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Airborn allergies........
Started by: lajaw at September 23 2007

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Airborn allergies........ By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
September 23 2007
My wife has for two weeks been suffering from sinus problems which she thinks are caused from allergens in the air. Most likely culprit is ragweed which is in abundance in the southeast US this time of year. She ha had a cough with runny nose and sore throat. Last night, she started losing her voice and this morning, it is gone. She can only whisper. I gave her some flonase today so she could sleep. (she works nights as an RN) What would be the starting point for homeopathic remedy for her?

Re: Airborn allergies........ By: faisal
September 23 2007
you can try (Belladonna-200c) one dose twise a day only for one day and stop any change cantact back please

Re: Airborn allergies........ By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
September 24 2007
I have used Argentum M 30c to help a bad throat with loss of voice. She can take a dose comprising 3 pellets thrice daily for not over 3 days.

I note that she has been suffering from catarrh which you have classified as sinus problems due to allergens in the air. I have helped many cases successfully with Bacillinum 200 and you will give her just ONE dose of 4 pellets which is repeated in a month. Please note that this remedy may only be taken after she recovers fully as it can aggravate her condition if it is taken immediately. This remedy too may not be taken on a daily basis.

Please visit the link below for further information on my therapy.


Re: Airborn allergies........ By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
October 3 2007
I gave her the Bell. 200. Seemed to ease some, but she is still suffering from gruff voice and sinus trouble. Will try Joe's recommendation if I have the remedies.

Re: Airborn allergies........ By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
October 3 2007
Joe, I'm in the USA. Can you tell me where I can purchase Bacillinum 200? I've not found it here. Thank you.

Re: Airborn allergies........ By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
October 3 2007
Bacillinum 200 can be obtained from Washington Homeopathic Products and you will have to call Joe Liliard who is the owner and if you mention my name he will send it to you.

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