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Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help
Started by: Shanti at November 2 2015

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Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: udaya kumar
February 23 2016


Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: Shanti
February 24 2016
Dear Udaya,
A quick update and another question which is inevitable as you always give so much food for thought and action.
After the third day/dose of Gelsemium 30C J suddenly regained his hearing(!!!) and it became quite acute again. On a less bright note, he began to throw tantrums (something I almost forgot about) two mornings in a row -- "hand hurting being interrupted" - so this morning I gave him Gels 200C.
Your reference to Antim crud. made me want to change course. Although it did not come even close to Agaricus in my matching the "totality of symptoms" exercise, what you said made it stand out prominently, particularly the suppression and the hands part. There was suppression for sure and the description of arthritic sensations in the hands (shaking off hands when writing -J always did it when younger - and all the current sensations) would call for it. I will receive Agaricus tonight and wanted to ask if it makes sense to give Antim crud first at this stage. Amd if so, in which potency and how often. I have it in 30C and 200C only. Also, can Gelsemium be continied alongside or should we wait. Thank you so much. Will update soon.

Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: udaya kumar
February 24 2016
Dear Shanti,

I am not amazed when Gelsemium is indicated and if J suddenly regained his hearing because it is within the symptom of Gelsemium EAR and I quote " Sudden Loss of Hearing for a short time....Pain while swallowing....Impaired hearing from cold*

I am also not suprised when Gelsemium is indicated and he shakes hand while writing : Two things are important to remember here as per S.R. Pathak Materia Medica and I quote :
1. Gelsemium centres its actions upon the Muscles and Motor Nerves. In muscles it causes overpowering ACHING, TENDERNESS, HEAVINESS, WEAKNESS, SORENESS especially felt in the muscles of the extremities...Affections of motor nerves, produces all types of functional paralysis of eyes, throat, larynx, anus bladder etc. tremors or twitching of single muscles of face, chin tongue etc. Circulation becomes sluggish causing passive arterial or venous congestion, with sense of fullness and heaviness in different organs, ...........2. EXTREMITIES...Cramps in muscles of forearm...Professional neurosis.....Writer's Cramp ......

So writer's cramp could be one reasonf or shaking of hand when writing...cause could be venous congestion or sluggish circulation......Gelsemium is apt and could be continued in higher potencies ..Gelsemium can continue upto three days one dose a day in 200C and then switch to 1M once in 15 days.......You may try Agaricus first and then go for Antim crudem....with best wishes.


Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: Shanti
February 28 2016
Dear Udaya,

Thank you for the detailed explanation. To me, it's more than amazing (return of hearing). I was going to follow with Gels and Agaricus, but there've been some new developments I want to share before I proceed with anything...

J's tantrums returned and he has been having them every day since the second dose of Gels 30C and through the third dose of Gels 200C (today). I am not saying it's the reaction to Gels, just narrating the sequence in the context of remedies given. The throat clearing hasn't reappeared and is completely gone, but the hand "pain" is causing hysterical outbursts several times a day. When asked to described the pain, J said it's "energetic pain", there is "gangrene energy that blocks the breathing". I don't know what to make out of it as he refused to elaborate further... When asked about the location of the pain, he said it's all over his hands and in the arms. There are three possibilities here: 1. some real sensation that he developed into this OCD tantrums, 2. phantom pain; or 3. delusion.

Again, he has slipped into the semi-delusional non-communicative mode, no one is "allowed" to talk to him because every word causes pain in the hands... Doesn't appear alive at all... Says that he hates us.

The itch is in the upper back, shoulders and the upper chest near the throat. This is where all the scratches are.

And to make things worse, my husband managed to take a picture of him at my request and I can clearly see that he developed pectus carinatum (pigeon chest), with the vertical bones (sternum?) in the center protruding vertically. It was not there a few months ago. In fact, we had a visit to a geneticist in September and after the examination he wrote "pectus excavatum". So it happened literally overnight with his latest growth spurt (which doesn't stop).

On his left hand the veins are severely bulging, unusually large. The picture was taken when J was at home and not after any physical exercise.

These are today's symptoms. I was going to wait a few days and then give Gels. 1M and follow with Agaricus, but now I am not sure -- I just read that the underlying miasm is more important in choosing the remedy than the symptom rubrics and I chose Agaricus based on the "totality" while it doesn't cover the syphilitic miasm, Would giving it lead towards the "totality" of cure or give a boost to something else?

With these new flowers in the bouquet, could you please help me to see what may be happening. I am totally lost at this point (i.e. always)...

Also (for future reference) when you said that Opium shouldn't be given with other remedies -- which interval is advisable? (After the last remedy and before giving Opium and after the final (presumably) dose of Opium)

Thank you and kindest regards!

Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: udaya kumar
February 28 2016
use Gelsemium 1M single dose....report. no other medicines.


Agaricus? By: Shanti
March 1 2016
Udaya, I gave Gels 1M yesterday morning. So far, nothing has changed -- tantrums about his hands persist, intermittent with uncontrollable hate towards me, accompanied by a barrage of insults and curses. Spits on hands all the time, hawking instead of throat clearing.

