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Use of coffea cruda
Started by: Luah at February 5 2012

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Use of coffea cruda By: Luah
February 5 2012
I have been using Coffea Cruda every day for about two months (5 little pellets before sleep) I started using to cure my tinnitus, caused mainly due to stress, and it has worked very good. My wife just told me that by using homeopathy without the control and prescription of a qualified doctor could destabilise my organism, however I feel it is doing more good than harm. My question is: should I stop using coffea cruda after taking it for more than 2 months 5 pellets 1or 2 times a day as stated on their indicatons? If so, how should I take them? Thanks

Re:Use of coffea cruda By: garcot
February 5 2012
Coffee cruda is a good remedy anyway and can be taken even twice a day, as long as your symptoms agree. You are the best judge of your organism. The main theme behind this remedy, as you might have noticed is "awareness excess" which causes all sorts of problems to most of us! In your case the Tinnitus is due to dryness.

If you are also drinking a cup or two of coffee everyday regularly, then you can use this remedy daily without a wink.


"wisdom in your body is deeper than your deepest philosophy"(Nietszche)

Re:Use of coffea cruda By: Luah
February 6 2012
Thanks Garcot, appreciate it.

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