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chigger bites
Started by: lajaw at June 19 2012

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chigger bites By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
June 19 2012
my wife is having a terrible time with chiggers. She has nearly one hundred itching bites that is driving her crazy. What remedy would be best for some relief from the itch? Is there anything that can be given to prevent them biting?

Re:chigger bites By: udaya kumar
June 20 2012
There are two stages for treatment. One is repelling reinfestation, avoiding endemic areas and second is curing the skin conditions. The first medicine you can use is Ledum Pal 30C three times a day and Ledum Pal Q application directly on the infested areas. Use a lot of garlic in food as well as use the aromatic juice of American pennyroyal (Hedeoma pulegioides) application of which on the clothes, body etc would repel chigger mites. Dusting the dress with flowers of sulphur (http://www.morganhorse.co.uk/care/flowers-of-sulphur) would also repel mites.

The following medicines in homeopathy may be added with Ledum for external applications if necessary.
1.Rumicis Crispi Q
2. Urtic Uren.

If there is persistent dermatitis use Sulphur 6C 12 hourly interval. or Bovista 6C at 6 hour interval as per symptoms.

Redness with heat and swelling may ask for Apis Mellifica. Poison effects look for Echinasia Q. with best wishes.


Re:chigger bites By: lajaw
Lower Alabama
June 24 2012
thank you Udaya Kumar

Re:chigger bites By: udaya kumar
June 24 2012
best wishes.


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