Just now he was crying about how his hands are "killing" him and he described the sensation with words that are right out of a homeopathy book: "prickling pain as if splinters are moving through my hands". This sounds very Agarucus, but... How important are thermals here? -- As I understand, Agaricus is a chilly remedy and J is not chilly, at least, not at this stage. Also, the miasm... With all this destructiveness, shamelessness, lack of fear of consequences, etc., it looks syphilitic, and from all the information I could gather on fungi kingdom, Agaricus is sycotic and tubercular... And yet, I couldn't find a remedy that would match better considering the "totality". Thank you so much for your thoughts!~

Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: Shanti
March 1 2016
This morning - the worst tantrum since November -- looks like we've come a full circle -- jumping, smashing things around, hysterical, crying that he is "mental, sick, can't live like that", "why hands are hurting so much?", running away from me...

Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: udaya kumar
March 1 2016
Gelsemium Mind.............Desire to be quiet, to be left alone. Dullness, languor, listless. "Discernings are lethargied. " Apathy regarding his illness. Absolute lack of fear. Delirious on falling to sleep. Emotional excitement, fear, etc, lead to bodily ailments. Bad effects from fright, fear, exciting news............you may have to give it at CM single dose...........If you cannot handle use antidote ....Aconitum....Coffea....Camphor or Nux Vomica......Tantrum points to Nux......best wishes.


Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: Shanti
March 4 2016
Thank you Udaya! I ordered the CM, but have to wait and I am not sure it's "his" remedy -- things have been regressing very rapidly. ALL the symptoms are back full force now, with just one exception -- throat clearing hasn't returned, just very little is present. At this point, I could handle anything if there was hope, but we just received the final warning -- we'll be kicked out of the apartment if this doesn't stop -- this is how bad it is!

I am anxious to start with Agaricus, but want to wait till the weekend (I hardly see J during the week and difficult to make sense of anything even if it were possible) I was hoping you'd help me with the miasm part that I asked about in my previous post -- if J is syphilitic (my assumption only, but I see "destructiveness" everywhere) and as per books Agaricus doesn't cover this miasm, would it be beneficial at all, even if all the symptoms match? Thank you!
Do you think it could be beneficial to also repeat Artica - Natrum Sulph or just Nat. Sulph. Since the second dose of Meddorh. didn't produce any effect, what if all that miraculous improvement that lasted a whole week was due to Nat. Sulph? Would knowing it help with choosing the next remedy? My main confusion is that with so many remedies given I am not able to trace anything to any particular remedy (unless there is an almost immediate improvement or aggravation as in the case with Belladonna).

Ahhhh... today we have the following:

- tantrums every morning -- jumping, throwing things around, crying about his hands
- spitting on hands all the time
- old OCD noticed -- kicking walls and furniture with his feet while walking
- other strange mouth sounds non-stop (like rolling air in his mouth), but those have been present for a long time
- insulting me non-stop and laughing about it, grimacing all the time.
- spending all the time in bed
- wears his hood even while sleeping
- breaking things again -- pens, pencils, rulers, etc.
- writing everywhere -- desk, chairs, bed sheets and pillows
- can't tolerate being touched or being looked at
- doesn't want to talk (except about his "fixations" and then the speech is very hasty and exaggerated) or to be talked to
- great fluctuations in appetite -- one day eats like an army, next day eats nothing
- hearing became extremely acute, but other senses numb
- sleep greatly disturbed -- stays restless in bed up till midnight making sounds and moving constantly
- sleeps with lights turned on, but no fear of the dark, just indifference
- worse in the mornings
- excited state in the evenings
- doesn't take care of himself at all, doesn't even wash his hands
- doesn't allow me or his dad to talk to him, otherwise throws a tantrum
- the hematoma under the big toe nail is growing bigger, and is still black
- NO Tourette's throat clearing, but often normal throat clearing caused by post nasal drip
- a little nose bleeding when rinsing his nose with the salt water solution (started doing it every day due to the post nasal drip)

Remarkably, he is mentally sharp -- when studying with his tutors (we had to hire several on different subjects as it's the only way to make him do some school work) he can keep focus and they all say he knows a lot. He actually talks to them normally and is even polite. It's just total rejection and abuse of me and manipulating his dad into his OCD cycle. The family rubric should be prominent here?

I apologize for the lack of coherency, I am well on my way to becoming your next mental patient :0

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on all this, I know that you can see everything from up there Smile

Thank you and warm wishes,

Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: Shanti
March 7 2016
Dear Udaya,
As you were not here for a while, I had to take the reins and try to redirect the mad horses... Not sure I succeeded...
I gave J. Nat. Sulph 1M a couple of days ago -- no effect this time.
This morning I gave him Agaricus 30C. Not sure about anything else yet, but the throat clearing (the roaring Tourette's-like) is getting back in the evening. I hear a lot of jerking/kicking too from his room. Don't know what to make of it yet, just writing for the record...
I hope you are doing well and will return soon...
Kind regards,

Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: Shanti
March 7 2016
Again, for the record --

The morning after the first dose of Agar 30C) (today) -- J had one of the worst tantrums with jumping and crying -- "OCD killing me, why I deserve this, why I am so sick"... This is directed only at his dad, J doesn't do it with any other people around him.

As per Agaricus, all the symptoms are worse in the morning.

Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: udaya kumar
March 7 2016
use Agaricus in higher potency single dose 200C or 1M....use Chamomilla 6C to calm him down.


Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: TaraJoy
March 15 2016
Shanti - long time no see...hoping everything is alright.

Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: Shanti
March 23 2016
Dear Tara,

It's so kind of to you to check in on us! All I can say is that we really are dealing with the "andmore" part... and it's a lot more than I am capable of dealing with at the moment... I wish I could share... I know you'd understand, but I can't say it out loud on the forum. Besides, you have your own hands full... I'll re-appear when I figure out what to do... to clear path for homeopathy...

