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Udaya, Joe De Livera, lal_anar, Tamahankar HOMEOPATHY FOR ZIKA
Started by: Pat2011 at February 9 2016

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Udaya, Joe De Livera, lal_anar, Tamahankar HOMEOPATHY FOR ZI By: Pat2011
February 9 2016
Wold be helpful if Udaya, lal_anar , Tamahankar, & Joe De Liver would give your suggestion to help anyone looking for help with Zika. Thank you.

Here's a link that contains a lot of information about Zika:


Re:Udaya, Joe De Livera, lal_anar, Tamahankar HOMEOPATHY FOR By: lal_anar
February 9 2016
my choice would be
Eupatorium - Gelsemium - Ars Album - Belladona

If someone is confirmed, Eupatorium or Ars Album are first med, than;

Lachesis 30 C or 200 C daily dose for a week along with Eupatorium or Gelsemium in 30 C 2 - 4 x week

Re:Udaya, Joe De Livera, lal_anar, Tamahankar HOMEOPATHY FOR By: Pat2011
February 10 2016

Thank you. This will help also others who google for information on remedies for Zika.

Re: Udaya, Joe De Livera, lal_anar, Tamahankar HOMEOPATHY FO By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
February 14 2016
I would like to copy a post on my Website where I advocated the use of Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose which I have used extensively for both the prevention and the CURE of Dengue in Sri Lanka. I believe that there is every chance that it can be equally effective for use to prevent Zika as this Virus and the Dengue Virus are both Flaviviruses but I cannot vouch for its doing so as I have not tested it for obvious reasons.

January 29, 2016 at 2:41 PM
I have already alerted various news services that Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose which I have used extensively to CURE Dengue and other Viral infections, may also be used as a prophylactic to treat ZIKA for which medical science has no remedy to treat it.

The ZIKA virus is the same genus as the Dengue virus known as the FLAVIVIRUS and it is of interest that this virus has some affinity to the Brain where in the case of Dengue, Hemorrhagic Fever and Encephalitis can result. This ZIKA virus causes Microcephaly and prevents the brain of the Foetus from developing normally and this unfortunate phenomenon is usually known after the baby is born and does not respond normally.

Right now, there is no Cure or Prophylactic to treat or prevent the spread of this ZIKA virus by the same mosquito that is responsible for the spread of Dengue fever which is at Epidemic levels in Sri Lanka. I have tried very hard to spread the word that Dengue can be cured and eventually eradicated in Sri Lanka and have been quoted in all the National Dailies as having the CURE for Dengue. I have treated over 1000 patients either directly or indirectly with my remedy which I give in 500ml bottles of medicated water in the “Wet Dose” which is a term I coined 10 years ago and is now accepted internationally as you can see by Googling “Wet Dose”.

It will be true to state that I have cured over 1000 patients in Sri Lanka, the majority of whom were children, whose parents were fortunate to learn that I have the cure for Dengue, and are always welcome to contact me in office or in my residence for this remarkable cure of Dengue which I give free of charge. It has been found to cure Dengue in about 6 hours when the patient who sometimes is in a coma and is at that last stage on a IV drip and Oxygen, wakes up with the fever and the headache gone. The Platelet count rises by 2500 every hour and the patient always demands water which the body demands but is unfortunately not given in hospitals.

I have distributed bottles of medicated water to many doctors who have all reported remarkable cures of Dengue patients which some considered as miraculous. They were all unfortunately not permitted to use my therapy by the Sri Lanka Medical Council and the spread and the fatalities of Dengue march on.

In the case of the ZIKA virus we do not have any reported cases so far in Sri Lanka but it is only a matter of time before this virus will be imported by a visitor to an infected country, and I hope and pray that an antidote will be discovered in the very near future.

In the meanwhile I would urge that Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose is taken by all expectant mothers if and when the ZIKA virus hits Sri Lanka, as there is every chance that it can help to prevent this virus from harming unborn children.

It must be used to CURE Dengue and is available free of charge from me.

Re:Udaya, Joe De Livera, lal_anar, Tamahankar HOMEOPATHY FOR By: Pat2011
February 14 2016
Dear Joe,

Thank you for your post, which is bound to get you more "patients" What is the best way for them to reach you?

I believe there are a lot more cases than are reported as there are people who don't seek medical help for various reasons.

Re: Udaya, Joe De Livera, lal_anar, Tamahankar HOMEOPATHY FO By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
February 16 2016
Hi Pat

I am always available on my Website

I do not monitor the Homeopathy & More Forum of which I was a founder member with Praveen Wadhwa writing the software for it in 2004. He invited me to prescribe for visitors who wished to be treated by both Praveen and me as we just refused to accept Classical Homeopathy which we had in our own ways used and discovered that it did not work as positively as our own therapy which in my case was labelled Joepathy by some classical homeopaths who infested the ABC Homeopathy Forum and seemed to be jealous of my use of standard Homeopathic remedies in a manner that they classified as 'This for That'. It seemed to me to be very strange that they should do so as I had proved that my therapy which comprises the use of the same Homeopathic remedies available throughout the world to cure the patient was more effective than their classical remedy which invariably did not work.

