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Trusted Web Purchase Site
Started by: Bongo at January 3 2008

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Trusted Web Purchase Site By: Bongo
January 3 2008
Does anyone have a trusted website with decent prices and delivery times for the east coast, USA?

I'm looking for one that supplies "all" potencies - for example: Having a hard time finding Rhus Tox 1M.


Re: Trusted Web Purchase Site By: Garry
January 3 2008
For best prices try Ebay.

Re: Trusted Web Purchase Site By: gavinimurthy
January 3 2008


Re: Trusted Web Purchase Site By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
January 3 2008

Re: Trusted Web Purchase Site By: Pat2006M
January 3 2008
You also need to call the 800 numbers or e-mail the websites if they don't have it on their website.

Call or e-mail the websites and ask them how fast they can deliver.

Also type in the name of the remedy you want on google i.e. rhus tox 1M

I have purchased a large remedy kit from celltech and it was not a fast delivery. Maybe if you only have a few they deliver faster.

I have ordered from presentmoment.com. They carry Boiron which is reputable brand.
Presentmoment.com has 200 but they probably have it in 1M by phone. Sometimes the shipping is a bit less over the phone and they deliver fast.

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Re: Trusted Web Purchase Site By: Pat2006M
January 3 2008
Celletech carries several different brands and they have a lot more variety and potencies over the phone than on their website

I've been happy with the different brands I purchased from them.

Try Amazon.com also. Again, you need to contact the companies to ask them if they carry 1M and if they ship fast.

Re: Trusted Web Purchase Site By: Bongo
January 3 2008
I purchased from HomeopothyOvernight.com. Nice wide variety.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Trusted Web Purchase Site By: Pat2006M
January 4 2008

Have you shopped at Bengal Allen? They have 100 remedies for $111 and shipping around $8.00

They only sell kits. Here's the link


Re: Trusted Web Purchase Site By: Bongo
January 4 2008
Ha! I will certainly bookmark it. Although, I hope I will never have to use all of them - at least not on myself.

Re: Trusted Web Purchase Site By: Pat2006M
January 4 2008
I bought a large kit because a tiny kitten moved in and he is always getting sick. I have used more homeopathy on him than on me or my dog.

I have learned a lot about homeopathy from the kitten.

Plus I help other people too.

In the long run, it is more economical too. You can spend $100 on a few remedies on yourself very easily.

The $100 will last your whole life too because they never expire. You can heir them to your grandchildren.

Re: Trusted Web Purchase Site By: Bongo
January 4 2008
makes sense... thanks for the tip.

With the kitten and dog... What doses do you generally administer and how often. I know it all depends - but let's say: Ruta Grav for a dog which I heard is great for aches and strains - particularly for horses. I would think 2 globs of 30c once or twice a day?

Re: Trusted Web Purchase Site By: Pat2006M
January 4 2008
for cats the dose is two pellets or one tablet in 8 oz of water, but I have been using smaller size spice cointainers for the cat.

I have a large dog that weighs 75 lbs and she gets a regular human adult dose of 5 pellets or two tablets in 8 oz of water.

I'm very conservative about using homeopathy so I generally use it as needed for both the cat and the dog.

I always use 30c because that is what I have and I always succuss 50 times

Say if the cat's appettite is low,, I give him one dose of China 30c a day until he starts to eat more normal.

I always see very quick results so I have never had to give more than five doses ever for the cat nor the dog. The dog normally only gets one or two doses of any remedy.

My dog is 11 years old and has been suffering with skin problems her whole life so the only remedy I have given her for this problem is Sulpher 12 two dose a day for a week as instructer by our former homeopathy. This has always been a temporary fix and have had to repeat it through the years. Together with the sulpher, I have to give her her constitutional remedy in either 30c or 200c depending on the severity of both the rash and her anxiety.

About two months ago, I was inspired to treat my dog with only one dose in the evenings of sulpher 12c and succuss only 10 times. This is the first time in her entire life she is has been completely free of the rash and the sores inbetween her paws. I also gave her a dose of her constitutional remedy in 200c this past summer during firework season.

We've been having thunderstorms this week and my dog has not shown a single sign of skin problems from them. This is the first time ever in her life she has been totally free from skin problems even after thunderstorms.

I was inspired by girilal to trust my inspirations.

I believe my dog's rash started when she was exposed to her first fireworks when she was a puppy. I also noticed that grains aggrevate the rash and ear problems so I don't feed her grains (corn, wheat, oats, rye, rice, etc). The sulpher also helps her ear problems. Every year her rash is aggrevated by fireworks and then later by loud noises or thunderstorms.

So there is my experience with homeopathy with my animals.

Re: Trusted Web Purchase Site By: Pat2006M
January 4 2008
I forgot to add that my inspirations told me to treat my dog every other week only for three weeks. So I treated one week, skipped a week, etc.

Re: Trusted Web Purchase Site By: Pat2006M
January 5 2008

thought you might also (besides what I have previously shared with you) be interested in the following link where wim used to prescribe for animals. Click on his screen name and read through the archives there.


Re: Trusted Web Purchase Site By: Bongo
January 10 2008
Pat - many thanks. All very helpful.

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