I hope you are doing well. I miss you and Udaya... Praying that he is alright, just a little busy...

With love and gratitude...

Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: TaraJoy
March 23 2016
Dear Shanti,

I'm that happy to be hearing from you even though the news isn't good.....and yes, I would understand. Plenty of 'and more' goes on in my home as well. The integrity of the forum seems to have suffered from the recent blast of negativity. Whatever it is that's happening with you, I think you're right not to 'say it out loud' here.

Just know that I and others here are supporting you behind the scenes, even without all the details. :0)

Here's hoping you're able to 'reappear' quite soon, along with Udaya.

With love,

Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: TaraJoy
April 27 2016
I just saw your other post. I hope you're alright and never worry - you know I like riddles. :0)
If there's anything I can do, just say the word. I hope to hear from you again when you can manage it and I'm praying you all come through this and land up in a much better situation.
With kindness,

Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: TaraJoy
May 18 2016
Dear Shanti,
I hope and pray everything is alright with you and your family. I hate to bother you but if you happen by and see this, I'm wanting to ask if you've ever worked out what is/was going on with J's hands?
Thanks so much for any thoughts you can share...and never worry if you can't.
With kindness,

Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: TaraJoy
June 23 2016
Dear Shanti,
I don't know if you happen by here any longer. I saw this recently and thought of you. Can't recall just now if we'd talked about pyroluria but I know I always wondered about it as respects J. Just food for thought. Hoping and praying all is well with you and would love to hear. :0)

Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: Shanti
November 30 2017
Dear Udaya,

It’s beyond wonderful to see you back and continuing your amazing work, we are forever indebted to you! I hope that all the blessings and success continue to follow you wherever you go.

It’s been over a year since my last report that was followed by your long absence and a lot of unexpected turns on our road that exhausted me to the point when I was unable to think straight or even push the buttons on the keyboard ))). In short, we’ve come full circle with J — from hospitalization to meds to all sorts of alternative treatments, programs, and therapies, from integrative psychiatry and neurology to orthomolecular to hypnosis and shamanic, and what not, with homeopathy given by this or that practitioner — all with no consistent changes or results… The most valuable thing I learned in the process is humility… along with the realization that no one can save us but ourselves… And your profound guidance that I hope to receive…

Even though things are still often quite messy and difficult to make sense of as symptoms keep changing all the time, the overall picture is much clearer now (perhaps, this is because by now I have learned to see the "forest” in terms of the expression of the vital force and its direction instead of focusing on each and every symptom and trying to find its place in the repertory..) The most prominent and paramount symptoms remain in the mind area… It all has boiled down to OCD mostly which keeps manifesting in a thousand different forms, rituals and compulsions. The primary underlying theme being a great and all-consuming fear of cancer (thoughts and images of tumor growing in his chest, dying of cancer, etc.). Next to cancer comes the fear of germs and dying of some illness, such as arthritis, AIDS, etc. And then there are “just have to do it” compulsions. By now, his Tourette’s, although coming out every now and then, has been almost completely replaced by what psychiatrists refer to as “Tourettish compulsions”.

Of the different remedies tried over the past year, Hyos 1M brought some short term improvement, but repeating and increasing the potency didn’t work at all. Sulphur 30C 2x/day for 3 days had some calming effect (and a pimple on his nose, for the first time in his life) that later evaporated and increasing the potency didn’t help. The remedies that wreaked havoc were MMR in different potencies (J was not vaccinated, but I was and “never well since”), strep nosode (the PANDAS issue is still present, resulting in maniacal behavior when exposed to common cold), Nitric Acid 200C, and more recently (beginning of November) Carcinosinum 200C which resulted in the worst violent behavior ever when J would literally trash the entire house before and during his OCD attacks — throwing things and breaking everything and anything, including walls, windows, computers, and even engaging in self harming behavior, claiming that he would rather endure physical pain than suffer mentally and emotionally.. At that point, I decided to pull a full stop on any outside advice and “therapies", gave him Nux Vom. 30C and prayed… I know and support your view on “aggravation”; however, J’s system is so hypersensitive even a placebo can cause aggravation in him. I also noticed that although in J’s case the mind symptoms are the most prominent, lower potencies somehow work better for him and changes are much easier to discern.

So, back to the more recent events… After the second dose of Carcinosinum, (November 5) J. developed a washing ritual, not quite hand washing, but rushing to the bathroom every 15 minutes and putting soap or shampoo in his left ear. That made me think of Syphilinum which I gave him in 1M potency on November 16 followed by several doses of Chamomilla 6C and 3 doses of Magnesia Carbonica 30. The latter was chosen based on the “rejection” etiology at birth, no “bridge” between conscious and unconscious, and a few other things that agreed. A few days later he developed a full blown picture of Cicuta Virosa — with body movements resembling epileptic seizures, spinning around his axes, continuous left hand twitching and everything else, up to the last finer point. I also remembered that miracle moment when he snapped back for one whole week after a dose of Arnica 200C followed by Natrum Sulph. 1M that you had recommended. That was probably the closest similinum and Cicuta is also all about head./brain injury, among other things. While waiting for Cicuta to arrive, I gave him the second dose of Syphilinum 1M (November 26) and then started him on Argentum Nitricum 30C on November 27. I had long entertained that remedy (Arg. Nit.), as at times it felt like J was just “IT”, but not being sure of myself and my gut feeling, allowed professionals to convince me against it. After the first 3 doses, it felt like I had hit the bull’s eye — all the violence stopped, all the sadness, suffering and depression gone, all tics and epileptic movements disappeared, all weird and abnormal body movements stopped and it seems like he acquired control over his body, even his gait was straight and balanced, ear washing stopped completely, occasional impulses under much better control. I continued yesterday and today 3x/day and overall, I would say there is a 80% improvement in everything, including the energy level, that is much healthier now and he is 150% more tranquil. Another significant thing I noticed today is that he wrote a note in cursive (something he hadn’t been able to do for three years since the partial loss of motor skills due to PANDAS which made his handwriting totally illegible and an everlasting grief to his teachers). These changes are huge and like nothing we’ve seen before. However, as always, my understanding of homeopathy ends here, I am clueless as to what to do next. You are the only one with a gift of the art of perception that allows you to see from up there what we can only have a glimpse of from down here and I hope you could steer me in the right direction from here when/if you have time to take a look.

