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Nasal Cataarh Chronic
Started by: sniffer at October 2 2017

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Nasal Cataarh Chronic By: sniffer
October 2 2017
I have this thick nasal mucus collecting behind soft palate, sometimes sliding down into bronchial tubes, lungs, or throat (can't determine where, but it can be dislodged with a strong few coughs), mostly in morning. Then the drip begins after a good neti rinse and lasts all day. better in evening. This has been chronic for 15 years. I won't go into the copious detail about everything i have tried - but a few are: an ent (no obstructions, allergy drops for one year), health food store herbs and homeopathics, otc sprays (homeo and conventional), neti every day, natural antibiotics like colloidal silver, wild oregano oil, and grapefruit seed extract. and there's more. right now, i am trying phosphorus 30c, 3 pellets, 3 times a day for a few days (recommended by someone with identical symptoms on another homeo site). just started this. have had minor results from kali bach and i keep this on hand for sporatic use. have also recently tried copaiva officinalis 200c, and might have been doing too much (several in a dose, sporatic). i'm coming to my senses and realizing i can't keep guessing. i need some expert advice. i have developed an obsessive fear/anxiety about being ill and not being able to enjoy my life...health phobia, especially against conventional medicine. my mind sometimes won't leave me alone, even tho i understand that we can control our fear, our thinking. it's just not enough to know that and meditate, altho meditation is extremely helpful with the anxiety most times. i filled out the questionnaire on the patient page in great detail but the post looked like it was going to be posted on the wrong thread and when i tried going back to my answers, it had all disappeared. i couldn't bare at this moment to do it all over i'm just starting here. i'd like to add, whether relevant or not, that i have sub-clinical hypothyroidism (high tsh, 10ish, but normal levels of other thyroid hormones). i am underweight (100 lbs., 5"5), and currently have no appetite, tho i feel better when i eat. thanks for any help!

Re:Nasal Cataarh Chronic By: udaya kumar
October 2 2017
Presume you are a female....? Do you have any of these symptoms?

Fatigue and sluggishness
Increased sensitivity to cold
Pale, dry skin
A puffy face
Brittle nails
Hair loss
Enlargement of the tongue
Unexplained weight gain/weight loss
Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness
Joint pain and stiffness
Muscle weakness
Excessive or prolonged menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia)
Memory lapses
Tantrums of anger
Tiredness for no apparent reason
Pale, puffy face


Re:Nasal Cataarh Chronic By: 2tuff
October 5 2017
Take the following tissue salts; Kali Sulph 6x, KALI IOD 12x and Nat Mur 6x three to five times per day the Kali Iod should help address the thyroid and part of the appetite issue but I would also add a 3c potency of Thyroidinum. Have the thyroid tested and as the TSH figure gets close or within book range then move to a 6c potency of thyroidinum and this will help lock in and regulate the function. Calc Carb 30c will also be useful especially from an appetite angle

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