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vocal cord nodule
Started by: minerexplorer at January 5 2015

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vocal cord nodule By: minerexplorer
January 5 2015
I need help with a vocal cord nodule.

I was diagnosed 6 months ago with a 2mm left vocal cord nodule. I don't want surgery and decided to try homeopathic medicine.

After 2 months of treatment I am better but not quite the same as before. I take Thuja every morning, afternoon and night (four globules). On Sundays I take before bed Argentum Metallicum (four globules) in addition to the above mentioned globules. Upon advise I will take Wyethia but not yet.

I have been taking them for close to two and a half months. I was hoping to get some advise and perhaps to be given a number to call and find out if additional globules could help to strengthen my vocal cords.

VERY IMPORTANT! I have a very thick but scanty transparent and sometimes yellowish sputum. Have to clear my voice all the time. Doctors say there is no infection. No allergies and was given at first Bactrim DS but the sputum remains. Don't smoke or drink.

My only suspicion is a dental implant a year and a half ago made of titanium. 2 months later the hoarseness became more prominent, (I was becoming hoarse few months before by teaching and singing at the church.

Doctors say no allergy to metal and the only thing is the small nodule.

I would take any suggestion at heart. Not a very happy human being lately, but keep the faith.

If you have any knowledge as to what may help I would greatly thank you.


Re:vocal cord nodule By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
January 5 2015
You may like to visit the link below which pertains to another case of a Vocal Cord which I was able to help:


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