The most prominent symptoms today are:

— fear of cancer (this theme underlies almost everything)
— washing hands for prolonged periods (by “washing” I mean standing with his index finger inserted in the tap with ice cold water running). This was likely triggered by Syphilinum.
— pupils dilated most of the time
— still throws things occasionally
— worse after eating pizza (causes violent belching and burping, throat clearing and cough), although I can’t be figure out which ingredient disagrees as he can eat tomato paste and cheese with homemade meals and not experience any problem.
— worse full moon, change of weather (from warm to cold), worse damp cold weather
-- worse night (after sunset)
— skin very dry
— great sensitivity of scalp, can’t wash or allow any water on his head (I think it’s mostly about the ears that he is very protective of)
— still doesn’t take showers (Hyos. 1M changed that temporarily when J took a shower every day for 3 days after the first dose)
— averse to touch
— doesn’t want to be talked to
— aversion to company
— desires: chocolate, sweets (although less so under Arg. Nit.), lemonade, lemonade with fresh lemons
— averse to: eggs, tomatoes, milk, meat
— great emaciation, appetite varies greatly from day to day. He has grown some 30 cm in the last couple of years and is 192 cm tall now, weighing some 65 kilos.
-- urine retention. 1-2 times a day even when drinks a lot.
-- thirsty for cold drinks
-- hot, but likes to be covered. Cold feet.

And as I was writing this just now, I noticed the return of a very old tic/compulsion — J briefly pulled on the outer corner of his eye a few times (I hadn’t seen it for months).

Endlessly grateful,

Shanti and J.

PS. Tara, if you ever see this, I wanted to tell you that I’ve been thinking of you and Tuckoo every single day, and reading your thread, even though not being able to answer, and that your faith, passion, compassion, and dedication were lighting my darkness in more ways than I can tell.

Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: udaya kumar
November 30 2017
Dear Shanti,
Nice to see you back...I am glad you found some light at the end of the tunnel. I will reply first ad seriatim..
1. Fear of cancer ....Arsenic Album (anti psoric)
2. Washing of hands ...syphilitic miasm and cannot be triggered by Syphilinum ...but since you have mentioned aggravation in higher potency you could be partially correct and the correction/test is single dose of Camphora.30C which should antidote the ill effects of syphilinum if any.
3. pupils dilated most of the time ...Belladonna......he will have red tongue...glassy eyes...hypersensitivity to light.
4. Still throws thing occasionally...Belladonna.
5. worse after eating pizza (causes violent belching and burping, throat clearing and cough), although I can’t be figure out which ingredient disagrees as he can eat tomato paste and cheese with homemade meals and not experience any problem.

It must be the Oregano which they put in Pizza....which is of Lamiacea group viz. basil lavender, mint and sage can give stomach upsets in certain individuals who are highly sensitive.....Another culprit is Ajinomoto (Monosodium Glutamate) which is invariably found in all Chinese food items. As the name indicates it can have disastrous effect in all individuals who have Sodium imbalances and conseqent endorcrine and Lymph related ailments and who is already suffering from gluten non assimilation issues and subsequent Glutamate issues...To my mind, Glutamate often works reverse and therefore the possibility that higher potency theory of Homeopathy seems to work reverse in some individuals who have issues related to these areas of glutamate neurotransmission functions. which is inversely indicating gluten intolerance and consequent milk/lactose intolerance....antim crudem, pulsatilla, psorinum., aethusa gets indicated.

6. Worse full moon :
1. Argentum Nitricum (with fear of height)
2. calcarea carb (with fear of dark)
3. Lycopodium ( Lack of confidence/cognitive skills)
4. Phosphorus (goes overboard ,,,Tall slim with or without nosebleed/irregular hunger/canine hunger.)
5. Pulsatilla : absence of thirst/gluten intolerance)
6. Silicea : cold extremities, clammy sweat, odour from legs...ailments right from stem cells).

For ailments from : Change of weather (from warm to cold), worse damp cold weather
-- worse night (after sunset)

Change of weather : Psorinum, Colocynthis, Chelidonium, Calcarea Phos,Calcarea Carb. Rhus Tox, Bryonia.

Cold weather : Argentum Niricum : Cannot withstand hot or cold weather
Arsenic Album (skin is effected in cold weather).
Aurum Met : Worse in cold weather.
Cuprum Met ...worse cold weather, cold wind, and dampness.(cicuta symptoms should be compared here).
Dulcamera : worse during rains in winter..i.e. damp winter.
Hepar Sulph: worse from cold dry winds,
Mercurious sol : worseduring winter rains and dampness.
Nux Vomica : on exposure to cold weather.
Petroleum : worse in winter.
Silicea : All symptoms are worse in cold weather.