There was a lot of unnecessary criticism that I faced on the ABC, the Otherhealth and other forums when patients who were just sick and tired of the run around they had got from classical homeopaths for months decided to consult me and discovered that they were cured in a very short time, sometimes in hours! As a result the classical coterie challenged every post I made and I then decided to establish my own Website which seems to be popular today as I have over 250 visitors and treat about 10 daily.

I have always been original in my thinking and I am now using the classical Homeopathy that I had studied as a hobby to cure anyone who consults me free of charge. I have proved at age 86 that the satisfaction that I get from helping anyone in distress makes my effort well worth while as I am in the best of health and do still drive to office in my Family owned Business organisation which was established by my late Father in 1924, 5 years before I was born.

Feel free to direct any case to my website and I shall be glad to help if I can.

Kind Regards


Re:Udaya, Joe De Livera, lal_anar, Tamahankar HOMEOPATHY FOR By: Pat2011
February 17 2016
Dear Joe,

It's unfortunate that Praveen didn't make the software to send e-mail notifications. Posters a lot of times miss replies to their posts because they don't return to check the website. The software also does not allow for us to retrieve our password if we forget it.

Celletech should hire someone to update the software. I'm guessing that Praveen has long removed himself from this website.

Thank you for posting your website so people can contact you there instead of here.

Re:Udaya, Joe De Livera, lal_anar, Tamahankar HOMEOPATHY FOR By: 2tuff
February 21 2016
If you want to prevent Mosquito issues then a dosage of Staphisagria 6c every four hours should be sufficient but if not then 30c may be needed but with less frequency. Mosquitos and other pests cannot stand the Staphisagria plant and its proven to work in homoeopathic form in about nine out of ten people and the same with animals.

There's absolutely no need to worry about the Zika virus, it's a sixty year old or more and fairly harmless virus. You'll also struggle to find even a connection between the Zika virus and Guillain-Barre syndrome symptoms. This Zika virus campaign is a over-hyped psychological operation which is just being trumped up to aid the following:

* Population reduction quotas desired by the Club of Rome. Reductions aided by chemical warfare in the guise of pest control aerosol vectoring. Vaccines loaded with the typical poisons as well as nano bacteriophages and DNA CRISPR technologies. Lets not forget the abortion and contraception changes. Worldwide population controls in the form of a Novataris or Merck Zika vaccine using the Olympics as the illusion for the so-called spread of Zika on a wider scale.

* Economic warfare on Brazil the 'B' of the BRICS New Development Bank competition to the insolvent and collapsing Trans-Atlantic monetary system. Prince Philip is trying his hardest to attempt to remove the B from the BRICS in a similar fashion to how he's hindered Argentina by installing Macri over Kirchner. There's even a possibility of the Olympics going back to London rather than Brazil but if that don't work then the vaccines will be pushed worldwide and thus a win-win either way.

* We could even witness further coup d'etats as Western forces take over nations like Venezuela utilizing WHO health powers like what both the U.S and Britain achieved in areas of Africa under the guise of the Ebola virus (most of which was achieved by poisoning water supplies with formaldehyde and using bad diagnosing equipment).

The United States has around twenty-five thousand cases of brain microencephaly per year but did you know that? How about there supposedly being just six cases of brain microencephaly associated with Zika virus and that was from a total of four-thousand cases! I personally believe the Tdap vaccine for pregnant women is the problem even more than this pyriproxyfen insecticide but Brazil is riddled with many unregulated dangerous pesticides. Pregnant women should never be vaccinated regardless of what genocidal aiding maniacs claim these days.

One thing's for sure and that's the fact that Zika has nothing to do with the deformities.


Re:Udaya, Joe De Livera, lal_anar, Tamahankar HOMEOPATHY FOR By: 2tuff
February 25 2016


Re:Udaya, Joe De Livera, lal_anar, Tamahankar HOMEOPATHY FOR By: TaraJoy
March 2 2016
Whatever the issue and whatever the so-called 'Truth', I do think it's useful to realise that there are other voices out there with ideas we might not be hearing in the mainstream, and we shouldn't be letting ourselves forget how to think and discern.

Please let's help our children remember they're dynamic beings, here to have their own experiences - not lifeless receptacles to be pumped full of the nonsense streaming endlessly from the televisions and video games.

Re:Udaya, Joe De Livera, lal_anar, Tamahankar HOMEOPATHY FOR By: 2tuff
March 3 2016
Could Dangerous Mandatory Vaccines Containing Aluminum Salts be Responsible for Microcephaly in Brazil?


Re:Udaya, Joe De Livera, lal_anar, Tamahankar HOMEOPATHY FOR By: TaraJoy
March 4 2016
Hopefully a few folks will become curious enough to at least question vaccines during pregnancy.

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