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Respected Udayaji - Remedy for Multiple sclerosis
Started by: mibara0810 at September 22 2017

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Respected Udayaji - Remedy for Multiple sclerosis By: mibara0810
September 22 2017
Respected Udayaji,

One of my colleague's daughter 40 years old is suffering by Multiple sclerosis from 2002. She got the treatment in Germany also, but situation become worse. She unable to control bowel and urine. I have spoke about Homeopathy and ask him to try.

Is it possible to cure, he is ready to go India if refer to some doctor. We could not get the remedies here where I am living.
I have told about Dr Rajan Sankaran.

You are kindly requested to advise please.

Re:Respected Udayaji - Remedy for Multiple sclerosis By: udaya kumar
September 23 2017
Yes Dr, Rajan Shankaran would be a good choice:

Use Seclae 30C three times a day for three days for involuntary bowel and urine. Use Aurum Metalicum 1M single dose for despondency attached to it and as an anti sypilitic and mercury chelation. Use Lathyrus 30C three times a day if there is demyelineation. Use of Nux Vomica 30C could be effective if there is an iatrogenic factor....Use of Arnica 30C is very useful ... Individual case taking is necessary to pin point single remedies. Best wishes.


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