7. Worse Night : Most of the ailments aggravate at night so this is too general a symptom.

8. Skin very dry : Arsenic Album, Petroleum, Thuja.

9. Great sensitivity of scalp, Belladonna, Aconitum.
10. Averse to touch : Arnica.Aconitum, Antim Crudem, Antim Tart, Belladonna, Bryonia, Chamomilla, China, Cina, Coffea, Cuprum met, Equistium, Kali Iodatum, Lachesis, Medorrhinum, Natrum Mur, Silicea, Tarentula, Thuja, Tuberculinum, Zincum and many other.
I would recommend ONE single granule of Rhus Tox 1M once only.
Sulphur (aversion to be washed).

11. Does not want to be talked to aversion to company: Tarentula his., Sulphur, Iodium, Lilitum tig, helonias, hellaborus, chamomilla, tarentula, natrum sulph, hyosiamus, graphites, gelsemium, carbonium sulph, arsenic iodatum, arsenic album,Naja, zincum, veratrum and many other medicines.

12. Desires chocholates /sweets Argentum nitricum.

13. Averse to eggs: Calcarea
Averse to meat : Sulphur. aloes, alumina, Belladonna (Meat Milk), Calcarea Carb, Carbo veg (meat, milk), carduus, Natrium Carb (Milk), Petroleum

Great emaciation : Iodium 1M,

cold feet : Silicea, Calcarea.

First impression I got was to recommend a high dose of Arsenic Album and for the first time I would recommend one single dose of Arsenic Album at 6C as test dose. And Bell ofcourse at 30C as higher doses may not be tolerated.

best wishes.


Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: Shanti
December 1 2017
Dear Udaya,

Thank you ever so much for your reply and recommendations! I wanted to share a bit more of everything that might be important. Below is the timeline of the etiologies some of which are trying to express themselves up to this day. You’ve seen most of them before, and there are a few additions, such as recent mumps and a few family strep “secrets”:

— J’s grandmother had a strep throat that resulted in a complication: polyarthritis
— J’s father had sore throat frequently when a child, doctors wanted to remove his tonsils, but didn't
— Birth: C-section, separation from mother (incubator), IV antibiotics. Theme: rejection.
— 1 yo: head injury
— 2 yo: attacked by a dog (fright). Perhaps, this is what later in life (~ 10-12 yo) developed in a great fear of dogs that persisted for several years.
— 4 yo: school trauma, immediately manifesting in huge insecurities and anxiety, social phobias (agoraphobia) later in life.
— 6 yo: severe dysbiosis with loss of fluids. This is also the time when the strep probably set in (high pitch voice)
— 8-9 yo: loss of fluids, persistent diarrhea
— 10 yo: rotavirus with loss of fluids
— 12 yo: loss of motor skills, fear of dogs, agoraphobia, post nasal drip
— 14 yo: severe bullying in the new school. This was the last straw that broke the camel’s back and the sudden start of all we’ve been dealing with in the past three years.
— 16 yo (June, 2017): had what looked like mumps. No symptoms except a very slight fever on the first day and swollen glands.

We also ran a number of blood tests, the results won’t look surprising to you, I’m sure, as they are pretty consistent with the whole picture. Thus, the blood test revealed the following:

ALP (alkaline phosphatase) extremely high
Hemoglobin low
Hematocrit low
MCV (Mean Corpuscular Volume) low
MCH (Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin) low
RDW (Red Cell Distribution Width) high
Neutrophil low
Lymphocytes high
Basophils high

And the amino acids panel test reveals that all the aminos, without exception, are within the very low range, with glutamine, histidine, isoleucine, and tryptophan below the low.

I have ordered Arsenic 1M and just wanted to mention that J had one dose of it (in 1M) some time during the summer, and there was absolutely nothing changed, no aggravation and no improvement. I don’t quite remember the reason for giving the remedy.. Should it still be a go?

Where I am completely lost, among many other things, is how to decide when to continue, discontinue, or change the potency of a remedy. Our current situation is a perfect example of when a remedy (Arg. Nit.) brought immediate and huge improvement when literally all the symptoms suddenly disappeared and even J. shared that he hadn’tt felt that good in a very long time. That lasted for 2 days and this morning I gave the 8th dose of the remedy (was planning to give 3x/day for 3 days) and he regressed again. Hand washing resumed 100 times a day, blowing on his finger, grimacing (old tic/compulsion that shows up periodically), and the energy is not calm any more. What is the right thing to do in such situation — change the remedy? Change the potency? And why do such sudden changes occur? And if the improvement continued, would you continue the same remedy indefinitely? I think I’ve seen all the above methods/choices utilized equally by authors of different homeopathic books, the one that resonated for some reason was Robin Murphy, but he uses the lowest potencies (6C) for long periods. Would really be interested to learn from your approach and logic as sadly, I don’t have a good sense of intuition…

Ever since you suggested it years back, Belladonna is still indispensable for us, but its action is a lot more subtle than before and often unnoticeable. That said, I gave it to J. tonight as I didn’t like the way and direction things were moving and he did have dilated pupils again. I still can’t quite figure out why, but his pupils seem to be dilated all the time these days (before, they were usually prior to or during the OCD episodes, but never in the periods of relative calm)

I happen to have Rhus Tox in 1M, wanted to use it long time ago, but something held me back. Would it be beneficial at this point? I also noticed for the first time today that J’s foot position was exactly that of Cicuta Virosa (“virus-like). That was a “wow” moment, because as I said earlier, just a week ago J presented the exact picture of Cicuta, but it was today that I learned "In the repertory you will find a rubric where Cicuta is the only remedy at the 1st grade: walk on the external side of the foot.” However, none of the other symptoms are present today so I’ll just keep it close.

