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plzz:weight loss female
Started by: monikavipra at October 20 2015

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plzz:weight loss female By: monikavipra
October 20 2015
Udai ji
i am 33 year married since 10 years female with 85 kg weight my weight is increasing every month.Thyroid normal .menses in 21 days lasting for 6 days and heavy, leucorrhoea,heel pain in morning like something under heel.hands are colder than body ,hair loss, veins are green and thin ,more fat on abdomen and thigh.

i have read on that forum about nat phos and cal carb .i am taking since 1 month but no relief.

Re: plzz:weight loss female By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
October 20 2015
I have pioneered in helping adults to lose weight and you can do a search on this Forum under "Weight Loss” and follow the therapy I have prescribed.

If you would like to have more information you can visit my Website:


Re:plzz:weight loss female By: monikavipra
October 21 2015
OK Joe sir thank you

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