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Why cat eats birds
Started by: Pat2011 at May 26 2015

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Why cat eats birds By: Pat2011
May 26 2015
One of my cats suddenly started eating birds. Any one know why and what to do for him to stop? Thank you

Re:Why cat eats birds By: Pat2011
May 26 2015
P.S. I don't like it when my cat eats birds because I'm afraid the parasites may have an affect on him. Thanks again.

Re: Why cat eats birds By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
May 28 2015
If your cat was not in the habit of killing birds, you can feed it more to ensure that the killer instinct is dulled.

Re:Why cat eats birds By: Pat2011
May 28 2015
Thank you, Joe, for the tip Keep him full and satisfied and he won't want to eat the birds.

That will help for sure.

Re:Why cat eats birds By: gladwys
Southern Europe
May 28 2015
It is inevitable that a cat will be fascinated by birds. Unless you shut the cat in permanently with dirt-tray and all, he will go for them at some time or other.

In a childlike way we whistle a tweet-tweet at the cat and says "No! No!" crossly then we make a squeaky noise (mouse-like) and say 'Yes! Yes!'...and stroke her 'lovingly'!!. Well... I believe she understands that message... she certainly gives me a very odd look!

Some people attach a collar with a bell on it to 'warn' the birds of the cat's presence in the area. However, I hesitate about this as I think the collar could get caught on, for instance, a tree branch, and strangle the cat! Difficult subject I guess.

Re:Why cat eats birds By: Pat2011
May 28 2015

Thank you for your thoughts on this. Thanks for the warning that the collar with a bell is risky .

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