I am not sure I want to antidote Syphilinum as all the washing started after the 1st dose of Carcinosinum, with the difference that it’s now hands and not the ears. I still feel there is something going on with his left ear (the one he was putting soap into). You may not remember, but he’s been covering that ear all the time and his left shoulder is always up touching it, and I often wonder if there is any connection with his torticollis. I also often notice the orifice of that ear is red, never the right ear.

He also often shakes his right leg while sitting. I am not sure if shaking is the right word, looks like a tremor and what my mom and many people do when feeling nervous. J’s shaking is intense and never seizes, that’s why I wanted to mention it.

Thank you for the comprehensive list of remedies. This is where, again, I feel quite dumb. How do we rank the symptoms in terms of their importance to the case, i.e. what’s more important — “worse full moon”, “change of weather”, scalp sensitivity, etc.? (Just a note to myself to take a lesson on the basics of homeopathy ))). This is why I gave up on symptoms some time ago and began to pay more attention to the overall level of anxiety, mood, energy, etc., especially in the absence of any physical ailments.

Sorry, Udaya, I got lost in my own discourse and musings and didn’t mean to load you with irrelevant information (as if I can ever avoid it!). Could you please clarify if Ars. Alb. 1M will still be needed (based on the fact that it did nothing earlier) and what to do with Rhus Tox (can/should I give it now) and if Arg Nit. should be repeated in the near future.


With warmest wishes,


Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: udaya kumar
December 2 2017
Strep will be addressed by Rhus tox and Belladonna....belladonna in particular....In case absolutely necessary one single dose of Strptococcinum 1M could be used. The theme rejection need not be directly addressed as it would be covered under several corrective remedies which we are already using like Natrum Mur where loneliness and grief are prime factors.
Attacked by dog and fear of dogs can be addressed with single dose of Tuberculinum 1M followed by Bell and or Phos. The tendency to be violent is also covered under Tuberculinum. For School trauma a couple of doses of Gelsemium and or anacardium will correct. Dysbiosis is an outcome and not a malady in itself. Use of pobiotics will somewhat balance it and at the same time correction of non assimilation of the required vitals like b3 b6 b12, other protecins/ alkaloidsl flavanoids/ Vit.C/D/D3 etc.Thuja/ Natrum Mur usually works towards that. I think we had already given him Veratrum Virde to correct the ill effects left behind by Roto Virus. if not it may be given single dose once in 200C (two to three granules only). use single dose of Staphisagria 1M (one single granule only) for ill effects of bullying and humiliation or abuse received at school. Perhpas all these were given in our earlier discussions. And we were at the verge of use of Opium 200C single dose.

For the phoebias use Argentum Nitricum 30C single dose and report.
An excessive craving for meat, cold drinks or ice creams, extreme sensitivity to touch, light(dilation of pupils), odours and noise.with fear of dogs and restless leg syndrome is Phosphorus 30C three times a day for one day and repeat.

High alkaline phosphate can be due to Vitamin D non assimilation or IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)/gluten intolerance., Veratrum Virde with Cardus should be corrective here with gluten free diet. Use Lecithinum 3X with Ceonathus Q for low blood hb count.


Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: Shanti
December 2 2017
Dear Udaya,

Thank you so much for your interpretation of the blood test results. This is the main problem here (in the US and any country where disease maintenance has become the most profitable business model) -- whenever it comes to mental issues/diagnosis, the doctors still judge and prescribe based solely on behavior and totally ignoring any underlying physiological causes/imbalances/predispositions, despite the heaps of new research on the gut-brain and heart-brain connection. Thus, when I requested those blood/amino acids tests for J. when he was in a hospital, the doctors had no clue what the results meant and not interested to know. This is why I had to look into orthomolecular medicine, but even after figuring out some of it, I still wouldn’t know what to do and how to correct any of the imbalances/non assimilation, especially when J is not being cooperative and refuses to take any supplements or follow any diet. That said, I hope you understand that gluten-free or any other diet is totally out of our range for now :0. To add pain to injury, we are dealing with a teenager whose hormones are going through the roof. (J just turned 17). And recently his OCD stepped in, "preventing" him from eating or "making" him to eat certain foods... The only supplements he takes are Vit. C, Vit D., Omega 3 and Probiotic (Bacillus Coag) gummies, and only because they are coated with sugar.

Thank you also for making it so clear in your advice re the remedies. Yes, we did cover some of those with Veratrum Viride, Staphisagria, a while ago, and also Gels. 30C and 200C, as well as Tuberculinum in different potencies up to 10M. And I gave Julian Opium 200C some time in August. The only change I remember after Opium (immediately following the dose), J developed some weird laughter that sounded exactly like neighing of a horse, laughing often, w/o any reason, and totally to himself. The laughter persisted for a couple of days and then disappeared. No other changes.

