

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Need consultation from Udaya By: lal_anar
October 5 2017
Hello Udaya,
82 years old patient complaining for sever weakness, urinating a lot, unable to walk or sit more than 1 minutes.

History of mild Diabetes ( no medication )

history of Hypothyroid.

July of 2017 all labs were normal.

Labs in October shows

Hypercalcemia of 12.8 ( normal level between 8 - 10 )

Liver Albumin low of 2.9 ( normal level 3.5 - 6.5 )

Normal AST / AST but

ALK Phos is 198 ( normal 40 - 129 )

Normal Lymphocytes, Mono, Neutro

High Ferrintin Level of 1100 ( normal under 500 )

TSH 24.6 ( normal betweel 0.5 - 4.5 )

Drs said it could be due to Hyperparathyroidism or Lymphoma

I gave patient the following med, but so far no improvement

1 dose of Carbo Veg 1M and
1 dose of Nux Vomica 1M

please give your suggestions.

Re:Need consultation from Udaya By: udaya kumar
October 7 2017
In Hypoalbuminemia Lymphoma can be suspect but not conclusive. Was he ever a celiac or UC or similar patient? The unexplained weakness and sudden weakness etc. can be subscribed to high ferritintin levels. Here the following medicine combination should be tried for three days 1. Ferrum Met 3X (also for lymphoma) + Lecithinum 3X + Vanadium, 6C. If ferrum creates and trouble it could be stopped. The Hypothyroid levels are too high with Hyperparathyroidism.....need more symptoms...Is he obese or is he thin with tantrums? If thin with tantrums with hypothyroid readings, then there is more of an inclination to Hashimoto .....You can put him immediately on the medicines above with Alphalpha Q+Avena Sativa Q + Cardus M Q.+ Ceanothus three drops each in one ounce water three times for three days...Continue as per benefits accrued. These alongwith five phos should give him enough tonic effect to come out of the present Fatigue syndrome The following medicines should be checked and used
1. Arsenic Album 30C
2. Phosphorus 30C
3. Natrum Mur 30C
4. Calcarea Carb 1`M one dose a week.

Only after the tonics works we can find inroads. There is malnutrition due to non assimilation in particular, Iron, Calcium, Sodium, Phosphates.
with regards.


Re:Need consultation from Udaya By: lal_anar
October 7 2017
would u be able to msg me at

aar.shabel at gmail dot com

Re:Need consultation from Udaya By: lal_anar
October 8 2017
what would you recommend for high calcium ?

Re:Need consultation from Udaya By: udaya kumar
October 8 2017
I have sent you a test email...

My approach would be four pronged. 1. Manipulation of parathyroid points on the hand by acupressure at Mount of venus two minutes a day until the pain recedes from there.

2. Address the imbalance Parathyroid and thyroid glands with symptomatic medicines...Here Lithium Carb or other derivates of Lithium has to be looked into. Thuja has to be considered in view of nodule/tumor formations if any....particularly so when Alk Phos levels are very high.

.3. Address the Calcium assimilation issue within the body Calcarea Phos, Calcarea Carb, Calcarea Fluor..... Calcarea Phos 200C can single handedly clear the parathyroid issues. Phosphorus, Belladonna and Nux also helps. High levels of calcium for prolonged periods of time years together of accumulation, has direct bearing and indicative of Hyperparathyroidism.

4. Address the Magnesium assimilation issues within the body... Magnesium promotes assimilation of Calcium and Sodium promotes assimilation of Magnesium....therefore Natrum Mur and Magnesium Carbs are to be looked into.

As of Now I would suggest single dose of Calcarea Phos 200C one dose a week and close observation for first two days to a week of administration for its functions if there is no other emergencies. This should also benefit in Alkaline Phosphatase count. Use of Syphilinum 1M or above single dose would be needed as the non assimilation of calcium invariably effects the softening of the bones where Aurum Met is indicative and therefore Syphilinum is miasmetically required.

PS: Polyurea is due to hypercalcemia and may invariably effect the kdiney and liver. use of Arsenic Album and Cardus M Q with Lycopodium are advised here.


Re:Need consultation from Udaya By: lal_anar
October 9 2017
I have Hoang-Nan in 200 C
shall I give one dose before bed?

already started with Calc Phos Lith Carb Nat Mur

all in 200 C

Re:Need consultation from Udaya By: udaya kumar
October 9 2017
Is there any foul smell coming from any part of the body.....if so you may or else wait for three days, see how Calcarea Phos works and then we will add Hoang Nan 5 drops to start with three times a day.


Re:Need consultation from Udaya By: lal_anar
October 9 2017
These tests were done before starting Calc Phos and Lith Carb

Vit D 1 25OH: 88.0 pg/mL

Standard Range: 19.9 - 79.3 pg/mL

Total Protein (ELP) 6.0 g/dL

Standard Range
6.3 - 8.2 g/dL

Albumin (ELP) 2.3 g/dL

Standard Range
3.6 - 4.5 g/dL

Alpha 1 0.4 g/dL

Standard Range
0.2 - 0.3 g/dL

Alpha 2 1.2 g/dL
0.5 - 0.8 g/dL

Standard Range

Beta 0.7 g/dL

Standard Range
0.6 - 1.0 g/dL

GAMMA 1.5 g/dL

Standard Range
0.5 - 1.4 g/dL

Re:Need consultation from Udaya By: udaya kumar
October 11 2017
Check and use the following medicines :
1. Corydalis formosa Q 10 drops in one ounce water three times a day.
2. Lapis Albus 6C three times a day.
3. Scrophularia Marylandica Q or Scrophularia Nodosa Q 5 drops in one ounce water three times a day away from Corydalis. and watch the benefits of each separately.
4. Also check Sempervivum Tectorum.....for other symptoms.
Best wishes.


