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pertussinum 1M as vaccine replacement
Started by: lajaw at January 26 2008

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pertussinum 1M as vaccine replacement By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
January 26 2008
I thought I read on this forum what the protocol was for using Pertussinum 1M as a replacement for the pertussin vaccine. I just read where in TX, they are having trouble with the whooping cough again.
Would someone please relate to me the process for using the Pertussinum 1M in this manner?

Re: pertussinum 1M as vaccine replacement By: maheeru
January 26 2008

The process is simple. Just take 4 or 5 pills (if liquid then 3 drops) of the remedy Pertussin 1M only one dose to prevent whooping cough. If someone is known to be sensitive or if there is unavailability of 1M potency, then 200 potency could also be used. For 200 potency, 2 doses a week apart shall be administered.

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