Well, to add some adventure to our otherwise boring life Smile, last night J went into a Stramonium state with one of the most violent episodes I’ve ever seen. When his rituals were incidentally interrupted (or so he perceived) he went to some sort of maniacal rage, pupils dilated, eyes glassy and non-responsive, with hitting, cursing, and so much violence that made even Belladonna pale in comparison (and for the record, after being very helpful many times, Belladonna doesn't provide the desired calming effect any more). I didn’t have any time to study the MM, but had to choose within seconds between calling the paramedics and homeopathy, so I quickly reached for Stramonium 1M (the only potency I had) along with the sedatives. After J went to bed, I read the description in all the MMs and found some things that were quite a revelation and hopefully, proved the usefulness of the remedy. For instance, I could never quite understand or apply the term “photophobia” to the context until I read about it under Stramonium yesterday— “in his anxiety he often turns away from the light, wants it dark, is aggravated especially if the light is bright“ and suddenly remembered that a couple of weeks ago as I was driving J late at night, J started laying down on the back seat every few seconds and I had this fleeting thought that it looked like the reaction to the bright headlights of the passing cars. However, being quite used to all sorts of weird and most abnormal movements, jumping and spinning, that J exhibits when riding in the back seat, I didn’t give it any more thought until now… And, of course, the rest agrees beautifully: “the mind is in an uproar; cursing, tearing the clothes, violent speech, frenzy, erotomania, exposing of the person, hand on the genitals”, obsessive compulsive behavior, “oblivious to the conversation”, but “ will often interrupt to comment on something that has been said about them" and more. And incidentally, just after J went to bed, I opened this site and the picture of the moment was… Stramonium! Could it be a sign from above? — I certainly hope so ))) In any event, J was more or less ok this morning, explained his fears and how his back hurt yesterday because of people moving in wrong directions (when out in the street, J needs to pass a person on a particular side, which to a stranger’s eyes looks like he purposely tries to obstruct the way, and it makes some people very angry)

This was the second episode of such intensity that I’ve seen so far. Previously, it happened in the office of his psychotherapist after the latter unintentionally provoked it through ERP (exposure response prevention). J’s response was so intense we had to call the paramedics — he ripped off his clothes, ran out to the street, screaming on top of his lungs, and scratching his chest so hard it was all red and almost bleeding (he had a sensation of cancer tumor growing inside his chest), when after hitting me, he engaged, for the first time, in self harming behavior — hitting his head with a stapler, hitting the walls with his fist, all because he said he wanted to experience physical pain so as to reduce his mental and emotional suffering. That was the most violent attack ever when he was in total distress for a prolonged period (until sedated with a large does of clonazepam).

Although generally his attacks have become a lot less frequent (he no longer has those everyday hysterical tantrums that tormented us for years), they’ve also become very violent, to the extent that I can’t help but compare them to an elephant in musth destroying villages and killing everyone in his way in just a few moments… Well, may this is a bit of an exaggeration, but not in terms of distress and its violent expression that is impossible to contain or change with any words.

Grangeorge’s “eat or be eaten” theme of Stramonium can probably be interpreted in J’s case as the irrational fear of “being eaten by cancer”… He also suggests using 15CH to 30CH potencies (the only potencies he ever uses, regardless of the case), while I have read some place else that during severe attacks a man was given 1M or 10M every hour. In case I am ever inclined to use Stram again, which potency and frequency would you recommend for J?

Other than that, J remains a sweet boy who won’t hurt a ladybug (not out of compassion, but out of the right/wrong moral values) as long as that ladybug is not his mother interrupting his rituals :0 Usually, he is very apologetic afterwards, saying he never means any harm, but can’t control it, sharing his enormous sufferings, philosophizing on his karma ("I must have been a terrorist in one of my past life and killed a lot of people, and this left my soul dirty, this is why I have to suffer so in this life"). He rejects God and everything to do with the “divine plan”, calling it “superstition”, at the same time often addresses to God and blames the Nature (and me) for creating him this way,

He is a classical example of matter over mind taken to the extreme. His physical body is so hyper anxious and so reactive that whenever it produces a slightest sensation, it instantaneously sends a signal to the brain causing the next thought/image/obsession. After all, OCD is an anxiety disorder, I just never thought it could manifest in these manic episodes and the severity that leaves psychiatrists with 30+ years of experience perplexed... His IgE is still extremely high (over 600) and based on extensive intradermal allergy testing, he is allergic to the whole world (every food, every tree, every pollutant), but everything (skin issues, etc.) seems to have moved up to mind level.

Being revengeful is a new rubric now. A couple of times J would act out violently out of the blue, and when asked why his response was “because you interrupted 2 months ago”. In addition, he keeps blaming us for choosing that school where he was traumatized, bringing it up every day (Rhus Tox?)

Another symptom that I recently noticed is loss of short memory. If you remember, J has a super memory, computer-like, remembering every detail of every day going as far as three years into the past. At the same time, he doesn’t seem to remember any of his actions that happened a few minutes ago, can never remember where he puts things. This may have been the ill effect of Prozac, he’s been off the drug for almost a year, but the short memory hasn’t been restored. I know many remedies have it and just putting it here for future reference.

