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High blood pressure
Started by: Pat2011 at April 30 2017

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High blood pressure By: Pat2011
April 30 2017
I need help with remedies for high blood pressure. It looks like my blood pressure goes up with stress that causes me headaches. I was at the doctors on Tuesday. I check ed the readings myself 130/88 when the medical assistant took my pressure. The following day I went to the pharmacy to use their public blood pressure machine and it was 98/65. Today the machine gave me a reading of 95/59. The employee at the pharmacy told me the owners of the public high blood pressure machine were just there checking it for accuracy.

I'm concluding that my pressure can go from 95/59 to 130/88 in a few hours.

I've had a headache since I left the doctors office on Tuesday. The doctor's anger directed at me caused my pressure to go up and cause the headaches.

Thank you for your help.

Re: High blood pressure By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
April 30 2017
Hi Pat

I was concerned to learn that your "doctor's anger directed at me caused my pressure to go up and cause the headaches ".

Don't you think it's time you changed your doctor ASAP?
It seems to me that his reading of your bood pressure on his BP gauge which I presume is the old Mercury type is not correct as the reading on a Digital BP gauge is far more accurate and is preferred by physicians worldwide.

I would also suggest you buy yourself a Digital BP Gauge and do your own BP testing. It is well worth the money you invest as you then don't have to face a doctor's wrath in future and you can do your testing at home.

When you get one you must always do 3 consecutive BP tests. You will discover that the first is high and the second and the third are usually about 5-10% lower every time. Take the lowest as the norm. It is only a very few doctors who are aware of this false BP reading which they accept as correct on the first try.

You may like to know that I am now 87 and do still drive to work in my business organization and I have my youngest son to assist me. I believe we first meet about 15 years ago on the ABC when you defended my "Joepathy" that was being harshly criticized at that time by the classical sect when they discovered that my therapy was far more curative than their own classical therapy.

I am convinced that I owe my event free life first to God in whom I have an abiding trust and to Arnica 30c which I have taken in the Wet dose nightly since 1995.

I hope you continue to take it too.

Kind Regards


Re:High blood pressure By: Pat2011
April 30 2017
Dear Joe,

Thank you for your answer. I'm happy to hear from you and to know you are still with us healthy and well.

I don't know what type of blood pressure detector the doctor uses. It shows a huge display on the wall. This time I looked sideways to look at it. The doctor never tells me my pressure is almost too high. She is waiting for it to get dangerously high so she can force me to take medication. All she cares about is money 100 percent no different from all the health professionals I have met except one. So it doesn't matter what doctor I go to.

I just ordered a wrist blood pressure detector from Ebay. It should come sometime this week. I have to take care of my own health. I cannot depend on any doctor.

I used to have dangerously high cholesterol also. I lost weight and the cholesterol went away. I meet people all the time who have high cholesterol and diabetes who don't know that if they lose weight the cholesterol and diabetes problem will go away. The doctors don't tell us. All they care about is keeping us sick. Even homeopaths care 100 percent about money. They just drag out the treatment to get money out of the patient. Udaya says that chemicals/pollution rob us of our humanity. I believe it 100 percent.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge on how to take the blood pressure --- three times.

I do take Arnica also. I gave Arnica to a stray cat that wouldn't let me touch him. After only one dose of Arnica he moved in. A year later, he got real sick and I had to have him euthanized.

There is another stray cat in my neighborhood. He comes on my property daily. I gave him Arnica this morning and he let me pet him for a long time. But he won't let me pick him up yet. He hissed at me when I did. Maybe by tomorrow he will let me pick him up. and bring him in the house after Arnica has worked a few more hours.

Re: High blood pressure By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
April 30 2017
Just noticed that you ordered a Wrist type BP Gauge.

All Wist type BP Gauges are not reliable. I too have one which I got over 20 years ago and the readings are absolutely unreliable and I discarded it many years ago.

You must get the normal BP Gauge which has a Cuff on the Biceps and this is what I would recommend you to get.

Mine is a RossMax which is Swiss made and a wide range is available.
The Chinese products are not reliable.

Re:High blood pressure By: lal_anar
April 30 2017

Aurum Met 30 C is the first choice of your condition.

Re:High blood pressure By: Pat2011
April 30 2017
Dear lal_anar,

Thank you for your help. I will take the Aurum met 30 as soon as I get off the site.

Dear Joe,

The wrist high pressure monitor I ordered can be used on the arm also. It has German chip for accuracy. I didn't trust any that are made in China so I avoided them I may have to buy a RossMax brand also so I can compare the readings between two different monitors. Thank you again

Re:High blood pressure By: 2tuff
May 1 2017
Your blood pressure is not even high at 130/88 in Britain an average reading is 130/80. In the US it was also acceptable at 140/90. As one gets old blood pressure should naturally increase unless one is looking after themselves with nutrients and/or exercise. I noticed that they're all trying to lower the goal posts again with blood pressure so they can get more people onto their dangerous pills. Might i remind you that in Britain the blood pressure pill is the number one money spinner for the useless doctors. During the H1N1 swine flu pandemic the doctors in Britain were up in arms about flu vaccinations because it was going to cut their bottom line with the blood pressure bonuses and so they asked for an extra 2 on top of their payment for each vaccine to cover their BP pill loses. Hawthorn berry is one of the best herbal medicine aids as its a neutral tonic for this organ which can be used over extended periods.

Re:High blood pressure By: Pat2011
May 1 2017
Thanks 2tuff. In the USA 130 is considered pre high pressure. Thanks for the herbal suggestion.

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