Re:Need consultation from Udaya By: lal_anar
October 13 2017
biopsy report.


small lymphocytes account for the majority of the nucleated cells.

B-cells account for 14% of the lymphocytes, co-express CD19 and CD20, and do not show evidence of surface light chain restriction.

T-cells account for 82% of lymphocytes, co-express CD2, CD3, CD5 and CD7, and do not show evidence of significant antigen loss.

Both CD4-expressing helper T-cells and CD8- expressing suppressor T-cells are present with a CD4:CD8 ratio of 1.87

NK-cells account for 2% of lymphocytes and co-express CD2, CD16, CD56 and partial CD57.

This study does not rule out the possibility of multiple types of lymphoma including Hodgkin lymphoma or other malignant process that can not be detected by this modality.

Notably, large malignant-appearing cells are present on the touch imprints.

Correlation with the histologic findings (to be reported as S-17-8180) is recommended.

Re:Need consultation from Udaya By: udaya kumar
October 19 2017
The report is to my mind, not conclusive, What we need to do is to balance the T and B and enrich their functions....The medicine is Natrum Mur 30C. Thuja30 may also be given as there seems to be a pertussis factor behind it as a predisposition.

Have you used the medicines suggested on October 11 in particular Scrophularia Nodosa....?


Re:Need consultation from Udaya By: lal_anar
October 21 2017
unfortunately, mail time pending the meds u suggested.

I was able to find, in liquid dilutions, waiting for Q's to arrive by mail

Scrophul Nod 6x

Sedum Care 6x

smperv Tec 6x.

Can I mix all them together?

Re:Need consultation from Udaya By: udaya kumar
October 21 2017
You mean Sedum Acre? And what is the symptom that invoke this medicine? Importantly Corydalis and Lapis albus must be used. Natrum Mur ofcours is of paramount importance with thuja.


Re:Need consultation from Udaya By: lal_anar
October 21 2017
Yes, I mean Sedum Acre. I have not started it yet, got it, if its needed.

I am giving Nat Mur 30 C with Thja regularly

Scrophul Nod 6x ( at this time 6x was the lowest potency available to get immediately )

I am giving patients 3 doses of each at least two to three times a day following meds

lack of kidney function, Berb Vulg, Solidago, Vesicaria all in Q mixed together

to keep heart and liver strength, mixed Cardus, Ceonthu, Childoneum, Craetag all in Q mixed together

Path report confirmed Classic Hodgkins Lymphoma.

waiting for Baryta Iodata to come by mail.

please suggest if you like to change or add more remedies

Re:Need consultation from Udaya By: udaya kumar
October 22 2017
Scrophularia is specific while
Corydalis has recorded cured cases. Lapis is general to all indurations like thuja benevlolent or malignant. I am aware of your confirmation, it is only the particular result I was alluring to as not conclusive.
Baryta Iodata is pathologically/clinically most accurate medicine.....for that matter all iodium and mercury derivatives have to be scrupulously checked with individual symptoms. The following medicines should also be looked into. Arsenic Album ., Arsenic Iodatum , Aurum Muriatum, Bufo Rana,, Bunias Orientalis, Calcarea Fluorica, Carbo Animalis, Carcinosinum, Cistus Can., Conium Maculatum, Cundurango, Ferrum Picricum,Iodium, Phosphoric Acid , Phosphorus, Phytolacaa., Sarothamnus Scoparius, , Symphytum Thuja Tuberculinum. Best wishes.


Re:Need consultation from Udaya By: lal_anar
March 31 2018
recent PET scan showed remarkable improvement of Lymphomas. Diminished more than 50 percent

March 15 all labs were normal, on March 28th,

Labs showed, concerning increased in levels of

AST = 598
after 2 days AST increased to 1990

Bilirubin increased to 2.2

ALK Phos = 157

Dr said its a chronic case of Hep B

they are giving high doses of Vitamin K
along with

Tenofovir disoproxil + Entecavir

Patient complaints very weak and loss of appetite

I still not very convinced with Drs about their diagnosis

What meds can we administer?

Re:Need consultation from Udaya By: udaya kumar
April 1 2018
High levels of AST and slightly raised levels of Alkhaline Phosphates could be hepatitis and some suggests Hepatitis B Nosode 30C as having given positive results. I would suggest Cardus M Q and Tarasxacum Q 5 drops each in one ounce water three times a day with Veratrum Virde 30C three times a day for one day report and proceed upto three days.. Lycopodium and Phosphorus are required in all stages of liver ailments if it is confined to liver. I think in all probability, Veratrum virde will replace Tenotovir disoproxil and Entecavir which have serious side effects......If the AST/ALT levels reduce with one day of Veratrum Virde you should know that it will be normal within three days and whatever be the diagnosis he will come out healthy including HiV/HBV virus. If so, this is a million dollar answer. ....!


Re:Need consultation from Udaya By: lal_anar
April 6 2018
AST came down marvelously to 404 from 2000 range from two doses of Veratrum Virde

AlK Phos are 214

Bilirubin = 3.1 ( on higher side )

shall I continue the same or you would like to add to work on Bilirubin?

Taraxacum I have on 200 C, unable to find Q locally.

How about adding

Selenium ?

Re:Need consultation from Udaya By: udaya kumar
April 6 2018
Continue use of Veratrum Verde 30C for three days and use Chionanthus Q and China 30C three times a day.....Taraxacum 200C single dose may be given. Selenium can be added with Cardus for liver fortification and prostate. If you are in a cold country Taraxacum Q Common (Dandelion) should be around you in your backayards with yellow flowers and plant evenly spread on the ground.. The leaves can be eaten raw and extracts be taken in water which has same effects of Q.


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