Just to confirm, Rhus Tox 1M is next (tomorrow). Again, some revelations from the books that went unnoticed earlier: “Tongue: red, tip, triangular” (that had been revealed when one of the doctors succeeded to take a peek in his mouth recently), “stretching” (leg stretching has always been present), “always on the move, restless”(although at times J used to also exhibit Arsenic back and forth pacing), “irritable”, “easily annoyed by everything”, “worse cold damp weather, change of weather”, “sensitivity of the neck”, and I read somewhere about “bringing up and talking about some traumatic past event every day” (which J does talking about his horrific HS experiences). And finally, "suppressed anger, because of a situation where he was powerless and had to undergo all the afflictions that people imposed on him, like sexual abuse, rape, imprisonment, torture, etc. The causation is severe trauma with impossibility to defend himself or to escape. That why we see so often the desire to escape in Rhus toxicodendron and the need to walk outside to feel better." And the degree of violence can compare to that of Stramonium: "...when Rhus toxicodendron expresses his anger... He can break down the whole house, break chairs, windows, whatever comes on his way." As always, I went a bit too far and came across very interesting observations of Tinus Smits who had some patients regressing into past lives under Rhus Tox...

If you remember, I also suspected long time ago that J was experiencing some sort of rheumatic pains in his extremities (which he himself denies, saying “they are not real”)

Our recent experience with Arg. Nit. 30C 3x/day for 3 days left me wondering… I understand it covers anxiety and has many other characteristics and peculiarities that made me pick it. What do you think went wrong when at first it almost immediately brought 80% improvement in everything, but for two days only and that improvement was followed by one of the most vicious attacks? Wrong timing? Wrong remedy? Wrong potency? Is it palliation or suppression when a huge amelioration is followed by symptoms returning with increased violence? And so if repetition is needed, I am curious why your suggestion is using the same potency (30C).

(The good thing is that I have most of the required remedies and potencies in my remedy kit (which looks more like a large warehouse by now!)))

Lastly, what do you think of Calcarea Fluorica in the context of Marfan?

I understand that after such a long gap in communication, you won’t have time to answer all the questions and I totally understand and I will be grateful for whatever insight you can offer whenever you can share it, especially with regard to Stramonium and Argentum Nitricum as they may be needed some time soon.

As always, I am endlessly grateful for your support...



Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: TaraJoy
December 4 2017
I literally thought I was 'seeing things' when I saw your name. I've thought of you as well and ever hoped you'd come by to say how you've been getting on. My heart goes out to you for all you've endured. If you're inclined, please do drop me a line on 'my' thread so I don't interfere over here.
With prayers,

Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: udaya kumar
December 4 2017
Use Stramonium, Carcinosinum and Arsenic Album in LM potency LM 12 two granules once only. will give detailed reply sooner than later.


Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: Shanti
December 5 2017
Dear Udaya,

Thank you very much for your reply. Just want to confirm it's LM12 and not LM1 and LM2, correct? I’ve never used LM potency before so have to order (so much for bragging about the warehouse Smile. Do you want me to use the remedies in the order you listed them — Stram, Carc., and then Ars. Alb. or as needed? Incidentally, Helios now carries Carcinocinum Tinus Smits (the one that is made of 58 tumors, I assume), but for some reason it doesn't come in LM.

In the meantime, a quick update on Rhus Tox 1M that J took yesterday morning after spending a long time washing hands in the bathroom. Soon after the dose, he came to me and began to ask questions about different types of cancer, checking the validity of the OCD fears. We ended up laughing about the “finger cancer” and OCD stupid medical advice that cancer can be cured by running water over the finger. That was something different — first, J hadn’t talked to me in a while and second, he hadn’t been in a cheerful mood, let alone laughing, in a long time.

Today, he did the same — came to me in the morning and talked and laughed about his OCD induced fears.

Unfortunately, it didn’t prevent him from spending hours in the bathroom later, washing his finger and towards the night he usually goes into distress and desperation, crying for help and begging me to help rid him of this OCD monster. Heartbreaking… he feels hopeless and I do too...

Very unstable emotionally. When he is standing there with hiis finger under the running water, he goes through the whole spectrum of emotions and attitudes within minutes — from extreme sadness and hopelessness of suffering (crying and lamenting in desperation) to anger (cursing and swearing at the OCD and himself for not being able to defeat it) and then to singing and back into crying, and so on. No violence or aggressiveness these days, just tremendous suffering and wanting hope and consolation..

He also began twitching his left hand again (one of the reasons I had ordered Cicuta earlier) and hiding his hands in my presence (the "negative energy” factor is a lot less, but shows up periodically). And since recently every time he comes home after being outside for a while, he has the “Hippocratic mask” — grayish earth-colored face, with cheek bones protruding. He never has that face or face color when he is at home. I can’t explain why.

And for quite some time, J cannot tolerate music, especially Tibetan Singing Bowls that have a very calming effect on me, but generally any kind of music. This is unusual as he used to play piano, compose music, sang in the school chorus and would always ask to turn the car radio on.

I’ll let you know if there is anything else to report. It will take a week or so to receive the LM potencies, do we just hold off anything else for now, except in emergencies (in which case I’ll probably resort to Stramonium or Belladonna, unless you correct)?

Thanks again for your advice!



Re:Attn: Mr. Udaya Kumar 14 yo teenager needs help By: udaya kumar
December 5 2017
LM 12.....It would be closer to 1M of C potency in LM potency but will be smoother in action that there cannot be any aggravations or you would not even know that a medicine has been given. Give single dose.Check also crocus sativus, Natrium Carb, Viola odorata., Antim Crudem, , Manganum, Natrum Sulph, of which Crocus, Natrum sulph and Natrum carb are important uaw of them in single test doses of 30C will be beneficial. Rhus Tox may be given at fixed intervals of one week one dose and it will improve the general immune power.


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