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Attention Udaya Jee, ADHD
Started by: desigirl at September 25 2017

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Attention Udaya Jee, ADHD By: desigirl
September 25 2017
My husband has started developing symptoms of ADHD for past couple of years. He is very intelligent but his memory has become very poor. It is so poor that despite asking the same questions 10 times, he still does not remember the answer. He cannot focus on office work or studies. He is extremely impulsive and cannot control himself. He is extremely short tempered . These are general symtoms of ADHD and he has all of them. Please prescribe a medication.

Behavioral: hyperactivity, fidgeting, impulsivity, irritability, risk taking behaviors, or lack of restraint
Cognitive: difficulty focusing, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, problem paying attention, racing thoughts, or short attention span
Mood: anxiety, boredom, excitement, or mood swings
Also common: depression, learning disability, or sleep deprivation

Re:Attention Udaya Jee, ADHD By: udaya kumar
September 26 2017
Use single dose of Lycopodium 10M once only and report after three days.


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