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need help to quit smoking pls
Started by: annak at September 18 2017

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need help to quit smoking pls By: annak
September 18 2017
My dad is 66years old, 175cm tall and weighs 90kg. He had a small heart attack about 3 years ago and he had an operation last week for an aneurysm in his head. He is recovering very well but can't go back to smoking.
He has been smoking for over 40 years now, about 20 cigarettes a day. He is very addicted and can't control himself.
I'm very new to homeopathy. Please can you advise anything to help him quit smoking?
Thank you

Re:need help to quit smoking pls By: udaya kumar
September 18 2017
We have extensively discussed this in this forum earlier....please write "smoking" in the search window on the left hand top corner of this forum and click to read various topics discussed. use of Nux Vomica 30C removes the ill effects of smoking to large extent......Smoking can be quit only through the Will power of the individual which need be boosted, various ways are yoga, breathing exercises or pranayama, moving away from the regular surroundings, quiting the regular friends, avoiding the regular pathways, clubs, company, and attempt to stop minimum 36 hours at a stretch without compromise. The biological cravings for the nicotine in blood lasts for 36 hours, rest is psychological cravings. i.e something is missing between fingers, cannot go to toilet without smoking one cigarettes(caladium), passing by the shop from where one regularly buy the cigarette and the kind of fixed ideas. Thuja can solve this to some extent.
Nux, Avena Sativa, Staphysagria, Sulphuric Acid, Lobelia Inflata, Plantago are some of the medicines that can be helpful.


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