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High blood Pressure and severe caugh
Started by: raj_pj at November 22 2017

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High blood Pressure and severe caugh By: raj_pj
November 22 2017
Hi Dr. Udaya,
My mother is suffering from severe cough mostly in night while sleeping. Her age is 65 years. She also have high blood pressure and sometimes feel feverish. She gets tired quickly . Her urine colour is yellowish and thick. Naturewise she is dissatisfied gets angry quickly. Please suggest.

Re:High blood Pressure and severe caugh By: udaya kumar
November 22 2017
use Nux Vomica 30C three times a day for three days. check the medicines in allopathy if she is taking any for cough as side effect, particularly if she is taking medicine for blood pressure. Discuss with doctor and change it in that case.


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